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SaLuSa 08-December-2008

SaLuSa 08-December-2008

There is no doubt that you have successfully reached a Light quotient
that is rapidly moving you forward, and because of it the dark
energies are finding they have less power to hold you back. It is as
you might say, full steam ahead and you are on course to take a
quantum leap forward. To ease you into the changes that will introduce
new ways to you, there is a plan that takes into account that you
cannot accommodate too much at the time. First and foremost is the
need to get your old government out of the way, and that is already in
progress. From thereon with our help and the visions of your President
Elect, you shall become aware of what is planned. You have already
heard Obama mention that there is no going back to the old ways.

What you will see over the next few months, are firm indications of
the direction in which you are going. You will also become aware that
a pathway is being created, that will allow for the eventual
introduction of proof of our presence. It will be accompanied by a
flood of disclosures revealing how successive governments have hidden
the truth, and tried to create a fearful image of us. Those of you who
have already investigated such matters will already have their proof,
but we shall follow that up with a greater presence in your skies. We
cannot wait until a majority believe in us as peaceful Beings, as we
have an agenda that has to be followed. Time is not exactly short, but
we must help you create the conditions that allow us to go ahead with
First Contact.

The World meantime plunges further into financial chaos, and
governments everywhere are forced to address such issues in ways they
never thought possible. They are being made to recognize not only
their duty to their citizens, but their responsibility to God to make
decisions that are born out of Love and the Light. There are no longer
going to be opportunities for the dark forces to manipulate the
people, or deny them their rights. Laws that should protect them will
be restored, and you will see a gradual return to the Constitution. We
have had a long time to thoroughly understand your needs, and it will
give us immense pleasure to make your lives more comfortable and
joyous. You are beautiful souls that are coming to the end of your
time in duality, and with it shall enjoy life as never before.

We know that life on Earth is very stressful, and you have daily
worries that never seem to go away. Most of them are on the subject of
money and how you can pay your way, given that many of you have
astronomical debts hanging around your necks. Be assured that the
abundance program will address such issues, and give you peace of mind
by releasing you from them. Some feel that it is impossible, but all
provisions have been made for this time through the setting up of a
World Trust Fund. Believe us and accept that your problems will be
eradicated before too long, and our promise to make your journey a lot
easier. Many of you understandably see peace as a priority, and that
too is high on our agenda. Again have no fear at the size of the task,
as we can easily quieten the guns of war if there is any need to do
so. We look to gain the benefits that you need through peaceful
negotiations, as the use of force is not our way.

Your karma and that of the planet is inexplicably tied together,
therefore certain events are still due to be played out. Our presence
will ensure that a measure of control is exercised, so as to lessen
the effects. We refer mainly to physical changes that are inevitable
if your Earth is to be restored. It even goes beyond Earth, as the
whole solar system is involved in the changes. Indeed let us go as far
as to say, that it is the whole Universe that is being lifted up into
the higher realms. Mighty forces are at work, and there comes a time
when the magnitude of them is even eye opening to us. Great Beings
carry out the plan of the Creator, and such concepts are perhaps a
little too difficult to contemplate whilst you are still in the early
days of enlightenment. There is so much to learn that when you look
back you will realize that you walked around wearing blinkers. That is
no reflection upon your ability, but simply reference to the limited
conditions thrust upon you by the lower vibrations.

Look ahead to wonderful times that will allow your true potential to
be used for the benefit of all. Few of you are doing what really gives
you pleasure, and many would readily change their lives but for other
commitments. Earning your keep and providing for your families is a
full time occupation, but in the future life will change so as to give
you more freedom to follow your own pursuits. Happiness and
contentment will result and society at large will benefit. The
mentality of everyone for themselves, will be replaced by one that
respects the rights and needs of everyone. By nature you are loving
and gentle Beings, but have been affected by the separation within the
masses through color, race and creed. The dark have fed these ideas
for millennia of time, and have done everything in their power to keep
you divided. However, with easier travel and forms of communication,
you have found that people are much the same all around the world.
Without outside interference they gravitate towards each other, and
have a natural inclination to be friendly.

Those of you who have uplifted within the Light and set your course
for Ascension, are the advance party of souls that teach and practice
Unconditional Love to the best of your ability. You live by example,
and show what can be achieved with a loving and compassionate approach
to all people. Your Light is a beacon that attracts others to you, and
in your presence they experience calmness and peaceful energies.
Imagine a whole society living in such a manner and how beautiful life
would become. I tell you that somewhere in your near future that is
exactly how it will be, and it is your choice that will take you there.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that when you walk amongst us as you
will in time, you will experience exactly to what I have referred as
you will be in the higher vibrations. This applies to all members of
the Galactic Federation, as they have only gained membership through
their proven allegiance to the Light. When you meet them you will
forget the difference in their appearances, and “feel” their Love and
Light and realize you are with enlightened souls.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.

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