Saturday, October 25, 2008

Higher Universal Consciousness

Higher Universal Consciousness
Sarupa Shah, Channeling AA Metatron

The Higher Universal Consciousness is a force that brings together the
heart off all that was, is and will be. It is what you would call in
your ancient times that the planetary beings where strongly connected
to this force. Events that followed broke this connection, but really
it was just a pause. It was also broken in other areas, making the
Higher Universal Force something that was hidden and inaccessible.
That is until this time.

The ancient times are not returning in a sense that many would
believe, but it is that the connections that made times of old a time
of co-operation, community, love, compassion and bliss will be once
more. The spark from the Higher Universal Consciousness has been sent
through to Mother Earth. The seed from this spark was sown and now the
first spring has arrived.

The connection has once again been revived and acknowledged. It is all
part of the merging which occurs on so many levels: Heaven and Earth,
Heart and Soul, Material and Physical are to name but a few. The
merging is a fuller expression of the divine, the end of duality as
you know it. Anything is everything, and everything is all.

There are great areas of knowledge, great teachings, forgotten through
time art forms, healing forms and so much more, that will be accessed
through the Higher Universal Consciousness. The stream will start to
flow as humanity consciously connects.

For those who will pioneer and be the discovers and leaders there will
be a period of transition that will occur. For you know only too well,
to sustain the higher frequencies of light and love, there is a period
of change, release and transformation that one must go through. We in
this plane, are working to find a solution and a way of removing much
of the density. The revolution that is taking place, however, requires
that before your consciousness is raised there is a period of
cleansing and closure that must take place. The closure is unplugging
you from the density that surrounds your planet. You will have noticed
the increase in matters which pull you to work on base level issues,
and get you caught up in drama. Never has the time to raise your
energy been greater - work through your heart and not your mind and
allow your heart to get stronger as these changes continue and you
find the pull towards matters which are not of joy, bliss, love and peace.

The initiation into the Higher Universal Consciousness has been four
years in the making and now we are placed as the brotherhood of light
to oversee and light the way for this connection to manifest in the
first wave. These will be the pioneers of the Golden Age.

For those who wish, you can visualise the Higher Universal
Consciousness energy. Imagine a Golden Swirl, a meeting of hearts,
souls and minds - the origin - the gateway to the divine. It is
without veils and without doubt. The gateway to the divine is a
gateway to your true self, your Adam Kadamon template, your blueprint,
your divine essence. Imagine the connection that you have and the role
that you have and the reason why you are here now. Imagine the power,
the love, the bliss and joy that the Higher Universal Consciousness

Imagine this golden swirl in your heart. Each time you imagine and
experience this in your heart, you make the dream of the Golden Age a

The power of change lies within each of you and each step you take
will be supported by the forces of light. Our dream is your dream,
your life is our purpose, your expression of the divine is what we are
nurturing. It is you we have unwavering love for.

I am Archangel Metatron, Archangel of the Golden Light of Higher
Consciousness, keeper of the flame of the ascended Christ soul. We bid
you welcome and we bid you joy until our next reconnection.

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