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2009: Year of Realization ~ An Oracle's Prophecy

2009: Year of Realization ~ An Oracle's Prophecy
Jennifer Luna Posada
December 2008

I write to you these words from the space between worlds . . . the place I sit not alone now, but in which all of us find ourselves. We are all Oracles awakening, and trying to remember the dream we had while sleeping, of a new world.

We stand at the edge of a passing world, asked to leap into what looks like a sea of possibilities, but which is actually a new world long ago arranged from a dream in the depths of the universe's heart. It is a perfect pearl, born of the irritation of ages.

Beginning in the year 2010 we will really see form come to more of this new world, so we have 2009 to realize its dream within our own hearts. It is time to claim the new dream, even in the midst of being told we should be scared of the magical future. For even with the heart of an Oracle of many lifetimes, I can tell you that the future is always a mystery, one that we can fear or revere. I have seen much of the future, from a long time ago, and I can tell you it is incredibly beautiful. But we can only claim the beauty of this new dream, if we have first found its roots in our very Soul.

It is time, my fellow Oracles, to remember and realize your sacred Gifts, to begin to share them with the world again, and to do so in new ways. For they are needed, and now more than ever before. This is the time you have been preparing and cultivating these gifts for. This is what your journey has been about. The fruits of your labor are about to be revealed. You will find them first within. You are carrying in your soul's essence the greatest treasures this world has ever known. Your heart carries the key to the new world. You are the Gift.

2009 is a year to expect revelations of all kinds. These new gifts of your soul will be revealed, and gifts you already knew about will be empowered and enhanced. Ancient powers will be brought forward again by the human heart. These realizations will also begin to touch your physical world and life. Projects you have been hoping to undertake will finally take flight, or be let go of once and for all, making room for something new. Some friendships will end and new ones will be discovered. These new and retained alliances will begin to become a community of the soul. These communities are unlike any we have known, and are nourishment and lifeblood to the new world we are bringing into being, and the personal joy it will be born of.

We are in a powerful window of time right now as we enter the Solstice and New Year. There are many energies vying for our attention, trying to tell us the story of what is coming next. We must not be told the story of our futures. We must be the storytellers to ourselves. We must decide, in this darkest time of the year for so many of us, that the light truly is returning. We have the power to decide whether to pay more attention to fear or hope. We must let hope win, against whatever odds exist in our minds, hearts and lives. Decide your future is full of glory and beauty. Decide the future of the world is a destiny of absolute grace. Hold this like a mantra in your heart over these next several weeks as we pass through the solstice, holidays, and into a new year. This is the time to build a fire in your heart and sit by the hearth there, no matter how the storm seems to rage outside your window. It is warm by the fire and the light of your soul, and that warmth will reach the world if you build it for yourself.

This will be a year of great psychic opening. It is time we know our heritage. It is time we know who we truly are. Be prepared for new channels to expand in ways you might not have thought possible for you in this life, and for your third eye to flutter open in a new light. Look to your guides, in this world and beyond. Find the foundation that is strong under all the ones that have crumbled in these last years. You will find more of the others now too...more of the ones you knew before...your soul family and a community of the "rememberers" will reunite. I will see you there.

Let the flame in your heart burn bright. Its brightness is our future.


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About Jennifer

Jennifer Posada is an internationally-known Oracle, Sound Healer, Channel, Author, and Lecturer. As a little girl Jennifer was aware that she came to this earth to model and teach self love. At the age of seven she began to experience super-consciousness and to receive visions and information, communication with beings from other dimensions, and spontaneous healings.

A born mystic, she began giving intuitive readings at this young age, based on these communications with other worlds and memories from her training in past lives as an Oracle.

Jennifer is the author of The Oracle Within: Living the Intuitive Life and the creator of the sound healing CD Soul Sounds, used by healing practitioners around the world. She earned her degree in sound healing by traveling the world to experience various sound healers in many countries including India, Egypt, Tibet, Europe, and Peru.

Jennifer's teachings always focus on the completeness and wisdom we each carry within, affirming that by loving ourselves we discover spontaneous healing. Jennifer works with groups and individuals internationally, offering teachings on ancient alchemies, sound healing, and the process of exploring the oracle within. * * 360-376-1062 *