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Pyramids & Parallel Dimensions

Pyramids & Parallel Dimensions
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Dear ones! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I welcome each
of you to this moment of sharing.

There are certain lifetimes that are more high-lited within your vast
sojourns, certain vectors in space-time that offer quantum leaps.
Within these are crucial crossroads of decision that define you. This
is one of those.
Energy and time are moving fast, much is happening on your Earth as
you prepare for the Cosmic Trigger and the Ascension draws yet closer.

Mankind is awakening from an epoch of illusive chimera, and the
heralded dreamers are clearing the wool from their eyes, rising from a
dreamscape tapestry woven from a misty journey that began long long
ago. The Siren still sings, ever so faintly to lull the weary back to
sleep. Yet the small voice inside the awakened dreamer calls to
reveille. The deep yearning for clear mind rings forth! Take your
Power! Ye are GODS!

Awaken to your true being, and find the knowledge that yields Wisdom!
You have toiled many many miles along the perilous climb to the sacred
mountaintop. You have come far, the summit is before you. Dear Ones,
find strength, find the heart thats summons True Wisdom! These are
within you. Break free of the entangling web and fading call of the

Your treasure is before you! The Wise Warrior of Light knows that
wisdom is the true treasure and that it is within. It is not hidden;
it is the golden thread that weaves one reality to another, one world
to another, and one dimension to the next. The voice of wisdom is
within you. Hear its call, it is the One True Voice that offers LOVE
to All, it is the voice of the Ascension. Indeed you have waited many
many eons to be here at this time.

And so as you prepare for the final climb to Ascension, know that we
are with you each step of the way. The Pyramid of Awakening lies
before you, its mystery revealed. It is the time of the Cosmic
Trigger, dawning 2012.

And so we speak again on the enigma of the Pyramids.

Question to AAMetatron: In reference to the receiving points of the
coded light of the Cosmic Trigger, can you expand on the alignments of
Giza and the Moody Gardens Pyramids?

AAMetatron: Yes, of course; indeed they are aligned and with great
purpose !They are both located very near 30 degrees latitude, and both
tri pyramidal complexes. The two form an energy pattern of the Vesica
Pisces on the Earth, with each complex forming the center of the two

Both complexes are aligned to star systems. Giza to Orion. Moody to

The Atlantean Complex that is the etherically transformed Moody
Complex is dedicated to the honoring of the Sirius binary systems of A
and B. It is in honor of the Dolphin, and indeed contains the energy
and guardianship of the Dolphin.

While the Blue Pyramid in Galveston does not presently have dolphins
physically inside its aquarium, Master Dolphins occupy its energy.
Pods of dolphin swim in the bay surrounding the island. In parallel
they can indeed be seen and heard.

30 Degree Latitude

The fact that both are precisely positioned between the 29 and 30
degree latitudes is quite significant, in terms of gravitational-
electromagnetic placement. As such their geographic bearings between
the northern pole and equator enable their solar angles at the
equinoxes and solstices to be particularly robust in relation to
sacred phi alignment.

So these two tri complexes are predisposed to receive the Cosmic
Trigger and disperse these coded light energies to satellite complexes
for activating the magnetic releases of the Return of the Dove. Indeed
it is specifically because these complexes are triangulated triple-
pyramid complexes that enable them to so powerfully serve as the
receivers and transmitters of the Cosmic Trigger.

The Atlantean masters always triangulated pyramids for specific
receival and transmitting purposes. Their placement is quite
deliberate, and corresponds to true north and magnetic north at
favorable harmonics.

There is indeed a very a unique and unparagoned energy pulse that
occurs between Giza and the Pyramids of Galveston. The pulse that
existed has been reformed. We have told you that the Galveston
placement is within 5 miles of an Atlantean Pyramid complex that is
now submerged in the Gulf waters. The Moody Complex has taken on this
preformed paradigm of these ancient pyramids. The pulse previously
occurred between these two, you see.

