Thursday, December 4, 2008

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather
Nov. 29. 2008

The collective mass-consciousness of the beloved planet shifts and changes as the ever continuing adjustments of energetic inputs enliven all 'old energies' to go with the flow or to be passed by. As nothing stays the same there is the ongoing necessity to allow these very intense injections of 'purer refined inputs' to be savoured on and within the beloved planet. There is always a feeling of unsettlement felt by the many and this is quite in order so to be. This unsettlement is of planetary nature and all will continue to experience this continuum of energetic acclimatisation. Blessed is he/she that can, with hand on heart, say that they do not feel any discomfort or any peculiar movement within or around them.

The mass-consciousness is likened to a planetary release valve, if you will, and as the lot of many seekers on Terra unifies and invests into each others 'belief pattern' or collective current energy field, then does the barometer measure the critical mass or 'level of being.' As the beloved Mother Earth stretches and adjusts she accommodates this current level in her own ready expansion. Where there is a shortfall of positive energy within this now 'critical mass,' then may geo-physical adjustments upon the beloved planet be more evident and unforeseen seeming disasters might well ensue. As the food of the planet is likened with the 'love and light' of those upon her then at times there is a boil or abscess that has a need to erupt and disperse so that the impurity or disease is alleviated and released.

In very like manner of course is this a reflection true of those upon her whose very own emotional or mental state, well being or duress, finally erupts and issues forth it's impurity or disease, clearing the flow and healing the body once more. The two are so intrinsically linked and inter-dependant, and are a reflection sure to the planetary reaction and healing. Outbursts of these eruptions are clearly evident this very day, as the inflammation finally bursts, releases and spills forth it's resultant discharge so that a healing may then ensue. Love is ever the anecdote and light is the eternal beacon that shines forth it's ever comforting vibrant rays for all to bathe and dance within - dancing in one's divinity.

'Birds of a feather' are those precious ones upon the beloved planet whose divine purpose is ever of highest intent to solidly hold fast the immeasurable energy inputs of light-energies and to be the walking conduits anchoring these divine inputs in such magnificent manner, courageously, simplistically. The light bearers, the valiant light workers, who walk daily on planet Earth are those that 'know,' instinctively or intuitively, that their roles are 'right' and in total harmony with the Universal Mind, as the universal heartbeat pulses forth in ever perfect momentum. How truly graceful they, YOU, truly are! Gifting one and all with such unconditional, unadulterated love, seeking no personal reward, allowing and working ever within the laws of cause and effect, like attracting like and fully complying with every facet of the universal scales of balance and justice.

You have co-created a sacred space, not only within your mighty hearts but encompassing the whole of creation in all it's many guises and expressions for the betterment of All That Good Is. Likened to the 'Return of the Dove,' your presence is paving the way, sowing the seeds, building the bridges, laying the stepping stones and building the foundations for all that are surely to follow. The 'Return of the Dove,' the continuing injection of the Christed energies that are now infiltrating all mankind. Infiltrating ALL the varied and wondrous associated life forms and creations that collectively form the ultimate expression of unity consciousness. This unity consciousness is an inevitable barometer that measures all of the forthcoming movements, and is an indicator of much that is to ensue.

Again let us ever remind ourselves that there is not, and never will be, any external saviour that will swoop in to rescue or save us, for that choice is THE MOST SACRED RIGHT of each and every individual here, and also in the universes, to select and elect so to do. There will be signs and signatures along the pathway and it is again the blessed privilege of each soul to DISCERN and decide what is truly 'right' for him/her as the 'inner glow' either supports or not. The Christ is not going to 'return' for the Christ consciousness is unquestionably already here - within all souls that aspire towards that inner realisation and 'ascension,' further encouraging and igniting All to go within and allow the Christ to glow and grow in one's heart and soul! How truly beautiful YOU ARE, how truly wondrous is the signature that you are indelibly writing in the 'heavens' issuing forth a divine blueprint for everyone and everything to see.

As the infamous year of 2012 comes and inevitably goes, will the continuing evolution still carry on in a like manner and the generations upon generations of future souls that choose to remain and consort our beloved Mother Earth will be further following and 'living the life.' The ascending reality and pathway as life and evolvement slowly yet surely moves on.Those dear ones, as you are well aware, whom choose not to move into ever heightening vibrations and finding it uncomfortable so to do, will of course be housed on like planets. They are, will be, of third / fourth density, readied for their inhabitancy within a similar and like vibration. They will be offered their new homes in surroundings with familiar vibrational comforts that they now enjoy. Like attracts like and in Gods house there are many mansions! The Law is perfect!

Life continues as 2012 fades into 'past times' and the gradient process of evolution and rebirth moves on in it's mighty path of 'going home!' Our children and their children and so forth, will all be living and working together within the crystalline layers of ever greater truths and 'being.' The continuing life, with it's many cultural and society changes for the inevitable advancement within Hu-mankind, will be worked though diligently and consistently re-creating over the ensuing ages of the forth coming epochs of time.

There is always the furtherance and ongoing 'working through' of our lower emotional and mental discords that are fast becoming things of the past! What also are to be realised and released are old family traits, deeply entrenched beliefs, obsolete and judgmental patterns, society habits, cultural and religious misbeliefs, with a multitude of malfunctions over aeons of time that are also in need of being recognised and worked through, to be cleared away! We have a monumental task and we are here with this enlightenment, in the sure knowing that we are, have been, and always SHALL be capable of all that is asked of us or which we are asking of ourselves. We are invincibly As One with All That Is, we truly are the ones that we have been waiting for! Let us in our unification and solidarity bring heaven inevitably back to earth!

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