Friday, March 27, 2009

Children of Earth - I Am Ra

Children of Earth - I Am Ra
Channeled by Rosalie Muir

I Am Ra,

I am in total gratitude in being able to express to so many souls in this now moment, the Only moment that is of importance. How often are you investing in the questioning time of woe is me, this is all too hard, it has come to our notice that what you have chosen for many to be here for, is not what you expected.

Your soul knows full well what you have chosen and Now is the hour when you need to say goodbye or cheerio or adieus, whatever you relate to in saying goodbye, saying goodbye to all those emotions that are keeping you in chains and blocking you from moving forward, you can do it , you know deep in your heart you can.

Be the change you wish to be, by doing this you change your belief patterns, especially the limiting ones that bring about doubt and despair, the old energies of 3D.

You acknowledge your body is changing, of course it must to be in sinc with the higher vibrations you are being aligned to. But for this to happen you must accept the alignments that each are being given as we never give what is not wanted, desired or needed for the highest good of all.

Opening your hearts more and being in touch with the love that is being poured upon you from many in the higher planes.

It is a time of excitement and if you find your bodies are not behaving as you wish them to be then allow yourself to get in touch with those parts, embrace them with all the love you can muster for they are your most valuable keys to your ultimate ascension.

You will notice more that your crystals hold the key to acceptance of all that is as they have been aligned long long ago and have so much to share with you and it only takes this moment to pick one up and meditate a you visualise going into the crystal, being at one with it and asking for knowledge that is readily there for whoever wishes for it.

In the frequencies of this moment you will be starting to notice that the polarities in your life are coming together just like you female and male aspects, leaving no room for separation.

Feeling separate from God is a most major feeling of separation as in every living thing God exists and that means YOU, yes everyone of you are God and as Creators, you have the perfect opportunity of creating your life's path and knowing why you have chosen to be here at such an important and exciting time in the history of mankind .

How quickly you stop relationships and situations that are not resonating with you but you must come first and release all that gives You no Joy in this now moment, it only delays what is inevitable in the next moment which is not where you need to be.

Soul contracts are becoming null and void for some and at the other end of the scale is a closeness that has not been felt for quite some time as the differences dissipate showing a deeper life connection.

So much joy is being experienced and if allowed can be quite contagious, its one feeling or emotion you are happy to receive of, Love for yourself, love for your Fellow Beings, the Animals, Mother Earth herself, Angels, all that is and feel the love connection spread out like a giant wave that all can feel.

Returning to full consciousness is the goal, you are leaving the 3D reality behind, a new reality with the fourth and fifth has arrived, the waiting is over, greater truths are available to you like never before so reach out and flow with it, no use hanging on to the banks like if you are in a flowing fast rive, allow yourself to flow with the tide and know without any doubts you will be safe, you will not drown but be carried to who and where you are meant to be.

Children of Earth, you are so loved beyond all you can comprehend so if you can honour yourself each and every moment, remembering that when one is right and you think the other is wrong, maybe you can both be right ,it is merely a perception. But proof of what we relay to you is not needed as you will perceive for yourself which path to follow and I recommend that you do so always.

For the next seven days if you could say to yourself each morning as you awake,"Not only is this the first day of the rest of my life but my I Am Presence is in control and I allow myself to follow it diligently." All will be well in peace on Earth as it is in Heaven, as that is what the fifth dimension is, Heaven on Earth.

Also intentions are so important in these times so a good affirmation is "I Intend to Ascend" and So Be It!"

We commend you all for the work you have done on yourselves through this transition and know the time has come as many other planets and their people become closer as they are in knowing of the rise in vibration from the collective consciousness.

The Law of one, the Power of One is the Cosmic mind that you are returning to is closer than you realise. And I give thanks for being a part of this manifestation in this moment.

I Am Ra and So it is, Namaste

Channeled via Rosalie Muir on this day 18th March 2009

Shared with Love and Light,
Rosalie xo
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