Friday, March 20, 2009

Astrology For Saturday March 21, 2009 THE SUN SHINES IN ARIES

Saturday March 21, 2009 THE SUN SHINES IN ARIES

At 3:06am the moon moved into Aquarius and we now have
The moon, North Node, Jupiter, Chiron, Juno and Neptune all within
20 degrees of each other in Aquarius in the sky.

To say that unusual and social activity would be indicated this
Weekend is kind of like saying the Pope is Catholic. We have Mars
The planet of action, mercury communication, Uranus change all
In Pisces and there is a great deal of (just wait and see energy
Asking us to have faith and trust that there is a plan, we just do not
Get to see it yet)

BUT NOW with the Sun in Aries and Venus moving backwards in
Aries rapidly approaching the sun many of you may have felt the shift
Last week, kind of an optimism, a new hope and a more powerful
Connection ..

Since the first of 2009 we have had a grand trine of planets in earth
Signs assisting us to build our new future and today is one of those days
When connections you make out there could really help you on your path
With your goals.

VESTA sacred connection in Taurus. Saturn Accountability
In Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn are all working to shake things up. So make
Sure and think of everything you do, say and think now as seed planting for
the future. (YES, there will be one and a GOOD ONE Coming to us all)
- passions strong today and it is not a day (YEAR) when getting your needs
met will happen by pushing or, connect and see wonders today
- Color today something peaceful feeling to you (blue, purple, something soft)
Or a fun action and energy color like Red, Yellow or Green
- Use a stone you like and makes you happy
- KISS for today is a big one: IF you desire a lifetimes happiness.
help someone else today (nobody ever grabbed your hand when it
was in your pocket did they?
- Oil of Jasmine or rose for a good feeling within the self. I love Gardenia…