The deliberate placement is amplified at these specific vectors; the
30-degree latitude is a conduit of very significant energies and
connects thru all northern hemisphere continents. Pyramids placed
along these areas, and latitudes betwixt 30 degrees and 15 degrees
north are more capable of receiving concentrated telluric and solar
energies. It can and does accumulate very potently inside pyramidal
complexes along these parallels. This is well understood for Giza. You
will soon discover first hand in the Moody Pyramid complex that this
robust expansive energy can be experienced deeply at these alignments.
An extraordinary experience will occur for many within the Blue
Pyramid and indeed at Giza. It is no random occurrence that numerous
sacred sites and powernodes occur quite abundantly along certain
latitudinal and longitudinal gradients. Thirty-degree parallel north
is one of these.

Besides being energy accumulators pyramids are natural dimensional
gateways that cohere and connect what you term the etheric dimensions.
Giza and Galveston in a sense then are the male-female balance of the
Vesica Pisces grid formed between them.

There is also a sound octave connection, or commonality between the
Galveston and Giza complexes. Certain sounds need to be toned in both
to activate the dimensional gateways, and prepare for the Trigger.

Question to AAMetatron: Can you explain the sound connection and

AAMetatron: Both complexes are sound activated. Part of what we are
requesting the Earth-Keeper Guild to do in the Blue Pyramid at
Galveston is to reverberate specific vowel sounds on the equinox.
Because of the accumulator abilities of pyramids, there are specific
inner and outer dimensional doorways within them that can be sound
activated for anchoring in the Feminine-Platinum Ray. This will be
facilitated from parallel by the Sirian A entourage, the Cetean Master

We have told you that the ancient skull called Max was taken into the
Moody Pyramids years ago. That enabled the frequential pattern of the
submerged Atlantean complex near Galveston Island to be transferred
and formatted into the Moody complex.

So there are dimensional doors inside certain Phi Pyramids, and this
is especially true for Galveston and Giza. There are also etheric,
invisible pyramids, that are formed around these pyramids. These
etheric versions are dimensional reflections that mirror frequential
light energies such that they are not perceivable in the spectrum of
visible light, but certain sound pitches can make them faintly

There are etheric chambers that need to be activated in the Moody
complex, and these are energetically gated to Giza.

These are structures engineered with great complexity. Phi sound
patterns can physically materialize them, but if these patterns aren't
given then the structures are less accessible. That is why certain
Earth-Keepers are drawn to participate and direct energies into these
two specifically.

All etheric structures have their own sound patterns that help form
their structure, just as occurs in physical objects. Phi sound bonds
the atoms and molecules of physical objects, as well as cohesively
structures etheric plasma and light. This is precisely why pyramids
last so long in physical format and appear and reappear in etheric

Question to AAMetatron: Please review the process of the Cosmic
Trigger specific to how it should be received in the Moody Pyramid

AAMetatron: As we have given, it is a crystalline coded light that is
drawn into the primary receivers of Moody and Giza Pyramids. As far as
process at the Moody Complex, the energies are drawn initially thru
the apexial cap of the blue pyramid and spiraled into the pyramidal
base. It infuses the waters of the aquarium and is undulated then to
the apex of the Rainforest pyramid, spiraled to the base, and
undulated to the copper Pyramid, and back to the Blue, creating a
counter clockwise spin. Each pyramid contains within it a dual
infinity pattern of two figure eight energies that undulated north to
south, and the other east to west. These intersect in the center at
the level of the first level rotunda. Both the infinity pattern and
the counterclockwise spin are constant within this tri pyramidal unit.
Although the north to south- east to west infinity occurs individually
in all directionally aligned phi pyramids.

