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The Visionary Vibe Report - Being Strong In Your Boundaries

The Visionary Vibe Report - Being Strong In Your Boundaries
by Amethyst Wyldfyre

Posted: 10 Mar 2009 04:29 PM PDT

Strong Boundaries and clarity around what does or does not work for
you as you navigate your ascension journey are up right now in the
vibe. Understand that boundaries are a vital and crucial part of self-
care. During an earlier post much was discussed about the importance
of self- care during this time of great shift - just as you are
advised by your “flight” attendants that in the event of an emergency
you are to put the oxygen mask on yourself first - you are being
advised to put care of the self first now. Exercise your ability to
say no to others, to carve out time and space to nourish yourself, to
go within and to hook “up” to your Source for guidance, healing,
information and inspiration.

All around the effects of the dismantling of an old paradigm are being
felt - it can be quite easy to get “caught” up in the fear matrix.
The habits of complaining and feeding negative experiences with your
personal energy whether it’s just thinking about “THE STATE OF
THINGS!” or if it’s verbalizing and colluding with the consciousness
that feeds negativity and fear into the mindstream no longer serves.
The mental body is being called into alignment with the TRUE state of
reality which is that you, each of you, individually has the power to
create your own personal reality and this reality it predicated upon
the thoughts you think and how you choose to spend your energy.
Thought forms that re-inforce low self esteem, lack consciousness,
affirmation of failure, worry or any other negative energetic will
IMMEDIATELY begin to manifest - you must have noticed by now that the
‘feedback’ loop has accelerated - instant Karma’s gonna get you as
John Lennon said! Now more than ever it is imperative to CLEANSE AND
PURIFY your mind - to FOCUS AND CONCENTRATE on what it is that you
desire to create for yourself. Now more than ever it is TIME, TIME,
TIME to LOSE THE MIND and find the HEART! Your HEART, your TRUE heart
will always be providing you with positive steps in the direction of
your destiny. Some of these steps may very well include disengaging
from relationships or situations that are dragging you back, bringing
you down or triggering old thought forms that no longer serve.

Use these triggers - they are a gift for you to see - what are you
adding your energy to? Are you feeding your energy to the new
beginnings? or Are you energizing what is falling apart? What is
falling apart can be used to your advantage if you honor it, if you
give gratitude for all that has led you to this place, if you
willingly shed it all in one piece (call on the energies of SACHAMAMA
- The Great Serpent to teach you how to shed easily and gracefully).
When you shed in this way the energy that is released is broken down
and fed back to you for your use in fertilizing the seeds of the new
creation that is calling to be born through you.

Set boundaries - be clear on what you want - speak your truth. HOLD
the boundaries from a space of honoring yourself - not a defensive
posture that creates a wall - instead from an open hearted space that
says I love myself so much that I’m going to take excellent care of
myself which will then allow me to bring my best self to share with
others. Don’t you think the others who are in your life looking to
connect with you really want the best you? Don’t you think it makes
sense that if you are going to connect in business, in parenting, in
friendship or in romance that the best you will create the best
experiences? If you are weak, exhausted, spent, confused, angry,
depressed - who really wants to connect with that energy??? Only YOU
(as Smoky the Bear would say) can fight forest fires. In the event of
an emergency place the oxygen mask over your face first before trying
to help others. It’s TIME!

Remember that setting clear boundaries can also be considered creating
sacred space - sacred space within which you are able to RECEIVE. It
is only when you carve out time and space for yourself and yourself
alone that you are able to truly receive at the deepest levels -
healing, intuition, activations, attunements, inspiration, rewiring.
You who are lightworkers have been giving so much for so long. The
time to RECEIVE is NOW. In the creation of sacred space for yourself,
in the setting of clear boundaries, in the setting aside of time to
receive - whether it’s a morning where you sleep in or an evening with
a hot bath or an afternoon in meditation or a morning walk in the
woods - you open the door for Spirit to come in and repair &
replenish, rejuvenate and resource you so that you are prepared and
ready for the next phase of ascension work that will be initiated.

Here is a gift Audio opening of Sacred Space in the Inka Tradition -
it was from a client call with a female client - for the men out there
no offense!! Just substitute the word “brother” in your head where I
say “sister”! Enjoy Sacred Space Opening Audio

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