Monday, March 2, 2009

Plane-to-Plane Memorandum/Djwhal Khul

Plane-to-Plane Memorandum
To: My Beloved Students
From: Master Djwhal Khul
Subject: March 2009 Lesson
Date: February 23, 2009

Beloved Students:

As we enter the month of the vernal equinox, I greet you in balance
and serenity. May this month be particularly influential in aiding
your personal aims toward a more balanced life, and may you take
comfort in, and inspiration from, the point of earthly balance that
comes later this month on the equinox. Let equanimity be your goal
for 2009, and seek to employ greater balance in all the experiences
that open to you in the months to follow.

When you think of increasing your awareness of personal balance, what
do you consider? For some, it may be fewer temper tantrums. For
others, it may be less fearful responses to their life processes.
Still others will find that for them, attaining greater balance means
strengthening personal relationships that are nurturing and
fulfilling. For my workaholic students, balance may be found in
simply devoting less time to work and more time to spiritual growth
and enjoyment of nature.

While all of these are valid considerations, there is something they
have in common. In every case, what is needed to achieve balance
involves deepening into feminine qualities, disconnecting a bit from
the over identified masculine influence driving life in the 21st
Century. (In truth, I do have a few students who tend to lose
themselves in feminine energies and who could use more goal oriented,
masculine energy in their lives. For them, my advice is to arise from
their couches of sleepiness, or comfort zones, put away their computer
games, turn off the TV, take more creative risks, or, in other words,
“get a life!”)

Whatever the particular needs of a particular individual to achieve
greater balance, the important thing is to pay attention to the types
and degrees of polar energies that are applied as situations arise.
Bear in mind that you, like everyone else, have probably “normalized”
the way in which you use these energies. Most are able to perceive
where others are “out of balance” much quicker than they recognize
imbalance in their own lives. While this may be “normal,” we dare not
call it “balanced.” Thus, attaining true balance is a mindful
exercise that must be followed in virtually every aspect of life.
Certainly it applies to the three gates (thought, speech and action),
and as you surely must realize by now, these faculties require
continual monitoring.

You may be noticing that holding equanimity can be more difficult when
the world seems to be flipping upside down. This is because, to a
greater or lesser extent, your internal states are remarkably
influenced by the conditions you experience arising in the
conventional reality. There is a continual exchange of powerful
creative energy between you and the conventional reality, and these
forces combine to manifest the world as you see it. Although
powerful, these overlying and inter-weaving forces are quite subtle,
and often unseen.

In our recorded lecture for this month, The President and the Goddess,
I take you a bit deeper into the exploration of feminine energy, which
I hope will be valuable for all of you. Next month, we will be taking
a journey into the masculine energy as it plays out among humans, in
an effort to provide balance even with these teachings. If you do not
already know it, I think you will discover that the expanse of the
collective feminine is considerably more complicated than that of the
collective masculine – a fact that is replicated in the respective two
psyches, as well. When my male students complain (as a few do) about
how complicated are the women in their lives, I explain that it is all
a matter of chromosomes. The X chromosome is truly loaded with
genetic information, which makes the Y chromosome seem quite modest in
comparison. Thus, since women have two X chromosomes and men have
only one, it quite stands to reason that women should be much more
complicated beings.

The fact that women’s psyches and emotional composites are more
complicated than those of men is scarcely even debated anymore.
Likewise, their metabolic cycles and their reproductive systems are
more complicated, as well. This is why nearly all drug testing and
physical research data (until very recently) has come through studies
of men. There are just too many variables in the female body to
provide results as consistent as are derived from men. Of course,
when the research is done on men, the applications often do not work
with women – yet another fact to support the innate complexity of women.

As you will learn in our recorded lecture this month, one way to
understand the origin of this complexity can be found in the mythos of
the goddess. While it exists in some form in every indigenous
tradition (although quite hidden in some), the goddess energies arise
from two distinct lineages: the light goddess and the dark goddess.
In some traditions, the range of goddess energies is quite broad,
being associated with many colors and differing symbols. Even so, all
these various traditions stem from the foundation of dark and light
goddess legends, which continues to reveal secrets of this remarkable
mystery even today.