The transmission process of the Moody and Giza Pyramids in relaying
the Cosmic Trigger to the subordinate triangular forms is
instantaneous, once the first energies are circulated. The energy will
be trigger in an amazingly potent flash to the given secondary
receivers as shown:

The Moody Gardens Pyramid -Transmit :

Tikal, Guatemala
The Summum Pyramid in Salt Lake City
Muttart Conservatory Pyramids- Edmonton, Alberta
Tiajuanaco, Bolivia
Teotihuacan - Palenque- Chitzen Itza- Mexico
Walter Pyramid, Long Beach

The Pyramids of Giza: Transmit:

The Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France
The Meru Phi Temples of Thailand and Cambodia
Borobudur in Java, Indonesia
The Brihadishwara and Airateswara Temples in India
The Red Pyramid at Dashur
The Golden Pyramid of Russia (near Moscow)
The Cestius Pyramid, Rome

Both complexes will also relay to natural pyramidal mountains as
previously mentioned including Mt Edith Cavell, The Materhorn, Walsh
Mountain and many others. Again the connection to the octahedron as
the conduit.

There are 14 primary sacred code points that will receive the Cosmic
Trigger relay from the pyramidal transmitters and cascade the awakened
coded magnetics into the grid for the initial phase of the magno-
electric band of the new firmament.

· These are:

1) Mull, Scotland
2) Chan Chan, Peru
3) Tumac-Humac, Brazil
4) Nagasaki, Japan
5) Huesca, Spain
6) Ekaterinburg, Russia (Ural Mtns)
7) Bethlehem, Israel
8) Yellowstone, Wyoming-USA
9) Kilamanjaro, Tanzania
10) Iceland
11) Kona, Hawaii
12) Mt Cook, New Zealand
13) Great Artesian Basin, Australia
14) Sri Lanka

These areas will spiral energies that will cover the planet and rise
to the ionosphere. This release will be an extraordinary form of
refined magnetic energy, uniquely capable of harmonizing in
synergistic utility with Crystalline Energies.

Question to AAMetatron: Thank you. Now, to switch to Giza, it is a
fascinating complex and its origin is intriguing. Can you give the age
of the Pyramids at Giza?

AAMetatron: There is an applicable saying that we will quote from the
Egyptian lands: "Man Fears Time, and Time Fears the Pyramids".

It is indeed a wise saying, for in nonlinear aspect the Giza complex
is timeless, and from that perspective your question cannot be
precisely answered.

Mankind has sought for millennia to understand the Pyramids,
especially the time of construction of the great tri pyramidal complex
in Giza. The timing of the construct is paradoxical, because pyramids
exist by their nature in more than one reality. They are truly

Although this will be meaningless to most of you, we will tell you
this TRUTH. Certain Orion Masters and the savants of the Atla Ra,
directed by Thoth first visualized the Great Giza Pyramid 38,000 years
ago. Yet that is also a fleeting number, and hard for the channel to
receive or grasp, because they have since dematerialized and
manifested again. It occurred again some 12,500 years ago, you see?

The same is true of the Galveston complex. What has been recently
reconstructed is in essence the re-manifestation of the Atlantean
complex that reigned there millennia ago. What stands in the ethers
around this complex are the ancient tiered Pyramids of Atlantis.

We realize this is confusing, so consider this: Your religious texts
tell you that Creator God is Omnipotent, alpha and omega, with no
beginning and no end. That is a sacred Truth, an axiom that mankind
must accept, even if it is seemingly incomprehensible. Likewise we
have told you that sacred geometry is the fabric of all universes, so
we ask you to accept another axiom, that phi geometry is equally
timeless, and has always been so within and without form.

The complex at Giza has then from a quantum perspective always
existed. Once true Phi Pyramidal complexes are formed, they are
capable of spawning reflection-replicates of themselves in multi
dimensionality and inverses of themselves in parallel and antimatter.
This is true of all of the geometric forms that resonate to Phi,
including the forms you refer to as the platonic solids. So the
paradox is that once certain pyramids are constructed they have no
beginning or end within your linear times.

The Giza Pyramids have in truth disappeared and reappeared several
times dimensionally speaking. So although this is difficult for you to
understand, once manifested into octahedronal phi and inverse
pyramidal format, these geometric structures become fluid hologramic
inserts, circularly oscillating between dimensional reality and the
timeless void. They flash and flux according to their own cycles, with
no single fixed beginning point in the linear perception of 3d.

