Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Settling Back into Ease

Settling Back into Ease

The sense of urgency and fear that many have felt in the past few
months can be talked about in several ways. I would say that Gaia, the
soul who has taken on the form of the Earth, has been moving into a
higher dimension of energy more closely related to emotions. Our
physical bodies rely on her physical form, the Earth, for grounding.
Therefore we have felt this same uplifting process.

In some ways it is thrilling, and there have been moments of expansion
and ecstasy. But it has also been terrifying, especially for those who
have no experience of spiritual energies or who have difficulty moving
through and expressing their emotions. Even for those of us with an
understanding of the larger picture, it can be frightening or
startling to feel what we have held as theory come into actual form.

Gaia has recently shifted back to the lower physical energy and so too
the Earth has settled back into the lower dimension of energy to which
we are accustomed. Because of the expansion that we experienced at the
higher dimensional energy, we are having a difficult time with the
lower contraction phase now. It is like being on vacation for a month
in Hawaii, and having to return to a cold and grey northern city. All
that we find uncomfortable is in our awareness. And we don't like it!

This is magnified by the time of the equinox. When the sun and Earth
are most in balance, we can find both that which is in greatest and
least harmony within ourselves. In other words, what works for us and
what doesn't work for us becomes more apparent during the times of the

The equinox is a great time of year to sit and feel what both extremes
feel like. By noticing what qualities we associate with what fits and
doesn't fit now we can more easily make decisions about what fits and
doesn't fit later on, when the sensations may not be as strongly

When Gaia is in her higher emotional energy state, our lives change
rapidly. This has been true since mid-January. Now we are back in the
denser reality where change can take awhile. Seeds that were planted
will grow, but at a pace that is partially determined by the density
of the larger world and our connection into the mass unconsciousness
of all life relating to the Earth.

The discomfort that you may be experiencing now comes in part because
your soul utilized the time spent in the higher emotional energy field
to fill your body with higher spiritual energy. As we all re-ground
and bring the new spiritual energies through our physical bodies,
those aspects of ourselves that are ready to be shed come into our
awareness. We notice them as habits that we can no longer tolerate (in
ourselves and others), physical illness, as well as thoughts and
emotions that are not comfortable.

If you find yourself thinking "I just can't take it any more!" pat
yourself on the back. You are exactly where your soul wants you to be
in your cycle of growth and change. You are noticing what doesn't fit,
and you are not going to keep it going.

This is a natural cycle, and a natural way of learning and growing. By
feeling what doesn't fit, you can let it go. If nothing ever felt
uneasy or uncomfortable, why would you ever change? So take this
opportunity to know that whatever is a bit out of sorts in your life
has been squeezed out of you by your soul. Let it continue to move
out, so that what your soul has spent time growing within you during
Gaia's time in a higher emotional state may now grow into your
spiritual maturity.

My best to each of you,
Norma, with Atamira