Thursday, March 19, 2009


Friday March 20, 2009 4:44am as the sun enters ARIES

Happy Birthday dear Aries people out there and for the rest
Of us we are surely using this energy with Venus retrograde
In this sign.

We have the moon in Capricorn today making some great
Aspects with ideas at 7;13am and Change at 1;06pm as
The moon in Capricorn moves v/c and times out until 3:06am
Tomorrow morning.

(did you know that below the equator they are entering
FALL Today)…. But for us this is new beginning times
And a time for us to move more bravely forward with new
Plans and for many FALL IN LOVE this year.

Pluto the planet of transformation is making a square to
The sun for the next week and we must recognize that
We will all be gifted with the knowledge that some things
Must be transformed and changed in our lives for us to
Flourish and thrive.

(if you remember? A square is when a planet cannot
See another planet and one or both planets must shift
Their perceptions in order to see clearly. SO, what
Perception, thought, or idea is it time for you to shift?
- Color today green for, healing and centering into your own truth
within your heart center (Green is the color of your heart chakra)
- Use Chalcedony to increase physical energy, we are going to be
working hard today aren’t we, it is Friday? I like BLUE Chalcedony
because it opens the mind to new ideas and helps to accept the situation
as it is rather than how I want it to be
- Oil of RELEASE OF COURSE to let go of all negative thoughts
and emotions
- Kiss for today Have fun and be aware that the boat of life is rocking
and life will be easier if you are not also joining in that rocking the boat stuff

Challenges today and this next week are about not seeing a clear course.
Wait until the NEW MOON on the 26th at 9:06am in ARIES and the
road will be better lit.