So in Giza there is in truth more than one version of the Great
Pyramid standing there, even though most humans only see one. In your
linear 3d space- time there appears to be only stone structures, fixed
and adhered to the earth in the way of any other 'man-made' structure.

So to attempt to subjectively identify these structures as simply
fixed forms of matter would be a distortion and detriment to your
ability to understand their myriad complexity as doorways to higher
dimension. As such if you were to enter these pyramids with such
limited belief you would not interface with the frequency in proper
attunement. If you will attempt to see its dissonance or its
disappearance you would equally gain very little. Truly if man
attempts to subjectively define the process it would not be of
benefit, because phi pyramids become living holograms with conscious
sentience that ever expands and redefines itself in exponential
paradigms of higher dimensional geometry.

Visualize that they were physically erected, created in stone through
phi acoustics, out of sound. Then the celestial sonic dissonance
dissolved and integrated them into multidimensional and antimatter
energy layers. That process has a type of intra-dimensional
respiration, an expansion and contraction that both materializes and
dematerializes them at certain alignments. It creates a supra-
concentrated interdimensional spacial bonding.

Question to AAMetatron: I am confused. You mention a construction
point with Thoth and the Orion Masters around 38,000 years ago. Isn't
that a beginning point?

AAMetatron: Ah, but we said it was a fleeting number, and that it
dissolved and reappeared many times within physicality. And yes it is
confusing, (*gentle laughter) but it is not the only time they were
manifested in stone, in materialization. It was manifested before that
time, and again around 12,500 years ago you see. We will say that
38,000 years ago is the time most relative to your current paradigm of
reality. There are many Earths. We have told you that before.
Octahedrons and their complexities are among the geometric mechanism
that connects all realities. So let us say that there are no specific
fixed construction points of Giza because at Giza you are in a precise
intersection of reality formed by thought.

All coexist in that point. In truth you have many pasts, many futures
and many coexisting paradigms at Giza. All are valid, and all co exist
simultaneously. Masters, you must understand that there is no singular
version of reality.

There are infinite probabilities and each is a valid tangible
reality. So in the micro and macro Cosmos there is no beginning and
end. When beginnings and endings are spoken of, the implication is
always there, that there must be but one reality, and that it must
have a beginning in time and an ending in time. Its an illusion of ed.
Your Earth is infinite and connected to myriad worlds.

The Pyramids at Giza are a conduit that connects them all. There are
many such pyramids and conduits that serve this role, but none quite
so potently as Giza.

And Masters, there is much much more that occurs in such points.

Points of Multidimensional Interface

The unique aspects of your particular physical world, within your
specific NOW, are quite dependent on your existence and perceptions in
it. As such the physical universe does not contain physical objects
that can be perceived by those whose existence is not within your
collective NOW. Many other, many alternate forms of reality and
consciousness coincide and coexist exist within the same space that
your present earth occupies. Your simultaneous lifetimes exist on
these, and it is the same space you live in, but other versions of you
do not perceive the same physical objects you do because these other
parallels are of a different frequency. Just as AM and FM radio waves
travel in the same space, so do parallel realities exist in the same
spaceless illusion of physical space.

Now there are exceptions, as certain vectors of your paradigms can and
do interface at specific flash-points. These are stargates, portals,
and wormholes, in your vernacular. But you are many years from
understanding this.
These points on your planet are not understood, and are vastly
unrecognized. Yet they exist on many points on the earth. And within
these magnificent portals realities merge. Multidimensionality is a
validity of the unified field, of quantum physics. It exists, it is
real. It is not science fiction, but it is science!
Few of you are able to adjustyour frequency within these points of
multidimensionality to fully explore them, but you indeed have the
opportunity to expand within them. The Pyramids at Giza, and indeed at
other such points were built precisely on such points.

