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Accessing Parallel Worlds

Polaris Rising Digest

12 Mar 2009

This question was asked in the "Ask Polaris" forum. You can read the
full question with all the background here, but the full question can
be summarized as:

"This friend was missing, and I energetically searched for her and got
a clear sense that she was alive, and then I found out she wasn't.
What was happening?"

We will approach this different ways. We will speak to the particular
events that have been asked of us and we will also speak to
generalities. In this particular case there was enough energy left
behind by the departing soul so as to create a sense of reality to the
person who was sensing her. In other words, in the reality (the
particular parallel) in which Miché's friend exists, her relative
died early on during this time period. There was quite a lot of
energy associated with it that she was able to tap into and to feel an
"aliveness". Upon receiving word that the person had died and had
been found, that energy source was then immediately terminated and
that sense of aliveness was no longer present. However at the same
time, there was a parallel in which she lived for some time afterward.

Now, your question is: what energy was being accessed here? The energy
of the parallel where she died or the energy of the parallel in which
she lived?

We would say that there was more than one parallel going either way.
There was more energy associated with the parallel that terminated,
and we would say what we said earlier is technically correct in that
the energy was being accessed was the energy that was being
manufactured and was not the energy of the actual parallel. There is
a parallel in which that person still lives, however.

And so your further question of how can you tell when it's a parallel
and how can you use information from parallels to better inform you
about the reality that you are living in.

It is true that all of you walk in multitudinous worlds all the time.
You are always involved in almost an infinite number of parallel
worlds that you are creating and letting lapse all the time,
constantly. Some of you pay more attention to this than others. It
would be disorienting to pay complete attention to it all the time;
you could not function well in the society you live in if you did
this. So you allow yourself to get different messages at different
times. All of this is happening all the time; it would be
overwhelming and disorienting to experience and receive input from all
of those worlds that you are creating and living in every moment.

But yet you do. You are informed by that all the time. You make each
choice, the choice to open your hand and close it, the choice even to
breathe - though not necessarily because that's a reflex, but at least
the choice to breathe consciously. You make all these choices informed
by what's going on with you in all these other worlds at the same
time. So the question is: do you really want to be conscious of
that? And how do you pick and choose which ones are useful to you in
a given moment?

Question: It seems like a big topic

Its an infinite topic - and of your creation.

The short answer is that it's a different answer for everyone.
Obviously, not everyone is going to need to utilize this information
all the time. [We would happily answer for each person
individually] However, this type of "it depends" answer is not very
useful to you. So we will give you something general that is useful
to all of you, that you can take with you and learn to build on.

The fact is that each of you allows some of this input - from parallel
lives and other realities - in at various times for reasons. You give
yourselves "signs". Some of you are more attuned to signs than
others. Some of you attribute more weight to signs than others. But
the fact is that you are seeing them at all times.

Perhaps your glance swings around the room and you notice there are
quite a few things that are red in the room - in which case red is
your sign for that moment. It is up to you to attribute meaning to
whatever sign it is that you are seeing. This particular example, of
course, would only be for those who resonate with color and have a
meaning for it;your essence, or Higher Self, will always know what
will have a good chance to bring communication to your personality.

Or maybe your sign is that you see a clock time of 11:11 repeated many
times throughout a day. That may be your sign. Perhaps you see a
certain shape, animal, like a cat, if this would bring meaning to you.

It's whatever meaning you attribute to the sign that gives it meaning
to you. But the meaning you attribute, if it resonates, will also
come from your essence. It is a powerful way of increasing this

Again, this is very a simplistic answer, a general answer. There is
another simple way of allowing these signs into your life simply by
asking, simply by trusting. So you say "all right, Self, I want more
signs of what's going on for me in my other parallel lives."

There's an important corollary to this: "I need to trust the
information that I'm already giving myself, and trust that it really
means something."

That's where people run into difficulty. Its hard to trust this. You
want to think concretely, tangibly. Intellectually you want things to
"makes sense".

This is not going to make sense. You're trying gain information from
a world that you don't 100% walk in. It's a parallel that's similar
to your world, but there are different things going on, even perhaps
different laws of physics and energy that are operating in. Because
of these differences - and even differences in brain chemistry from
another of your parallel selves - those worlds are not going to make

So you have to let yourself be okay with things not making sense. In
your linear world and your physical existence, this is very difficult
to do for most of you - to let go of control that you'd like to have
around your orderly little molecules and how things nicely line up.
If you were to let them, your laws of physics might work at all. It
makes you feel better to have them there. At the same time, letting
go of this control lets you access literally multiple universes of
information and energy.

In summary:

You're all the time getting information from your parallel words that
you exist in.

When you receive these messages you should take them seriously because
they mean something in your letting something in for a reason.

It is totally okay if you miss something or you don't listen, because
there will always be more messages. You are very kind to yourself in
that way.

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