Friday, October 24, 2008

The Release Point - Arcturians

The Release Point - Arcturians

Blessings and Divine Greetings!

We are the Arcturians, a collective group of beings from the advanced
civilizations of Arcturus.

We come to share good tidings and immeasurable love for you at this
most critical juncture on planet earth. We have been with you for many
lifetimes and we will be with you for many more, for we are your
ancestors of divine heritage!

You are watched over with adorning eyes and we come again to comfort
you in the throes of one of the most challenging, yet exhilarating
times on earth.

We, the Arcturians, are of the first galactic brigade to offer earth
the assistance needed to accomplish something as great & noble as
planetary ascension. We are the way-showers for those humans who are
currently participating in the overall growth and expansion of
consciousness on your planet.

What we provide those who hear the call are the encouraging words and
wisdom of truth, for the truth is becoming ever-increasingly difficult
to ignore.

You, beloved warriors of truth, have experienced many lifetimes of
preparation for this present incarnation upon earth. You are those who
have travailed many a dark night to become the antecedent of great change.

Yes, you have experienced turmoil and strife and we wish to allay your
fears by saying that this is only temporary. For surely you have
released many years and lifetimes of outworn belief structures and
experiences of limitation.

These energies can no longer serve you here, for you are here to make
a difference on the planet by way of your internal essence...your
light, your galactic DNA calls forth a special helix of genetics to
allow you to witness the changes in yourself and all others who join
you on the adventure into oneness.

Do you know what this means for you?

We will remind you, for surely you already know deeply why you are here.

You are those who have come to teach the planet of the ways of the
light by your example. The way of truth, the way of sovereignty,
abundance and freedom for all people.

You have come to realize your full potential as an accelerator of
awakening and you are those who will know the rewards of this journey
well. You are engaging in the work of spirit each day, each hour, each
minute that you open yourself to experience the full splendor of life,
the whole gamut of human emotion.

You are becoming the full expanded version of your authentic God-self
that you alone came to initiate, to implement and to explore. As you
do, as you wander through the corridors of faith and truth, you must
also hold steadfast to the truth that you are free.

Now, and as you integrate your divine blueprint more fully, you will
come to know that the darkness that you once experienced is expunged
from your consciousness. No longer is this darkness necessary for you
to live a fulfilled life of spiritual value, for all who partake in
the journey to truth are released from discord.

This is the final hour, you are witnessing history in your world and
in this, in this journey, you are all connected. This means that as
you release yourself from the bondage that claims you, you also
release the world from oppression and control.

You have experienced waves of darkness as transmitters of divine
frequency, for you are the anchors of light that lift the darkness
through your physical vessels to transmute the energies for the whole.

This role that you have chosen is of the most revered, for you have
made the commitment, the choice, to resurrect the human condition
through your very own experience. You have reclaimed the god-given
birthright of choice for all through this very choice of your own.

We are great admirers of each of you for this choice, these sacrifices
that you have made to impact the planet and her people. Surely you
knew the hardships you would endure, yet you have made these choices
nonetheless. This is why we say you are the true warriors.

In this, we have some counsel to offer for these challenging times....

As anchors of light you have been responsible for clearing the many
negative energies that surround you. You have acted as receivers and
transmitters of divine source, attracting negative energies toward
your electromagnetic field, clearing the energy with your light of
truth, and transmitting these purified energies to the world.

As a divine transmitter, it is imperative that you detach fully from
the negativity that erupts in your field and to stay fully conscious
of the process while allowing for this energy to pass through you is
of divine importance.

It is no longer that you are responsible for clearing the worlds'
woes, for you have faired extraordinarily well... but in this final
hour, the negative energies are bigger and stronger forcing you to
detach completely from their source.

The collective energies are growing to a tipping point in
consciousness, where soon those who have upcoming contracts to serve
the light through expressions of pure joy are now stepping into those

This means that all of those who have fulfilled said divine missions
of service for the people and the planet will be offered dispensation.
This release point will free up many light-workers to be, do and have
their dreams fulfilled.

The first phase of ascension is drawing to a close, and that means
many of you will be absolved of your selfless service to the one.

Beloved souls, we are blessed to be in contact with you this day and
we wish to remind you of your power to serve the planet in divine
ways. You are assured great success and you have achieved remarkable

You are soon to return the one voice within, the glorious voice of
your soul's essence. This voice has been with you all along, guiding
you to your destiny.

As you release the final vestiges of personal discord, remember your
worth, remember these words, and remember your power to choose.

We are your brothers and sisters from home and we warrant no
expression of grandeur...only a reminder that you too have the power

The days of darkness are numbered and rapidly the paradigm of illusion
falls to reveal the truth. Remember yours.

Bidding you farewell!

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