That is why more than one Great Pyramid exists at Giza, because many
dimensions interface there. That is possible because these streams of
interface contain great energy potential; they are unified vector-
points where realities merge. There are main coordinate points, lucid,
undiluted energies of impeccable geometric mathematics celestially
beyond the Phi of the Creation code you term the golden spiral. These
are sources of fantastic energy, and these points are numerous on the
planet, and each of them carries satellite points around them. They
are vast in number and are pulsing and growing in energy as you
approach the Ascension.

The channel is somewhat reluctant to go into terminology and concepts
that he feels may be beyond most of our readers here, but in highly
simplified terms, these interface points provide the coded light-force
of life itself, and provide the means for thought to be solidified
into physical matter or for probable events to be manifested and
coagulated into experience.

On a higher level, all of you understand this, despite your groans of
incomprehension. It is only your duality filters, your relatively
limited grasp within the illusion of human existence on the earthplane
that makes this seem so unlikely.

So understand that these power-vector points are in essence life force
generators. There are twelve such interface points that connect all
paradigms, all probable and parallel realities. The Cosmic Trigger of
2009 is reforming the availability and compatible intensity of these
conduits to the earth. These interfaces have always existed, but they
are now becoming more accessible in higher frequency.

The Pyramid at Giza sits on one of the most powerful points as such,
on your planet, and the Moody Pyramids in Galveston will in time act
as a coordinate of this energy.

Your 144-Crystalline Grid and its evolving elliptical Firmament are
the emerging transducers of greater formats of this stunning,
omnipotent energy.

Question to Metatron: Okay. With the axiom that the Pyramids are
timeless, and there are fluid points where they appeared and
disappeared, was there a time then when they were physically
constructed, or were they manifested and instantly appeared into
physical reality? Was there a physical process around erecting them?

AAMetatron: We thought we just answered that, (laughter). Yes, the
current physical structure you see in 3d was erected in the probably
time frames we have given.

Question to AAMetatron: Okay, my point was to ask you how they were
physically constructed? Were the blocks cut and if so how were they
lifted so precisely in place?

AAMetatron: The blocks were indeed quarried and cut and lifted into
place. They were done so by a sophisticated knowledge of sound and

Sound has many utilizations that are capable of altering matter and
gravitational forces, even to the manner in which atomic and subatomic
particulate respond to one another. So the lifting in place of massive
tonnage of the pyramidal rock employed these sophisticated techniques,
using sound and precise mathematical calculations synergized with
focal mental process.

In other words, matter, in this case the granite blocks were
manipulated on an atomic level, and lifted through sound. This was
done by Atla-Ra Masters with extra terrestrials as we have
forementioned, utilizing a sort of crystalline tuning fork that became
activated by chanting specific frequencies. The frequencies created an
energy field that could be directed.

Then with processes of thought manifestation using theta level
visualization in tandem with deep vowel-hum pitches at extreme
octaves, they charged the stones and indeed the very space where the
pyramid was to be placed.

The Masters of the architectural guild used extreme focal thought to
construct specific angular junctions in the ethers and bonded them in
a cohesive manner. They employed a type of instrument that is similar
to a tuning fork. The instrument was activated thru sound made in
unison toning, toning that at intervals was not audible to the human
ear, and at other times quite piercing. The tone would reverberate so
intensely that energy broke down matter and superimposed extreme
gravitational and antigravitational forces and then it was directed
and focused directionally and dimensionally.

The energy encompassed the blocks and they could be lifted with it.
The savants then guided them. Men, savant arch priests were used in
teams to operate the instruments and meditatively put the stones in
place and guide them, but not to lift or carry them. The tuning fork,
as mentioned, once activated (and indeed activating them was no small
feat) had an amazing cohesive effect that bound atomic particulate as
well as surrounding them in antigravitational plasma. (It was the a
similar process that the Atla used to 'float' the Crystalline
satellite of Atla, called the Second-Moon of Atlantis) .