To give a basis for this lecture, you will note that I draw from
Arthurian legend, for even though it offers a story line from and for
Caucasian tradition, still, it does represent the two lineages quite
clearly. While I could draw from the many Tara goddesses from Eastern
traditions, I believe the Arthurian legends provide not only familiar
access to these lineages, but are more familiar (and less complicated)
than the Tara legends. While these lineages did exist at one time in
African mythology, as well, much of the power elements have been lost
from both by virtue of the fact that the plight of women has been
sorely compromised over millennia.

When we move into our consideration of masculine energies, you will
find that they are, indeed, much less complicated and are easier to
grasp. I think most of you will discover clear psychological
implications and ramifications to our study, as well (hopefully) as
spiritual elements for integration and growth. Indeed, our goal is to
balance masculine and feminine energies in each of you, so that you
not only understand these energies, but so that you can use them with
deeper appreciation and greater skill in the creation of your life path.

It is time to release judgments of, and preferences for these polar
energies, and rise in mastery as to utilization of them. This should
be of particular impetus to those of you who are holding that a new
reality is arising with the new U.S. President. To those of you who
have less faith in the political process now unfolding, know that you
can further empower yourselves by entering a more integrated “reality”
in your own life. Clearly, from witnessing the imbalance rampant in
the world today, all of you can benefit from a little more balance in
your personal lives.

Perhaps the most pertinent question for each of you to ask is: “What
am I learning about balance in my own life from the chaotic lack of
balance now arising in the world?” If you carefully consider this
question, you are likely to see that no matter how chaotic the world
may appear, true balance can only be found within yourself. This is
not a time when you can look to the world to provide you with peace,
nor sanity. Of course, the world has never provided those qualities,
even though you may find cultural messages to the contrary. Quite
possibly, one of the lessons that is arising in these times is that of
renunciation. However, the renunciation I am talking about here is
not that which may have been a spiritual tenet from teachings of the
past. Rather than generally renouncing the world through some
judgmental process (i.e., seeing your connection to the world as less
than, or subservient to, your relationship with the spiritual plane),
perhaps you are being called to renounce the power that the
conventional reality may have over your thoughts and mental
projections. Perhaps it is time to differentiate between who/what the
world projects that you should be and who/what you really are.

Seek to understand the complexities of Spirit at work in the world,
and give thanks for those complexities, for they allow such a wide
range of manifestation as well as profound diversification of
“realities.” Seek rather to understand how the cosmic masculine and
feminine poles are attempting to extend into the world through you.
Realize that life is full of things that cannot be understood
logically, and allow yourself the privilege of seeing through new eyes
each new day. The first step to understanding the mysterious
complexities of the cosmic feminine force is to admit that you don’t
understand it, thereby opening yourself for greater understanding.

If this line of reasoning seems circuitous and lacking in linear
logic, just recognize that it is exquisitely feminine. One way of
approaching the mystery of the joining of masculine and feminine is by
viewing masculine energy as head center energy, while seeing feminine
energy as belly or gut energy. These two meet, ideally, in the field
of the heart. When a person discovers how to truly create balance in
her/his own life, the heart opens in acceptance of what is, compassion
for what has been, and excitement for what will be.

Recognize the beauty of your life, and let that beauty shine on all
situations, relationships and potential outcomes. Give yourself over
to the power of love as it seeks expression in the world through you.
However you envision the Divine, try to create your life in Its
likeness, and celebrate continually Its presence in your realm of
being. Learn to find contentment in all regions of your personal
experience, and aid others by sharing that contentment with them.
Resist the inner urge to panic as you stand High Witness for the
purification that is now unfolding before you on your precious planet.
Do not allow the current economic situations to snuff out your own
generous nature, and remain awake to all the arising opportunities to
serve a greater, higher good.

Walk in peace, love peace and above all, share peace.

Your loving teacher,

Djwhal Khul