Saturday, October 25, 2008



By Sehaji Master Lady Ursula Pendragon

via Dhyana Markley

September 2, 2008

I am Ursula and today I would like to speak to you about Time and
Space and how they relate to you and your future life.

Time and Space have been talked about for ages, yet most people don't
truly understand what they really are. Yes, most know that missiles,
rockets and space ships can and do fly into space, but what is "space"
and why is "time" so illusionary?

Space consists of Adamantine particles that flow like liquid and fill
every empty area in the entire Universe. Some call this "Liquid
Light", others call it the "Essence of Love" or "Love" itself. So,
space is obviously not "empty".

These Adamantine particles are what everything within the created
Universes is made of. With intent, a thought and desire, some of
these particles will choose to combine and flow forth as a new
creation, limited only by the imagination of the creator of that
intent, thought and desire.

Every Adamantine particle is alive and It KNOWS it is a part of the
Creator God that first sent it forth into the Universe. It KNOWS that
it may choose how to be of service to All That Is and once that choice
is made, will normally continue in that role until the "body" or
"situation" it helped to create is destroyed or is no longer needed,
therefore uncreated or resolved in some manner.

Adamantine particles usually choose a Ray to flow forth upon. Some
will flow upon a Golden Ray, others upon the Violet Ray and so forth.
The Ray they choose will determine their opportunities and
experiences as long as they stay with that Ray. Experiences upon the
Violet Ray will obviously be different than those upon the Yellow,
Green, Blue or other Rays. As one ascends into ever higher vibrating
realms, you will find an increase in the numbers of colors available
for your eyes to behold.

Now, if we would take the combining of these Adamantine particles a
step further and were able to watch them, you would see them cluster
together as the Creator's thoughts and intent clarify what it is they
truly want. Every detail that Soul thought out and implemented into
the creation, with more and more Adamantine particles called into service.

"But what has this to do with me?" you might ask.

You are Creators. Most of you have not thought of yourself as
"Creator Gods" but you have all of the talents and skills of the
original Creator God who started all of this Universe... perhaps not
in the quantity or the experienced quality as the original, but you
were gifted with the ability to create.

"Yes, Ursula, I know I can create a picture, painting or even a baby
with help, but I would not call myself a "Creator"."

Okay, let's take things step by step. Everything in the Universe
started with a thought, a feeling, an impulse and that impulse was a
desire for movement, change, to be more or different than IT was a
moment before. You are no different.

Let's say you want to invent something that will make a specific job
you are doing easier, more efficient. Whether that invention involves
ropes and pulleys or computers or a baking pan, you as creator will
picture the end result you want and work backward or "reverse
engineer". If you want something that is curved in a certain area,
you certainly would not design it to be flat with sharp corners. You
would not design a comfortable seat for a bicycle in the same way as
you would design a car seat, yet they are both places to sit the body.

As you design your invention or new way of life in your mind, you will
want to take notes and make drawings of what you want, what you have
sort of "seen" in your Mind's Eye. This will enable you to fine tune
your creation, take it through as many possibilities as you can think
of "before" you actually manifest it physically... AND as you are
clarifying things in your mind and on paper, more and more Adamantine
particles are gathering and adjusting themselves to reflect and
manifest eventually as a "finished product", whether that be Paradise
Earth or a new mouse trap.

Now let's talk about Time. The saying, "Time is an illusion" is true.
Time as you understand it does not exist in the higher vibrating
realms. It is not needed because all time is NOW. The NOW is the
only moment with any power to do anything. One creates everything in
the NOW and it manifests in the NOW in the higher realms.

"How can that be?"

It is because the Adamantine particles started forming your creation
in the invisible realms the moment you started thinking about it and
once you are finished with your creating, the creation will know it is
finished and therefore manifest for you. This is something you
already know. All I am doing is reminding you of this creative
process. Creating comes naturally to all Souled humans because the
Soul is the part of the ultimate and original Creator that started it
all here.

As you continue your ascensions into other realms, you will find that
which you thought was impossible in the Third Dimension is easy to
manifest in the Fifth Dimension and instantaneous in the Seventh and

The final point I would like to cover is that you NOW have the
consciousness, the awareness, the skills, talent and ability to create
a paradise here upon Earth. That paradise is not only your challenge
and contract to fulfill but it will be, for many of you, your future
home for as long as you desire.

So I ask you, please create a wonderful future for yourselves, filled
with love and great happiness, surrounded by beauty and loving
neighbors of all species... human, animal, plant as well as your
Brothers and Sisters, your true family from other planets.

May your motto be:
May I ascertain the purpose of everything upon
and within Earth and find joy in this.

I leave you with these thoughts. I am Ursula and I am grateful for
this time with you.

This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given. Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~