Thursday, December 4, 2008

ELOHEIM: The Energies Of 2009

This clip is from the meeting held on 11-26-08. Eloheim talks about
the energies of 2009. This clip came toward the end of the meeting.
Eloheim is pretty mellow by the time the section came along.

If you are interested in hearing Eloheim's insight on the energies of
the remainder of 2008, please visit this link:

Here are some quotes from the clip about the energies of 2009:

Inspiration - that's the word for 2009, both being an Inspiration
and receiving Inspiration.

2009 will be about learning to live through inspiration….as your
guiding force, instead of habituation…

Operating from a place where you are collaborating with your Soul
to accelerate the process of Ascension.

[the process] It's not `figure it out', it's not `understand',
it's not `generate answers', it's neutral observation to allow space
for inspiration to guide you.

To view the video, please follow this link:

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