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SaLuSa 22-December-2008

SaLuSa 22-December-2008

Already you are commenting on how quickly this year has gone, and
indeed you are sensing that it is going twice as fast. If nothing
else, it is a sign that you are moving out of the old paradigm, and
creating a new one that will move you onto the path of Ascension.
Everything is vibrating at a faster rate and as it continues to do so,
it has the effect of breaking down the old lower vibration. It has put
the dark and Light energies face to face, and only that which can
exist in the higher realms can continue to go forward. It means that
the cleansing is well underway, and the more you can detach from the
old ties, the quicker you will benefit from the uplifting energies.

Everyone has the same opportunity as this cycle reaches its end, but
it is more than simply a matter of choice. The idea of Ascension may
sound attractive but unless you have already been moving in that
direction, it suggests that you are unprepared for it. You are
sovereign Beings who have been given a unique and wonderful
opportunity to start another journey, that leads back to the higher
realms. The Creator has not disowned you, and has planned this time of
upliftment as your release from the dark energies. It has been a
tremendous cycle of experience, that has propelled you forward quicker
than you could have done elsewhere. You must progress all of the time
as nothing stands still, but in the higher realms it is much slower.

The Earth has effectively been a school of learning, that has given
you invaluable experience of Spirit in Matter. It has also allowed you
to exercise your freewill to do so in any manner of your choosing. The
most difficult challenge has come from believing that you are
separated from God, and forgetting who you really are. Consequently
you have often lived lives blindly and unaware of your spiritual Self,
and immutable link to God. Darkness has surrounded your soul, and
suppressed your Light until you have identified with the lower
energies. Now you are in a very different period of time as the Light
has returned to Earth. It will continue to increase exponentially,
until it joins up with the incoming energies that are being beamed to you.

The task of returning to the Light is not one that you are expected to
achieve single-handed. Although it is possible for an individual soul
to ascend at any given time. The difference now is that you are
benefiting because of the Divine decree that this Universe shall lift
up, and enter a new area in the Cosmos. Even so as you now understand,
no one is forced to move into the higher realms if they feel that they
are not yet ready to do so. It may mean cutting yourself off from the
many links formed with other souls, but in reality there is no
separation at all. Those Dear Ones who ascend will always be connected
with all other souls, and in remembering them they will link with
their essence wherever they are. Allow for each to follow their chosen
path of evolution, knowing that there will always be a coming together
as you achieve a more expanded consciousness. As you make your way
into the realms of Light you will become more aware of the Oneness of
All That Is.

What you are doing by electing to follow the path of Ascension is to
acknowledge that you are a Light Being, and that your true home is in
the higher dimensions. It is where you came from, and where you are
always destined to return. They are dimensions where by pure thought
you are the Creators of whatever you desire, and where you find
perfection in their manifestation. Already in the present time you are
beginning to find that your powers are returning to you, and it
becomes more important that you are aware of what you are putting your
energy into. Hitherto, you have created through your mass
consciousness, and it has determined the nature of your experiences.
Now it is starting to become a more individual one, where you are
attracting to yourself exactly where you place your energy.

For eons of time Man has been the warrior and has fought for
everything that he has wanted. Fear has promoted an attitude of
defiance and belligerence, and overshadowed the gentleness of the
Light that has been subdued. It has not been helped by the influence
of those outer dark forces that have enslaved Man; although these no
longer continue have the power to enforce their agenda upon him. Now
you are able to release yourselves from the dark influences, as they
are weakened by the growing Light energies that are bringing back
balance. You are so near to the realization that you are taking back
your sovereignty, and before long you will see positive signs of these
changes. The Lighted Ones who have come to Earth for this very reason,
will soon emerge amongst you and will speak in such a way that you
will know that they come in Love and Light.

In the midst of the continuing chaos the dark still try to hold onto
their waning power. However, it is time for them to be replaced by
souls who are in alignment with the new path that is opening up. They
come to show others the way and what is possible if you follow the
Light, and move with love in your heart for all other life. See in
others their Light and encourage them to identify with it, and realize
that they are great and powerful Beings. You have been kept down for
so long you have forgotten who you really are, and your potential to
create your own path of evolution. Now you have the advantage of
finding the truth about yourselves and Humanity. A whole new vista is
opening to reveal your true ability to determine your own future, and
not be enslaved to what the dark forces have thrust upon you for
millennia of time.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Galactic Federation
is fully understanding of your present predicament upon Earth. At the
first convenient opportunity we shall announce our intention to come
out openly to meet you. There is a protocol that we will observe, but
have no doubt at all that we will be well received. As you get more
deeply affected by the changes taking place, we see a window of
opportunity opening up that will allow us to bring you the answers to
your predicament. You cannot wait years to re-establish a working plan
that will return stability to you. We shall offer you a quick response
to overcome your problems, and lift you higher than any previous time
in this present cycle. Be ready consciously to greet us and enjoy the
prospect of meeting your Brothers and Sisters from Space, as we are
truly your family.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.

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