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Polaris Rising Digest

Polaris Rising Digest
December 2008

Posted: 04 Dec 2008 09:09 AM CST

Many of you have been experiencing the energy surrounding quite a
large shift, a lot of movement. We have been talking to you for some
time about changes and transitions, breathing in and out: a lot of
change. This will of course continue throughout your lifetime, but
this month, December 2008, marks for a great many of you a shift into
another reality, a nexus, a different way of perceiving, a different
consciousness. You can also call it a parallel world.

A new parallel...

Together many of you have made the shift into the same new parallel
world. It is not as if you have left a world behind that is now empty
of your presence, because that is not so. But you have all moved
together. There was a mass movement in consciousness happening at
about the beginning of this month, centering about that time. There
is still a window of opportunity that some of you are still immersed
in at this point. Some of you have already made a shift and are
feeling a bit more relaxed as a result. You have new plans and new
challenges. There is a sense of beginning for many of you. There has
also been a sense of ending for many of you. All of you experiencing
this intense shift have been involved with this sense of endings and
beginnings. If you look at what has been going on in your lives, you
will be able to mark almost to the day and hour when this occurred for

Why this? Why now? Why me?

There are a great many of you who have been involved in a great many
projects together in making changes socially, environmentally and
energetically. Some of you are aware of this "work" you do; some are
not as aware and there is nothing better or worse in having this
awareness or not having it. Because of this project and this set of
projects that many of you have been involved with, you have
collectively—on a global basis—made some choices and decisions
regarding the future of the planet, the people, and where you are
headed energetically. Many of you decided to create a new direction
that you could take together so as to begin to come in closer contact
with one another on an energetic basis.

For some of you this will be an increase over the next five years in
your dreams. You will be involved in these projects more heavily and
be more consciously aware of them on a dream level.

Others of you will begin exchanging on a physical basis. You will
find yourself moving physically to new locations so that you are
living in closer proximity to those with whom you feel very
energetically connected.

Other people still will find that they are one among many where they
are sending their own ripples of intention out around a large majority
of people around them who are not connected energetically - but what
this does is to raise the ‘vibration' of all those around you.

Some of you who are involved in this project will feel more isolated
because you are seemingly the one lone voice in this big sea of other
people around you—but you are helping them by being so. Understand
that when you feel three years from now, for instance, "what have I
done wrong? I'm all alone!", you will understand that you are part of
this choice. You made this choice collectively with many, many, many
other people doing the same thing and you are having the same effect
as if you are involved physically, talking with people in living
rooms, giving presentations to large numbers of people in a room, or
writing books that will be read by many people. You are all having an
effect on others—on everyone. You chose to do this. You were
"elected" to be doing this; it is part of this global choice.

The reality you left behind...

What happens to the world you left behind? We cannot say that we
predict any tragedy; it is just that these energetic changes and
movement toward overall community will not be happening on the same
level in that world—and that is all right. You still have awareness
and consciousness "back there", and this is part of why you feel a
little bit out of sorts lately. You've made some changes, you're
dividing your energy, and you have ties to what is continuing on in
that parallel world. But those ties will diminish as time goes on.

Again, we can't say that there are large changes expected between one
parallel and another, but we would say that the parallel that you are
operating in seems to be moving toward a sense of heightened
community. This is going to take quite a number of years to manifest,
and there will be quite a number of ups and downs in the process until
that happens.

What else is happening this month?

What else can you expect for December? On a personal and emotional
level, we would expect things to quiet for many of you. It becomes,
after a very energetic upheaval of a beginning, more of an
introspective month of relaxation, going back within, honoring the
choices that make you feel more like who you are. So if you find
yourself, for instance, craving something that you haven't had since
you were a child, and remembering the joy that you had from that
thing, then we would not be surprised. This would be the time for
those types of things to come up for you.

More big change ahead...

In terms of other energetic incidence and events, we would say that
there is likely to be a significant energetic event occurring towards
the end of the month. We are reminded of the tsunami that occurred a
few years ago that occurred at that time of the year, and we would not
be surprised if there was a similar large scale world event occurring
in the last few days of this month. In the end, such an event would
serve to solidify the connection that people between one another, but
we understand that this happens with its consequences.

And what about next year?

In terms of the upcoming year we will have more to say in a month's
time, but what we see overall is a renewed sense of hope for the
future for most people, even as times become more and more difficult.
It is simply that more of you will become involved with living your
lives on a day to day basis rather than spending as much time and
energy worrying about what may happen, what may arise from your
choices. You will simply be more immersed in your own present, and as
a result feel more comfortable and joyful.

November 2008

Posted: 10 Nov 2008 02:52 AM CST

In this month people are primarily focused on picking up the pieces.

In other words, there has been a great deal of change occurring around
the world. This change has manifested politically, economically,
socially, and environmentally. The change has affected everyone living
at present around the world in one way or another, even when they
don't necessarily feel directly connected. And because there has been
so much happening, this is a month to pick up the pieces. Picking up
the pieces means checking in to see where you are, looking at the
aftermath, and finding a new direction based on where you are at
present. For some of you, your lives have changed so quickly that your
heads are spinning, and this is now the month to assess where you are
and to figure out on some level where you want to go.

Again, this manifests for different people in different ways. Some
people have been affected very tangibly: their homes were destroyed in
hurricanes, earthquakes or floods. Their homes were taken away from
them with economic crises and disasters: bankruptcies, etc. Those
people are living very tangibly and materially the changes that we all
feel on a certain energetic level.

In addition, there is the growth element that's attached to all this
change. It is one thing to undergo change, to undergo forces that
swirl around you that cause you to reflect on your life, redirect your
energy, and to make new choices and present yourself with new
challenges, and it is quite another thing to assess what all this
really means to you. So many of you again have been living a life of
change, things happening around you and to you, very tangible things,
and now it is the time that you are putting your energy towards what
this means to you on an internal level, how this will reflect upon
your future choices that are still yet to come.

This next year - meaning one year from now - will of course continue
to look like a time of change. But many of you will find that there is
a leveling out occurring. There is going to be for most of you a
feeling of respite, a plateau, a time to look inward. This may not
occur until mid-to-late spring of the upcoming calendar year, but most
of you at some point in the upcoming twelve months feel this sense of
rest, collection, and gathering together of Who You Are.

And then there will of course be yet again another outward outpouring
of your energy and a redirection of your efforts into creating a new
path for your life.

But this month, the month of November, is primarily concerned about
picking up the pieces, focusing on what has just happened, starting to
make sense of what that means to you and what choices that you will
continue to make in the future as a result.


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