Thursday, March 26, 2009


>> Whenever I spend more time than I normally do with things relating
>> to the "old" reality, I can feel a real difference. It is as if I
>> have regressed, or perhaps bought into those old ideas from the 3D
>> existence. I usually begin to feel dis-connected from all the
>> beauty, peace, and feelings of ease, relaxation, and connection to
>> a different world. I can only take so much of this other lower
>> dimensional reality, and then I have to call it a day. And being
>> that we have not yet shifted completely over into higher ways of
>> living in every way possible, there are times when most of us must
>> still participate in the old ways from time to time.
>> We can stay in alignment with the higher realms in regard to
>> shifting into a new way of being and thinking, by making it a
>> priority in our lives. For me, if I forget that I am now residing
>> in the higher realms, I will feel out of balance, or as if I am on
>> a short trip and cannot wait to get back. I feel like a sunken
>> ship, lost in the depths and density of a deep dis-connected
>> reality. This is my barometer, and a high sign that I need to
>> return. If I begin to feel pressure, stress, or that I am too much
>> at the helm, I don't feel so good either, and am then very inspired
>> to get back to the better feeling ways of effortlessness, great
>> amounts of time in creativity, simplicity, and a wonderful flow
>> with no timelines, hoops to jump through, or confining boxes.
>> One way to stay in alignment with new ways of being and thinking is
>> to simply pull back and remove ourselves from what we "appear" to
>> be experiencing. In other words, realizing that the old ways are
>> just an illusionary game, not allowing them to consume us and not
>> buying into them, can help as well. If we can accept that these old
>> ways are still here for a short time, while we are evolving,
>> without resisting them, and if we can know that we only need visit
>> them for short periods of time, we can more easily stay in
>> alignment with a higher way.
>> For me, I live the far majority of the time in my own world,
>> connecting to nature, creativity, and spend very little time with
>> involvements of the other world. If you are one who cannot do this
>> due to a job, for instance, try and focus on anything in your arena
>> there that vibrates high....the best qualities of co-workers, helping
>> others, the scenery, or anything that makes you feel good. By being
>> yourself and shining your light, you will naturally bring up the
>> vibration around you.....very un-intentionally. Finding something to
>> connect to that vibrates higher will also allow you to feel a part
>> of the whole, and not so much of an alien.
>> By not focusing and buying into what is seemingly right in front of
>> us, and instead focusing on a higher reality of our experiences, we
>> can then be more in alignment with higher ways of being and
>> thinking. When we can truly believe that things are always being
>> divinely orchestrated at our soul levels, it is then that we can
>> open to magic, miracles, and more of an effortless existence.
>> During the ascension process, we are always taken care of. Things
>> are being navigated by our souls and our loving non-physical
>> companions. So in this regard, things may not always be what they
>> appear to be. At higher levels, all is always in divine and perfect
>> order.
>> Staying in Alignment With New Ways of Being and Thinking
>> - We can choose to focus on a higher reality (or explanation) of
>> what our experiences may be showing us.
>> - We can allow only what we choose to allow to remain in our
>> consciousness.
>> - We can spend as little time as possible in the illusory world of
>> old 3D manifestations.
>> - We can create a life in another world of our choosing.
>> (Eventually, we are able to live and support ourselves through our
>> passions, as we spend the majority of our time in our personal
>> sanctuaries. We will eventually expand from there into small local
>> areas of residence, or our new communities.)
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