Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mira From the Pleiadian High Council

Mira From the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner
March 6, 2009

Greetings, I am Mira.

I speak to you today from the Pleiadian High Council. We are with you. We know that many are challenged all around your planet. There is turmoil and transmutation occurring.

We wonder when people on the Earth will ever see the Light and the truth. There is certainly every attempt being made right now for that to occur.

As we observe we see that those who have been in charge are rapidly losing control. They have spewed forth large amounts of anger and are trying to take this anger out on all of you. It won't work. It will all come back to them because that is the nature of widespread change. They are letting lose and yet not having an easy time of letting go.

While all of this is occurring we see expansion. We see that new opportunities are taking hold that have previously been non-existent. The truth is being told. People are being encouraged to bring their scientific inventions into the limelight. They are needed very much right now. This includes new energy sources, ways of cleaning up the environment, revolutionary healing modalities and models for healthcare, new ways to grow and prepare food, simplification of lifestyles, improved means for technology and communications, etc. There is a huge expansion going on while the old system contracts and implodes within itself. It is a time for creativity and innovation. This is the most ripe time ever in the history of the planet.

Your financial system is outmoded. There will be the reinvention of work and as well as how people pay for goods and services. The less that humanity hangs onto the past the sooner the new systems will be in place. There is something much better in your future and it does not have to take all of your energy to provide sustenance.

You must come to grips with what you consiously intend for your new planet. You are the ones who are creating it. We can support you and provide back up but you are the ones who are in charge. You are the masters who are going to implement the master plan for the turnaround of the planet. This is your platform to speak out. Your new president in the U.S. is furthering this cause. He knows that you have much to tell him so we recommend that you take advantage of this platform. He is about the business getting the best from you.

In keeping with our teachings we recommend that you follow your heart now. Speaking and acting from your heart will bring the necessary healing. In the past you have had to remain stuck in your heads. You had to set aside your heart. This is part of the turnaround. The heart is the necessary component to bring the feminine side of healing to a world that has been largely patriarchal for too long. Opening and coming from the heart for both men and women will bring a smoother flow of energies for humanity, animals, all of life. If the hearts are opened to others there will be a give and take so that everyone will have what they need and be with whom they need to be with.

We have a plan that will serve you well. We will be sharing our teachings with you when the time comes for us to make ourselves known to the rest of the planet. We will need your assistance as we get to know you and your ways. Many of you will serve as ambassadors to us. This will be a part of the transition team. We are anxious for this to happen. This is a part of the divine plan also.

We are at your service. We stand with you in the Light of all of the changes and turmoil. Know that you have all of the assistance that you need.

I am Mira with love from the Pleiades.

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