Friday, December 5, 2008

12:12 Gateway - Crucible Of Change

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse
by Shala Mata

DECEMBER 1, 2008
12:12 Gateway Crucible of Change

Last months Cosmic Pulse

December is always a month of contemplative review as we revisit the
energy shifts and experiences of the past twelve months. The final
month of the year accrues all the energy events and experiences of the
past 11 months; by December, we have a melting pot or “crucible” of
energy that forms a bridge to the coming year. It is a time of quiet
and thoughtful review; a time to make peace with all actions taken or
decisions not made.

The past eleven months have been monumental on our beloved Mother
Earth. Never before have we witnessed change so dramatically in every
aspect of life on the planet. No one is immune or insulated from the
“alchemical fire” created by the mirrors of change. Each month brought
new challenges and opportunities, and the resound understanding that
we are ALL in this journey together.

The energy transmission of November’s 11:11 is still echoing
throughout the planet The code sequences that fire our DNA
“quickening” are weaving quantum light matrixes, within our universal
field of infinite possibilities. This feminine conscious energy moves
and merges with our cellular memories, opening up new perspectives
within existing parameters of conscious expression.

For several days during the heightened energy of the transmission, our
cosmic blueprint rippled as the higher frequencies danced and wove a
reconfigured upgrade. Layer upon layer of our light and experience
transformed into a more accessible form. Each layer bringing feelings,
sensations, thoughts, memories, fears even pain into a more conscious
unified form. Within our hearts, we saw versions of ourselves merging
along the various timelines we use to discern space and time. Our
masculine and feminine communed as our harmonic signature – our song
surrendered us to JOY.

Our emotions and thoughts are now calibrating to this newer program.
Many are feeling a deeper sense of self-love and joy, even though the
pendulum of emotion continues to swing and issues or events require
diligent and thoughtful attention. It seems like years ago to remember
what we were feeling or experiencing in the earlier part of this year,
yet those experiences are all together on our very full plates just now.

December is a stunning month of incredible opportunity for growth and
change. Completion is always part of the end of the year, planting
seeds for the coming year is part of the sacredness as the year
closes. Gratitude for ALL our experiences is our soil. Love in our
heart the water. Accepting our light.

The 12:12 Gateway is the twin aspect of the 11:11. The Feminine energy
of the 11:11 twins with our Masculine energy the 12:12 creating a
synergy that elevates our energy into a higher frequency or octave of
our unique matrix or blueprint. The 12:12 is often referred to as the
Gateway to the Golden Age Freedom, and in truth the symbiotic nature
of both are intimately preparing us for December 2012. The Golden Age
is a term use to describe the completion of our evolutionary ascension
process. It serves as an energetic key or touchstone to the 5D New Earth.

The 12:12 transmission is a key that unlocks the deeper access to the
codes of the 11:11. The key itself is an alchemical flame for purging
any and ALL old programming deep within our cellular memory. Fears,
lack, limiting beliefs, physical or emotional pain, drama, trauma, ego
can be transmuted to create space in the energy of your reconfigured
blue print.

Our blueprint gives us access and understanding to our mission on our
beloved Mother Earth. What lessons we wish to complete, what service
is our calling. Our feminine energy creates the idea or thought for
something we wish to experience. Our masculine energy then takes the
idea in action and brings it into form. Each of us are aware that
synchronicities are occurring easier that ever before.

Each of us is a unique note or sound that makes up our harmonic
signature and is part of the song we broadcast and receive. Some of
our songs are outdated and keep repeating, we hum them without even
realizing it. Time to bestow a new song upon ourselves that broadcasts
consciously with the universe. There is a science to manifesting our
desires in harmony with our song. There is the Law of Attraction.
There is the Law of Gratitude. There is the Law of Acceptance.

We ARE aware of our thoughts and articulate our desire. We FEEL deeply
in our heart the gratitude for the desire being manifest in this NOW
time. We RECEIVE and broadcast acceptance on all levels always.

The crucible of change for December and the coming year of 2009 is our
Heart. This is the only true vehicle where we can alchemically
transmute our lower nature into the transcended light of our Soul.

December offers us a new direction or course for our journey. There
are many threads of potentials that exist within the ocean of infinite
possibilities we surf daily. Potentials are opportunities or
experiences that simply need energy or charge to manifest. It is not
lost on any of us the energy that continues to manifest upon our
planet, however each one of us can affect change dramatically by
charging the potentials in our lives that allow more Love, Joy, and
Abundance to flow.

The US election of Barak Obama in early November created a powerful
wave of hope surging around our beloved Mother Earth. Change was the
catchword of the campaign. This wave continues to build beyond
politics, economics, fear, or violence. It continues to build when
each one of us opts for personal empowerment and change.

December brings a plethora of opportunity, yet it will not be without
the trials and tribulations of these times. There are energy
potentials upon our planet that are playing out, situations, and
circumstances that can and will challenge our very core. Yet, as we
surrender within our heart there is an inner wave of energy, a
dialogue that merges with our outer communication. This congruent flow
of energy between our physical, mental, emotional and spirit body
unite our 3D/5D worlds with greater ease and clarity.

Our earth is intimately bound to our Sun and Moon, both physically and
energetically. Both are transmitters and together align with outer
planetary influences to illuminate the grand cosmic plan for our
evolutionary process. The equinox and solstice energies amplify the
Earth’s call for her energy and light to increase.

The December celestial lineup builds energy that will springboard us
into 2009. Our final full moon of 2008 falls on Dec 12th the 12:12.
Indeed, another grand galactic nod of support. It lights the 12:12
Gateway offering greater clarity and focus. We will feel energized
with new plans, new directions. Our ability to communicate our new
plans with passion will start things off dramatically in January.

December 21st brings the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere
where we have the shortest day of light, and in the Southern
Hemisphere the Summer Solstice with the longest day of light. Both are
illumined and seed the energy of our Sun and the Central Sun. This is
a time to celebrate with our beloved Mother Earth. Dance, sing, laugh
with pure love and joy, and broadcast that energy to every living
being human or otherwise upon our planet. Let your physical body
release any resistance to change and feel your awareness expand with
new beginnings.

The final New Moon of 2008 falls on Dec 27th. This is a thought
provoking mysterious moon. She reflects all areas that require
re-examination and transformation. A perfect time for deep inner
review and sacred intention before we herald in 2009.

2008 has been a year of intense energy portals, gateways, and
celestial alignments. Our beloved Mother Earth is experiencing a fast
and potent expansion as more light from the Central Sun is received. A
natural law of energy is contraction follows expansion. A lightworkers
and starseeds we can continue to expand and anchor our light, building
energy bridges with the Earth and each other for greater harmony,
ease, and grace.

There is so much to be grateful for on our beloved Mother Earth, so
many blessings, gifts to share with our loved ones and more
importantly, those we meet as strangers only to recognize as soul
family in a sparkling instant. From a place of deep appreciation and
gratitude, I thank each one of you that have shared their love and
trust with me, in private sessions and in reading and sharing this
article. I wish everyone a joyous holiday season however, you choose
to honour this time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Keep shining your gorgeous
Light !

Love and Deep Blessings,


© Shala Mata 2008