Friday, October 17, 2008

You Are Never Without Power in Your Oneness!

You Are Never Without Power in Your Oneness!
A Message from Kerry and her Angels
October 14, 2008

Last night I dreamed I was under water and literally did not have the energy to push myself up to the surface to take my next breath. In this dream state I began to panic, facing the possibility that I might not make it up in time and that I may drown. Suddenly this peace came over me and without a thought, I took a breath under water and to my surprise, I was okay! Not only was I okay but with this magical breath I had a renewed energy sufficient to rise to the surface. Whew, I made it, I thought!

In our dreams we can create new solutions to our problems that in our waking state would not be a viable option. Why? Because when we are awake we "know" it is not possible to breathe underwater and survive. Or is it?

It is not just a financial meltdown and the threat of more wars that we are facing. We are living through some of the most troubled times of our lives. The effects of the meltdown and the mere thought of more war spreads far and wide, reaching out into every aspect of our daily living. Jobs lost, homes we cannot sell, and food prices soaring accompanies the reality that a quarter in your pocket will no longer buy you a cup of coffee. Savings lost, retirement no longer an option and banks telling us we have to come back in a week to get our money we wish to withdraw. What are we to make of this?

We have predictions of doom and gloom from many of our "enlightened ones" along with the news in the media that confuses us even more. All in a time when we are trying to catch our breath, grasp what is really going on in our world, keep on keeping while we attempt to make some sense of it all.

Remain calm and in your God center, we consistently remind ourselves when we feel we are sinking beneath the surface to the depths below with no energy to spring back to the surface to grasp one more breath of air. When our fear comes up we must do our best to walk through it, surrendering it to God. As we place one foot in front of the other, walking through our fear and forward in our faith, we remind ourselves again that this too shall pass and soon we will ascend into our new world. There is hope!

We are never without power no matter what is going on in the world and around us. We may not have control over the events taking place but we do have control over how we react to them. If we keep our focus on God there are no walls to limit the possibilities. If you find yourself underwater struggling to rise to the surface to breathe just remember, in this place of "Oneness with God," you can breathe! You do not need to fear anything! Not even death! For in this place, there is no death!

Keep your sense of humor and continue to laugh! Laughter lightens! Take any situation and make it fun, even if you are rebuilding the very foundation in which you previously had your feet firmly planted. Do not worry how you will do these things! Set your intention, make it clear then focus and direct your energy in the direction you choose. Release any expectations you may have and be flexible and prepared to change directions and turn on a dime, moving forward with ease. You need not look behind you! Forward is the motion to take and as you gain momentum you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

You may be in this world but you are not "OF" this world. If you could only remember from where you came then you will remain clear and be able to see where you are going.

As parents, we take responsibility for our children and the direction they take in life. We are always there for them and forever forgiving their mistakes, because we love them unconditionally. From us they came, and for them we are responsible. No matter how much we would like to separate ourselves from our children and deny our part in the choices they make, we cannot ever really make this separation permanent. We are connected to them and they are connected to us!

So in these days, do not criticize, judge or condemn anyone or anything! We are all connected and we all have some part in the drama that is playing out before us. Accept responsibility and do your part in setting the example you would like to follow yourself! Lift yourself and others in your optimism, faith and ability to see through the illusion before you. Remember, we are never without power in our oneness!

Continue to sow your seeds and nurture your sprouts and walk in faith in your oneness! With love and light, intention and direction, these seeds you sow now will grow up and produce the fruit that will spawn and nourish others for generations to come. The Tree of Life, will never parish. For when we leave this world, only the sweetness of our fruits do we take with us! Live, laugh and love your way into ascension and together we will rejoice!

I wish you peace, love and joy now and forever!

In God's Love and Light,
Kerry and her Angels

The messages are channeled from my "Higher/God Self." With the many messages I am receiving and writing about I wish to state sometimes it is hard for me to accept all that I receive. Before I post these messages I pray and ask to speak only truth. And many times there is some editing before I receive the OK to post.

In a life devoted to seeking the truth and as an ordained minister, Kerry has come to understand her relationship to God and the Universe. Through her difficult and sometimes painful life experiences she has come to view them as personal lessons from which we learn and grow.

Kerry's first book, "Timly Acceptance, the God Within," and presents her "truth" in a delightful and enlightening way. This is a book for any and all who are seeking a "bigger picture" and a closer relationship with God. * * * *