Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Falling Into Line Again!

Falling Into Line Again!
Received by Alec Christos Gabbitas
March 9. 2009

As ever always do we en-group around you enlivening these energies of mutual intent and loving unconditional love, unadulterated and unblemished with the raptures of highest truth and of highest good. Allow the harmonics of the universes' energies to encompass all within a nucleus of purity, amid a purposeful and powerful parameter of unification and oneness. We are graced with the love of 'God' and are duty bound to be ever with atonement.

Loving self has been the priority clarion call of recent climes and it hails from not only within this our local universal mind but echoes from further spheres or echelons within and part of the Omniversal arena of Being. So inter-linked and inter-dependent are all of creation and not a sparrow falls lest the Creator knows. The precision and geometrical configurations are indeed most finite and perfect as the engine room of Ultimate Being resonates forth the harmonics that issue forth through all varying creative patterning via the apex to the base of the mighty crystalline pyramid resonating formulations.

To measure the power of love, is to analyse the sheer beauty of All That Is, and to taste the fruits of Eden, if you will. It is likened to digesting only the choicest of fruits that this Pure Crystalline Tree of Life has to afford a worthy seeker and earnest traveller amidst the stars and heavens that emblazon the backdrop of creativity and continuity. There is no start and no end, it seems, to the sublimely cyclic motion of energetic persuasion as the momentum is a continuum of Pi and a constant of Infinity.

Falling into line again, is to see self as something quite totally other and else, and entirely different from the long accepted spark of light within the 'Oneness of All That Is' nature or totality of being. Falling in love again is to perceive oneself as an injection of radiant and pure cosmic cyclic motivation that has entirety within and without and is co-dependent not on any other manifestation within the spheres of beingness. Loving self, falling in love yet again with that other part of self that has for so long been aborted and unused by many a multiple of millions of beings within and without the accepted realisations of living or life force of being. There is an exciting re-emergence of a supernatural essence that has not been cajoled or protracted for a millennium of millenniums and is now being given an air so to speak, and to be recognised once more as creation itself expands and allows space and inception to a something that has for long been incarcerated in the throes of the unknown.

These moments or illusionary 'blips' of now time are unearthing that which has need to be unearthed for there is far more 'out there' that is to be reintroduced and recognised, to be integrated and interfaced with, to be honoured once more and given rebirth in these now times of expressiveness and grander acknowledgement of Being. There is much that has a need to be given open house to and spring cleaning is in order also in these most immediate moments of now time, as it where! Many an awakening soul will unwittingly be tapping into the greater echelons of their beings and will be questioning that which they are now privileged to perceive. Questioning ideology and innermost usurping to that which is bubbling inside will soon expunge and expand into a greater knowing and greater realisation and a tentative acceptance of whom or what one truly is.

In these times of expansive movements will the lion indeed lay down with the proverbial lamb. Within these ensuing realisations will a bountiful encyclopaedia become reopened as the thirst for innermost remembrance and experience will spill forth within the mind of each in varying stages of expression and remembrance. Within each and every soul is there a vast book that could well be written, for the journey of the soul is precious, precise, and proven as pristine clarity is recalled and re-birthed into these present climates of being.

Everyone is on the virtual eclipse of remembrance and the forthcoming relevant awaking information is now bursting to be released and re-digested into present day times of being. Where indeed does the story start and the story end, did the start come before the ending or did the ending give way to afford the starting of eventualities. Did the mighty Elohim in their grace and wisdom truly implant the physical building blocks of this fair universe that we find ourselves busily ensconced within and were the Overseers again responsible for a myriad of elemental and Devic animation's that were totally in tune with the divine will and highest intent of a Supreme Creator.

Was there intended to be an injected animation of animal life forms that were instantly coerced into self preservation and upon feeding one off the other in a most questionable manner? Was there in truth a misappropriation of energies and an unequivocal mishap that created life forms to instinctively gorge and feast upon another when it's life force was still active?

If there is 'God,' as Hu-man kind now co-relate to, would he/she in all love and in highest truth willingly or purposefully create the stronger and the weaker beast of the fields, in the air, and of the seas, to hunt and persecute - no - savagely ravage, another inferior to itself to sustain it's precious life force or form? Would a Creator of deepest love and altruistic wisdom, and with infinite power, truly condescend to create such dire 'inhuman' savagery when one must tear it's fellow apart to sustain it's standing on these fields of splendour, that we term beloved Mother Earth? When will there be understanding that perhaps, just perhaps that something did indeed not go in strict accordance with the ultimate Divine Plan and that mis-qualified energies were inheritingly responsible for mis-creation and severe mis-appropriation.

Is it not reasonable and acceptable therefore to concede the indelible fact that mis-creation was mis-created by mal-aligned energies whose sole (soul) purpose was to interfere and to undermine that which was to be highest divine truth, love, and wisdom? Yes, IT IS SURELY SO!

There is not a Creator, Source, Prime Being, God, Supreme Creator, or Ultimate Being that would purposefully create into existence a travesty of sorrow, woe or cannibalism. It again lies to the erring ways of the 'Humankind' and whose questionable fall from grace did indelibly etch into the annuls of time, myriad's of years ago, the mis-patterning and mis-usage of finite energies thereby desecrating a pure and perfect intent by a pure and perfect Being, that of highest truth, deepest love, and the utmost of divine power and will.

Another part of Hu-man goal as he works through these misdemeanours of yesteryear to emblazon the future realisations of all and sundry, aligning his debt to the animal kingdom and likewise with the elemental kingdoms as all begin to merge and meld into the one most glorious and beautiful cocreative interconnected family of life, of love, of wisdom untold. There is no thing like the love of 'God.' Be love, be truth, be YOU!

Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Sector/Overseers with the Elohim

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