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Astrology Summary for March:

Summary for March:

March begins with a continuation of the strong Aquarius influence that we saw last month. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn (the ancient ruler) and Uranus (the modern ruler), and those two planets are engaged in a battle over the next year or so. From a spiritual perspective, Aquarius embodies both the power to create form of Saturn and the power to break free from form of Uranus. There is therefore a constant pressure for evolution embodied in the Aquarian archetype.

Aquarius/Uranus is the revolutionary thinker - the brilliant mind that puts aside conventional wisdom in order to create something entirely new. The Uranian side of Aquarius is the inventor, the revolutionary and the futurist; the Saturnian side of Aquarius has a more fixed ideal of the way that life should unfold, and while exhibiting an impeccable fairness. This dichotomy is the underlying planetary influence over the next few weeks.

On March 1 we have a short but lively period that will have passed by the 2nd, but which offers a heightened mental energy that can be very useful for projects that involve writing and communication. We may feel more argumentative than usual now, or we may find that others are the angry ones.

Over the next few days a planetary combination including Mercury, Chiron and Neptune is bringing our attention to the need to heal the wounds of the past in order to truly be able to experience our inner world at the soul level, and Mercury is activating this process until the 5th.

At the same time, a combination of Mars and Chiron as we get closer to the 5th will tend to aggravate areas of our life where we feel sensitive and vulnerable. Mars energy can be somewhat ruthless when it touches the hypersensitive emotional wounds from the past, and the process of releasing these wounds can be intensified. Until the 9th when Mars meets Neptune we may feel a bit unbalanced if we are still in the middle of the process which requires us to revisit the wounds of the past in order to release them. This isn’t an easy process but it’s an extremely valuable one that helps us to move forward with greater wisdom and freedom.

Venus turns retrograde on March 6. Unlike the outer planets and Mercury, Venus retrogrades only once every eighteen months or so. The effect of Venus is usually soft and rather fleeting so we normally barely take notice of Venus transits. When any planet turns retrograde, though, it tends to get our attention. Venus is in Aries now, adding the fire of that Mars-ruled sign to the way we relate to others and express our tastes and aesthetics.

Normally Venus is only in Aries for a month or so, but Venus will remain in Aries until early May except for a brief period in mid-April when it will slip back into Pisces.. Under the influence of Aries, all of our relationships and dealings with others have a heightened magnetism and exuberance, as well as an increased interest in self-preservation. While Venus is retrograde, though, it may become more difficult to express ourselves in our dealing with others, and we may find ourselves needing to go back and take care of unfinished business with an old friend, lover, or business associate.

March 8 is a day of dreams, creativity and the potential for illusions. At the same time though, Saturn’s taskmaster duties will be in full swing, ensuring that we don’t get too lost in idealism and challenging us to keep our feet on the ground.

All of this paves the way for the Full Moon in Virgo on March 10. This is likely to be a fairly powerful event that illuminates the conflict between Saturn and Uranus, illuminating the conflict between the old ways (Saturn) and the new (Uranus). The harder Saturn tries to hold onto the status quo, the more impulsive and reckless the Uranian influence becomes, and vice versa.

The Virgo Moon is conservative anyway, and the Moon now is causing the fear of that which is new to become more deeply entrenched, no matter how brilliant the new plans are.

The Pisces Sun, on the other hand, is enthralled by the excitement of the Uranian call for change. We can easily see how this will play out on the world stage, but the identical dynamic occurs in our inner world as well. The There is a lack of compromise and adaptability now, but our mental processing of events that occur will be facilitated by Mercury and Pluto.

On the 11th of March, there is a peaceful serenity that will help to tie up any loose ends left by the conflict of the Full Moon, and a light will shine illuminating our future direction.

Mars enters Pisces on the 14th, and for the next month or so the aggressive energy to defend our boundaries which is the domain of Mars will become muted and more sympathetic. Mars the warrior doesn’t operate with full effectiveness in Pisces and we may find an increase in passive aggressive behavior and a decrease of physical energy that makes direct action difficult.

On the 19th it will become easier to focus our energy but a challenging aspect between Mercury and Saturn may force us to look at our lives through a very clear lens of That Which Needs to be Done. We may tend to feel somewhat negative but that will last only a day or two.

The Sun enters Aries on the 20th in preparation for Spring. The solar entry into the tropical sign of Aries marks the Vernal Equinox, the point at which the long winter nights give way to the longer spring days. This is a time of rebirth and resurrection as dormant plants spring forth and nourish the earth.

On the 22nd our minds are activated, opening up a flood of new ideas and ways to change our inner and outer worlds. This transit lasts only a day or two but its influence can be long-lasting if sudden decisions are made at this time. Take a moment to consider the effects of a change of plans!

The 23rd is a day when we may find ourselves being confronted by authority figures. Even just for one day you will receive signals that will inform you where you are not achieving your potential. After the 25th you may find yourself more easily able to express your needs and defend yourself which will help to expand that inner sense of empowerment.

That theme continues into the New Moon period which culminates on the 26th. The New Moon gives us a fresh new start with a new lunar cycle, and this New Moon falls very close to the Vernal Equinox, the start of the season. In addition, it falls in Aries which is the beginning of the zodiac, so there are multiple signals that this New Moon is truly a time of new beginnings. We can slough off whatever no longer suits us from the past and forge ahead with courage and trust.

This is a time to create new ideas and ways of thinking and energize our relationships, but there is a challenge to separate ourselves from anything that holds us back. It’s time now to let go of unfulfilled hopes and dreams that keep us chained to the past, and move forward into a new world of courage and adventure without looking back.

A challenging aspect between Venus and Pluto provides a challenge to our empowerment in our relationships with others AND our sense of our own value that will continue in effect for several months.

Overall though, March is an exciting time of new ideas and new visions, and an opportunity to let go of the past and start out in a new direction.
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