Monday, October 27, 2008

Freedom from Fear

Freedom from Fear
by Owen Waters

Fear is the great separator of mind from spirit. While you fear, you
are unable to trust your divine origin. It follows that people who
pressure you to fear things in life want to keep you away from the
power of your inner connection so that they may gain some kind of
power over you.

Love neutralizes fear. At the human level of consciousness, love and
fear are opposites. Fear will drive out love. Love will drive out
fear. You choose which one you wish to concentrate your focus upon.
You choose whether you will give your energy to love or to fear.

The Antidote to Fear

Giving thanks is the expression of gratitude, and gratitude is one of
the most beautiful secrets in spiritual life.

Gratitude is an expression of love, and love is something which flows
from the Creator of the universe through all forms of life and all
forms of manifestation. Without love, life in the universe cannot
exist. Love is the universal force of preservation which holds
creation in manifestation.

The Natural Flow of Love

Love is as natural as the universe. By design, there is a tension
between the forces of creation and universal love. It is this tension
which controls the size of the universe, holding it within its
envelope. It is this tension which regulates the size of an electron’s
orbit around a nucleus. Love is the force which retains electrons in
their orbits, making atoms possible and therefore the existence of
life as we know it.

You can block love, or you can allow it to flow naturally through you.
Falling in love with another person is an allowance of the flow of
love through your heart. In a world where everything has the
appearance of separateness, it is a surrender to the underlying unity
of all life. It is a place of apparent vulnerability, a willingness to
take the risk that the illusion of separation will once again return
if that love is later lost.

When you allow your heart to open to the universe’s flow of love,
gratitude comes with that flow. Gratitude for being alive, for just
existing, for just being in the flow of the adventure of life.
Gratitude for the Sun that gives us life. Gratitude for the Earth that
gives us our home in the cosmos. Gratitude for the people that you
love, and for those who share your journey through life.

Gratitude flows unimpeded from an open heart. When you allow it, it
flows as freely as the sunshine, unobstructed by judgments or conditions.

Quality of Life

Gratitude adds new meaning to the words, “Quality of life.” It really
Try it now.

Gratitude Affirmation

I am grateful for life
And all that I love
I am grateful for the Earth
And the Sun up above
I am grateful for my spirit
And my inner being
For the One that I express
And the joy of this feeling

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of
"The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness"