Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vernal Equinox Message

Vernal Equinox Message
Nancy Leilah Ward

It is time for us to step into your greater selves. We are being
called to live authentically with the full empowerment and awareness
of ourselves at the soul level. With this calling comes happiness, joy
and an expansive sense of freedom.

We have cleared so much of the energies that were keeping us small.
Now is the time to inhabit the fullness of our being. We are not just
a humans living on planet Earth. We come from the stars; we are
multidimensional beings. Fear has kept us from knowing ourselves -
fear and all the accoutrements, such as doubt, judgment and guilt. We
have been consciously releasing aspects that have held us back and
kept us in guilt and fear. Much of our past experience and the stories
we have told has been flooding out of us. Now it is time to open to
our true nature and remember who we are – remember the magnificence of
our being.

Does this awaken your inner smile? Feel that glow of awareness and
feel the freedom that is contained within the knowing that you are so
much more – you always knew you were greater than the small container
you’ve tried to squeeze yourself into – the container of the past –
the container of the dictates of society and the cultural/social
configurations we were provided with when we entered into this
physical realm. Now we are free to be as big as we know ourselves to
be. As we come into knowing ourselves more deeply, we will begin to
travel inner realms of mystery, spontaneity and creativity. Our
intuition awakens further and telepathic abilities become enhanced.

There is much joy and freedom as the shackles of the past disappear.
For, just as the confines of systems of thought and behavior related
to money are collapsing, so are the energies that have formed
structures around our lives and our feelings and thoughts. The
familiar no longer is familiar – there may be a feeling of strangeness
as you look out at your world and you may feel emotions fluctuating
from one moment to the next.

Our spirits are expanding and as the outmoded energies collapse, they
are reforming, for energy cannot be destroyed. We are being called to
rise to the occasion – to find the freedom in not knowing from moment
to moment what is happening or going to take form. Everything is up in
the air, swirling around and as these energies gather and collect
together they form into new matrices of energy according to our
collective thoughts and feelings. Witness yourself as the creator of
all you see. Open to the freedom that comes with this responsibility.
Create with joy.

I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone, which feels pretty scary,
but I know it’s part of the expansion. We can’t stay where we’ve been
– the tide is high and it’s time to move on. It feels to me that we
need to surrender to uncertainty.

The energies of the Vernal Equinox speak of creating new lives. As we
move into the unknown we are creating from the source of our being.
Think of what you most love to do and feel how it enlivens you. This
energetic source is available within you and can be amplified and sent
out into your world. Go within and find the sparkle of happiness – it
may come from a memory of a happy moment, or the feeling you have when
you are doing something you love to do – however you access this
feeling is up to you – find the doorway into the feeling of happiness
and fill yourself with this feeling. It is a childlike, spontaneous,
joyful feeling that makes you feel free and expansive. Send this
feeling out into your energy field and then out into the world. Feel
this energy linking to aspects in the world that carry the same
resonance, then bring this feeling back into your energy field.
Practice sending this energy outward and receiving it back –
consciously open to receive gifts from the world through the love and
happiness you send outward.

As we practice this energy expansion, we will begin to receive in many
different ways, the gifts of the universe that match our energetic

The Spring Equinox, which is considered the New Year to many people,
is all about new beginnings and rebirth. I am on my way to Florida and
will be joining forces with astrologer Kelly Beard of
to celebrate and initiate the energies of the equinox. We are holding
a free Spring Equinox live event in St. Petersburg. This event will be
available to all via telephone. For more information and to register,
click on this link:

Here is what Kelly has to say about the Equinox:

“Every year we initiate a new annual cycle when the Sun enters Aries,
the Infant on the Karmic Wheel, Spring Equinox honors the Light and
initiates forward movement and the planetary alignments of the time
assist by contributing their power and lessons to the energetic mix.
This year, there are many assistants to your *process* of unfoldment,
but the *stars* of this initiation are: Pluto, Venus and Mars. (Bigger
themes still apply, like the Saturn/Uranus, but herein I am referring
to the current ANNUAL cycle.)

“The whole year is about rhythm! And just imagine if you start off on
a GOOD FOOT! You have excellent support from Mars (action) and Pluto
(transformation), as your lower will and Higher will are in alignment
and you have the energy to apply much of what you've learned lately
into anchoring your new Being. This energy will give you the
determination to succeed despite the tough choices you have to make
about the essence of who you are (Sun) and what is most important and
valuable to you (Venus). You are *READY*!! Don't look back, practice
presence & mindfulness and apply new strategies for living. I hope
you'll join us for this celebration.”

Many blessings to you all as we rise and shine!

Nancy Leilah Ward
Many of One