Friday, March 20, 2009

Stepping Outside Time and Space

Stepping Outside Time and Space
DL Zeta
Tue Mar 17, 2009

It is possible to step outside time and space. You do this by removing
your conscious focus from the space/time continuum to effectively step
into the world of no-time. This is the timeless dimension of spirit
where you become a time traveler visiting your past and future to
discover your spiritual destiny. By traveling through time to your
past, you are able to bring about healing and release for the parts of
your spirit trapped in time by emotional traumas and other mis-
understandings. Releasing your past frees trapped energy that
becomes available to empower your present moment. An empowered
present-moment self is able to travel to your future to commune with
your future self and discover who you are becoming and what you came
here to do. By merging with your future "self," you are able to view the
fruits of your present creations and make course corrections if you
don't like what you see. Likewise, if you are writing a book in the
present moment, you can travel to the future to learn the steps of the
book's creation.
Time travel may seem beyond the capabilities of an earth-bound
consciousness. When the awareness is completely contained within the
physical existence, this is a barrier to perceiving one's spiritual
destiny and the contracts you signed onto before this life began. The
only way to discover your spiritual contracts while on earth is to
attune your consciousness to the world of spirit rather than the noise
of the world.

Releasing Energetic Bookmarks

Other barriers to experiencing one's spiritual destiny are trauma and
suffering experienced in an earlier part of this life, or in past
lives. A great deal of energy holds these "energetic bookmarks." To
release these bookmarks, you must at some point return to complete the
understanding you were seeking to gain by creating the experience in
the first place. This frees the energy that is trapped there. Another
way to look at this is since spirit exists in all-time, all lifetimes
- including all parts of the current lifetime - exist simultaneously.
This means that parts of your soul, (your past lives as well as your
past in this lifetime), still exist in moments of trauma and
suffering. The fact that you are reading this says you are now ready
to release these moments throughout time. It is this process of
retrieving your soul in all the places where it is held that frees
your consciousness and allows your complete focus in the present
moment. This complete focus allows you to discover and fulfill your
spiritual destiny.

By learning to step outside time, you can travel to the past to view
everything that has been your life up to this point. By viewing the
past with the light of a higher consciousness, you are able to gain
awareness of the lessons you intended to learn by creating each
situation and release any residual emotions that still linger in
connection with them. These residual emotions draw your
present-moment consciousness constantly to the past, scattering
your attention and focus. A scattered consciousness is unable to
create significant change in the present moment. It takes a laser
beam of conscious, clear intent to transport you into a future of joy
and well-being.

Meeting Your Future Self

It is this laser beam of focus that allows you to travel into the
future to learn your spiritual destiny and who you are becoming. By
stepping outside time and traveling to your future to meet with your
future self, you are effectively changing your own genetics. By
meeting with your future self, you discover the contracts you came
here to fulfill. You are able to receive a vision for your present and
your future. Your future self and your guides are able to help you
download the template of your higher self. This template contains
information that is capable of re-creating your body and transforming
your life. This template carries with it the guidance and knowledge
for the subtle energetic field surrounding your body. This knowledge
allows you to re-organize your physical body. It can change the
circumstances of your life and the people you draw to you, as well as
the opportunities and challenges you are able to access.

In the current course of your Earth life, you have forgotten that you
are capable of stepping outside time, of creating spontaneous healing,
of creating great works of art and beauty, and of living a life filled
with love and amazing synchronicities. When you learn to journey
outside time and space, you are able to reconnect with your higher
self that is untouched by any trauma and suffering you have endured on
the Earth plane.

Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing
and Transformation by DL Zeta