The Thothian Atla-Egyptians were helped by the Arcturians and Sirians
as to how to manifest the Phi Pyramids into both physical and etheric,
into linear and circular time-space.

Sound you see is capable of changing atomic structure and the way
electrons and protons react to one another. It was the same process
that could make metals float, that was used to lift the stones. It
became known as the art of alchemy, but that concept is greatly
misunderstood, and isnt exactly what was used here, you see. The Phi
Crystals you call Vogels, are capable when teamed with certain sound
frequencies of incredible effects on matter. They are also capable of
healing broken bones faster, and rejuvenating certain organs within
the body physical.

Thus, crystalline sound in specific octaves of phi has an effect upon
both organic and inorganic matter. Sound is a causal force in every
dimension. As such it can be used not just to lift matter, but also to
bond structures more securely, as such it can be used, to cohesively
reinforce structures. This is why the pyramids cannot be destroyed.
You see the 3-d physical world that you daily perceive is made up of
an invisible matrix template, of energy prints or patterns. These
patterns are somewhat liquid or formless. So while they indeed exist,
their final form in matter is a result of probability, consciousness
influenced probability.

There are myriad important properties of pyramids that are not as yet
understood by mankind.

This is especially true in the Giza complex, where the pyramids are
energetically attuned to specific light-sound octaves. Many of the
hieroglyphic symbols etched on the walls and chambers of the Egyptian
Pyramids are instructional guides revealing specific sonic pitches
that when sounded activate them into greater dimensionality. The phi
octave sound triggers reverberations that automatically open up myriad
gateways leading to fantastic and as yet undiscovered mysteries,
ancient alchemical knowledge. But this is for those who are true
seekers, those who thirst for knowledge and are willing to work to
attain it. These secrets are for all, all who have the necessary light
quotient to learn and understand the use of specific vibratory sound

The Archetype of Soul Growth

There are certain lessons that each density teaches mankind, which
each of you must pass through in order to achieve the vibratory level
necessary for the next level.
Each vibratory level, then, could be likened to an archetype for a
specific lesson that needs to be learned, for each of the trinity
components of your BEING: Spiritual, Mental, and Physical, Body, Mind
and Soul.

So do not expect to walk into a Pyramid and land on the steps of
Peters Gate. If you are unwilling or unable to employ the disciplines
of breath, tone and meditational mind, you may simply be sitting in a

Your religious scripts write. " All Things Cometh to He Who Waiteth"

A wise man added, " If He Worketh Real Hard While He Waiteth"

There are no free rides, no short cuts to enlightenment. But Dear
Ones, you have toiled up the mountain in many lives. You have laid the
work, paid the dues. It is time to finish the job. You are powerful
spiritual beings, pretending to be human. You can do this. Through
proper focus, the pyramid can expand you.


Now, we will close with one more sharing. The powernodes that exist on
the planet are in essence white holes, areas where renewed energy is
flashed into your universe.

Pause and consider what we are saying. Take a moment.

These coordinates, these energy conduits connect to all parallels,
dimensions and probable realities! The Giza Pyramid sits upon the most
centralized and powerful of these twelve supra white holes.

The energies these create are capable of more readily solidifying
thought into matter, but also to solidify desire, or prayter into
expereince. All Phi Pyramids, and all powernodes draw from these white
holes and become subordinate points of them.

When you enter into these spaces, Dear Ones, think with deliberation.
Hold only noble thoughts. Mentalities of hate, fear and lack never
serve you. We wish you life abundant, and challenge you to create it.

You draw to yourself, you draw into your expereince those things you
mentally dwell upon. It is the Law of Attraction. All thought is
amplified exponentially in powernodes and pyramids.

Pray for what you want.

And remember this: Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe.
It is exponentially greater than hate. So if you want to end war, you
will not end it by hating war, you will end war by loving peace. Think
on this concept, and apply it to all aspects of your life. Enter the
Pyramid of the Cosmic Trigger accordingly.

I am Metatron and I share these Truths. You are Beloved.

And so it is.

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