Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Power of The March Equinox and 5D Activations for Co-Creation

The Power of The March Equinox and 5D Activations for Co-Creation

Daylight savings time begins March 8th, followed by the Spring Equinox
on March 20th. It is the perfect time to say yes to embracing life to
its fullest, as everything is doable during this time. The incredible
power of this new vibration enables us to release the past where
everything was hard to form and even harder to complete. This new
activation allows past belief structures to fall away and allows us to
step into trust and co-creation. Once we are in a place of trust, the
new potent energy of March will allow us to be in our passion, which
will attract the perfect co-creative partners.

We know this first-hand as we experienced this ourselves. Upon
re-assessment of our current situation, new choices and decisions had
to be made. The beauty of the Law of Attraction is when you are
passionate about life; people and resources of like energy are
magnetized to you. Both Dwaine and I made a conscious decision to
re-align with our heart's desire. In reconnecting with our resonance,
magic occurred, as is often the case. The perfect compliment to our
co-creative force arrived. Although none of us can recall exactly how
we came to this union, Jo has been a Godsend.

To celebrate this wonderful new beginning, we have started "The Human
Harmonics Project," which is a collaboration of music, art, poetry and
books to assist humanity in reaching higher levels of emotional
vibration. Currently our goal for the month of March is to complete
our first creative endeavor; a book called “Value your Vibration,” and
meets our publication deadline of March 31st.

This will require a group of dedicated individuals, all focused in
their area of passion, to achieve it. As Dwaine and I will be creating
the information for the book, we are looking for people who can
transcribe MP3’s of our discussions, editors, publishers, and
marketing gurus. If any of these areas appeal to you and you desire to
be a part of a fast paced, high vibrational, co-creative collective,
please contact us with the role you feel would be the most beneficial
while allowing you to experience your place of bliss.

We would love to have you join us for our show this Wednesday, March
4th, at 1:00 p.m. MT (3:00 p.m. ET) when we'll be talking about
co-creation. Additionally, we will be airing an activation meditation
to bring about your own heart-centered, blissful creativity backed by
powerful, creative Spring Equinox energy.

The world, while more complex than ever before, has also become more
intimate. Our ability to touch others can be both more effective and
more rewarding during this fertile time. Be a part of something
significant this month. Take the opportunity to be the change you wish
to see in the world. We know there is a need for each of us to value
our own personal vibration. Our energy, our moods and our love affect
the collective, as we ARE all one. We look forward to seeing you at
the show!

In love and light,

Erica and Dwaine