Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Angels of Atlantis

The Angels of Atlantis
No. 1. Serapis Bey November 2008
Channelled by Edwin Courtenay

Dear All
This channelling by Edwin Courtenay is for anyone interested in
Atlantis, Angels, Ascension, Reiki, St Germain, Hilarion, Solomon
or just their spiritual path! Enjoy.

It seems strange amid the dark, cold wet of winter to be thinking of
ancient Atlantis, that mythological, magickal kingdom of crystalline
light and beauty, but that is what I am asking you to do: to
contemplate its mysteries and might, its tragedy and infamy, its great
wisdoms and truth. I ask you to do this not as an academic exercise,
an exploration of spiritual history, but because of Atlantis’
relevance to your world and in Ascension, particularly now when the
vibration of Atlantis is returning and the ancient powers, long
thought lost to all, rising again back to your world.

I am Serapis Bey, Angel and Ascended Master, patron of the 2nd ray of
grace and flow, ambassador to the Angels and mankind, and champion and
custodian of the truths of Atlantis and ancient Egypt. My connection
then to this once great empire comes from that time long before I took
on the flesh and form of man, when I was Angel, spirit only, and as
such one of the many of the Divine’s children to watch over Atlantis
and its people. Throughout the dynasties of Atlantis (and there were
many), I floated from one Temple to the next, serving my time,
attending those I was guided to attend: the Temple of Peace, the
healing university of Atlantis, the Eye Tower, the university of
prophecy and spiritual communion, the Great Central Tower, where the
Great Central Crystal was housed and the Conclave, the 7 great Crystal
Skulls and many, many other great palaces and homes where the
teachings of the Divine were needed to encourage and teach the
Atlanteans to grow and develop. After Atlantis’ demise I journeyed
with some of those who survived and took on the flesh of man in
ancient Egypt, there playing my part in several desperate attempts to
resurrect the Atlantean vibration and set mankind back on course for
their Ascension but it was too soon and in a way too late and our
attempts, my attempts, failed. So I remained for a while on Earth,
reincarnating again and again, trying to help, trying to grow until my
efforts made me Master and returned me here to Spirit’s home.
To many Atlantis now is no more than a dream, a cliché, a new age
fantasy, but to some it is reality, half remembered, longed for and
loved. For those who were born only into the dark times it is a
nightmare, a horrific hell eerily repeating itself now in genetic
experimentation and the exploitation of nuclear technology; the racist
views of some of the societies of the world and humankind’s tendency
to control and restrict and suppress. But all of this, the light and
the dark, will be revealed in time, in the year that is to come,
through these channelled messages and through the courses and
workshops that will be taught, the stories recounted and sung. Why
then these messages from heaven? Why now? Why the Angels of Atlantis?
What do they have to teach mankind that they do not already know? Why
is this myth, this truth, this ancient history so important?

Because in part history has a way of repeating itself, figuratively
speaking and quite literally too, because this coming year marks the
return in earnest of the ancient Atlantean light the Johre Atlarn.
Because the vibration of Atlantis, never truly destroyed, is now
resurfacing, from the deep oceans that once claimed it and from the
dimensions into which it retreated; the vibration, the power and the
knowledge, the dream and hope and the aspiration, the inspiration for
a new generation of super humans, spiritual equals brought into
manifestation, in part, by the Inspiration System . Because now is the
time for mankind to begin again and to learn from the mistakes that
their forefathers made all those thousands of years ago. And we, the
Angels of Atlantis, will in part be responsible for midwifing the
rebirth of this ancient tide of power and light.

Oh yes we will be aided, by the Masters Hilarion, Solomon and St
Germain, yes we will be supported by the Divine, the Great Central
Sun, the great light of life and yes we will be aided by you! For
everyone who begins to explore, to remember, to awaken, will
contribute to the return of power and the ancient ways of the great
golden ancient days of Atlantis. So we would encourage you, read those
books that might point you on your way, the Atlantean Secrets books
by Dr Samuel Sagan and those books written by Murry Hope and be open
to your own recall, trusting your instincts as you read to guide you
as to what is truth and fantasy. For there has been much written and
much of it is good but also much of it is bad! So we would encourage
you, attend your courses, your workshops, your retreats, work with
your crystals and your sacred objects, let them ease awake your
memories. And so we would encourage you to those systems, those
courses that may aid you, the Atlantean Archive , the Inspiration
System known as the Reiki of Atlantis. Go forwards, remember and
embrace your truth and we will aid you on your way and throughout the
first six months from this point on into the coming year we, the
Angels of Atlantis will aid you, returning as we do from these ancient
times, forgotten Angels, lost angels returned to your conscious
knowledge, restored to full power and pertinence that we might aid you
with your wants and needs.

For Atlantis is more than a dream, more than a power, more than truth,
it is a vision, it was and will be again a way of life; of love and
peace and harmony and truth and of well being and when it returns
fully it will aid in the transformation of the world and its people,
restoring the world to a place of light and love and wholeness.

I am Serapis Bey and I bring you the blessing of grace, let it flow
with you as you move forwards in your world, I am an Angel of light
and I bring you a beacon of light, let it warm you on your cold and
dark way, I am an ambassador of the Divine’s love and I bring you
divine love, may it surround you always and remind you that you are
never alone. I am the prayers of humanity answered by the divine
presence and in conclusion I bring you a prayer that you might use it
during these months of darkness when you are finding it difficult to
find the light.

“Great Central Sun, Divine,
Source of all light and love,
Hold me in your arms and bring me peace.
Lift me to the Sun, the stars’ light of life and guide me ever home to
your grace.
Wherever I may wander be with me, holding my hand, showing the way.
Light of love and peace let this be so, throughout the night and day.”

I am Serapis Bey and I bring you blessings.

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