Thursday, March 26, 2009

Opening the Human Stargate

Opening the Human Stargate
Magenta Pixie through Taliessa Pink

The sounds of the DNA activation will bring you to us. The doorway is
opened for clear passage into our realm and we shall meet with you in
closeness and oneness when you unlock that doorway. The colours shall
bring you - the movement shall bring you - the divine feminine energy
shall bring you to us. When you are here with us we can impart our
energy and knowledge to you through Light, through energy. You shall
then integrate and translate these frequencies and ground them into
your waking lives.
This is the way forward now for there is much to be done. There are
many levels to our communication but the deepest is that of no words -
only of energy transference where the connected ones may see and feel
us - they may hear us and know us - and they shall merge with us - we
then shall truly be one.

When you come forward through that doorway - the human stargate - that
which gives you travel to our dimension you shall know the glory and
freedom of what it means to be incarnate. You are of the body yet are
also of spirit- You are us yet you are also your unique and separate
self. Yet that separation you know is an illusion - for when you merge
with us we are one - you are us - we are you and this is that we call
Zero Point. Many of you come and go right now as you move forward and
upward in frequency, development and understanding.

The sounds are the keys to open the Stargate we speak of - the sounds
create the vibrational change - like a tuner - tuning in the
instrument so it may play in perfect pitch. So are you like the
instrument and when you are in perfect pitch - you are in alignment
with the knowledge of oneness, the law of one for it is the only
truth. All truths are branches of the law of one - all higher
dimensional understanding comes from it. The oneness exists within a
frequency of bliss charged love - for it is that frequency that allows
your DNA to spin - taking you into galaxies and dimensions far beyond
the limitations of the third density physicality. It is here, in this
space, that you face your inner teacher. It is here that you receive
the communications of the divine ones - the ones who are here in
abundance - helping humanity through these days of evolution and
awakening. It is here you may find your true self - and take flight in
your Merkabah chariot of travel. It is here you connect with the
subtle bodies - it is here you gain peace, healing - it is here you
may remotely view wherever it is you wish to view. You may see people
and beings and dimensions and worlds - we shall show you - we shall be
by your side as you take that journey of discovery.

Now is the time for many to come forward to this place - to connect
with us - the consciousness particles of the higher universal mind.
Now is the time for our children, our parents, ourselves to come and
join with us - to celebrate with us. We have waited for a long time
for this joining yet from our perspective there has been no passing of

What is it you wish to know? you - humanity's children have much to
ask? Yet in your patience all things shall come - for he who knows how
to open that stargate and travel to us shall have the answers to all
things - yet he who comes to us shall need no answers for everything
is known within the peace of the Zero Point.