Sunday, March 1, 2009



March - 2009

Soluntra King

A Star Alignment is when the star or star constellation in question is
aligned back into the earth plane in harmony with us. The Ancients
knew the importance of the Star Alignments; as above, so below, and
star-mapped the Earth by building conduits to anchor the energy with
pyramids, standing stones, stone circles, temples and oblique's that
held and aligned the particular stellar energies with the Central Sun
in the core of the Earth, the Earth, and Heavens as harmony and
abundance reigned. When we choose to go deeper into density and with
the end of the last Golden Age and the Earth shifted then the star
alignments also went out of synch. The stars have also moved since
that time and so now with the return of the Golden Age, the star
alignments are now happening again, anchoring that energy onto the
earth plane and core of the Earth.
Sirrah is the head of the chained Goddess Andromeda, Almach is the
foot. Andromenda is the Galaxy that is merging with ours and has
always been in unified, higher dimensional worlds that are assisting
us on Earth. There are many walkins from Andromeda here assisting
humanity at this time of awakening and transformation.
The Star essence of Sirrah is: ‘Through the eye of the needle you go,
blessed of light you are new, alive, rejuvenated - here to BE fully
present in a body immortal’.
This star alignment of Sirrah is important to be aware of, and be an
anchor for, as we are all the vortex and doorway now, one with the
Earth, we are the Earth, so by aligning with Sirrah and Andromda it
will give you a deeper sense of your place and home within, and the
security of knowing that you are in the right place and time, here to
hold the unified matrix of Light.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 5 (centre, core purpose, acceptance) WHITE (North
- refines, detached) DOG - OC ( (spiritual strength, loyalty, heart,
new beginnings).in the 4 (foundation, definition, form) UINAL (20
days) of Stabilization ruled by the God of the Sun and Warriors. TONATIUH

This is celebrated every year worldwide.
The ringed planet will be at its closest approach to Earth. This is
the best time to view and photograph Saturn and its moons. This is
only in 2009.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 11 (change, letting go, freedom) YELLOW (South -
ripens, allows) OWL - CIB (Cosmic consciousness, divine communication,
inner voice, grace, trust).in the 4 (foundation, definition, form)
UINAL (20 days) of Stabilization ruled by the God of the Sun and
Warriors. TONATIUH

MARCH 11TH NZ 3.37pm AUST EST 1.37pm GMT 2.37am
The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, in Virgo the
Goddess energy flows through us and assists greatly with healing and
being of service polarised by the Sun in Pisces the compassionate,
cosmic flow of divine energy from this full moon is one to assist
humanity out of their fears and the consequent disharmony caused by
this. Take yourself somewhere
that is sacred and has a powerful energy to celebrate and be
illuminated by this full moon. Be open to receiving the Goddess within
your heart and see the loving, nurturing, compassionate energy
illuminating all beings as they are their full presence.
This full moon will also illuminate the beauty you are in your body,
that your body is Liquid Light Plasma and your temple. When honoured
and loved is your vehicle to not only experience all the joys of
embodiment, but to go beyond all limitations and fears you hold onto
about being in it and know there is no separation that your body is
Light, and One with all creation, you are transparent and translucent.

There were many Sphinxes built at the time of the one at Giza and part
of the star map that aligns the energies as the Celestial Sun makes a
new turn of the Solar Clock and things change in their frequency and
energy. The Sphinxes are all connecting and hold keys for the
transition period we are now entering. On the New Moon in Virgo 31st
August 2008 the Sphinxes were connected through an ancient grid
network that the Cat People left on Earth. This is not the Solar or
Light Grids but a sacred geometric matrix of Light that sustains life
and allows the abundance of the Light to illuminate all life, in
abundance of life giving energy.
The Sphinxes are holding the Light and Solar RA Light codes that are
sustaining life and the transition to the higher frequency octaves of
Light within our human physical bodies. Put here to return order and
unity to the lower worlds. Energy for the Earth that was grounded
through the Sphinx at the time of Leo is coming back out of the Earth
now through the Sphinxes worldwide.
This is an ongoing process and also just before and at the Solstice
the energies are anchoring more fully with the Golden Solar Disc, and
also the Inner Earth doorway and the Sphinx connection, which is
reawakening now as we come to the opposite side of the cycle. At the
age of Leo with the Sphinx and the energy of our ancestors the Cat
Tribe from Sirius is remembered and completed as we now move into the
Aquarian energies opposite.
On this day take yourself to a sacred place and connect into the
Sphinx. You may want to do the meditation from the page on Sphinxes,
and be with the one in Giza. Or you may know of one at a location near
you, or connect with it on the inner planes. Be open to what is
occurring with the cyclic shift as you go deeper into the peace within
and allow yourself to be the beam, holding the energies within you. As
we make this great leap now into the higher dimensional worlds of our
ancestors and higher dimensional aspects in oneness.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 1 (unity, unconditional love, new beginnings) BLUE
(West - energise, transforms) RAINSTORM - CAUAC (transformation,
lightbody, lightening path, purification) in the 4 (foundation,
definition, form) UINAL (20 days) of Stabilization ruled by the God of
the Sun and Warriors. TONATIUH

MARCH 20th/21st 21st NZ 0.43am AUST EST 20th 10. 43pm GMT 11.43am 20TH
This is when the Light and Dark are equal in the Southern and Northern
Hemispheres, and equal Light and Dark in the day. The energies are
unified, Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter merge. This energy is a
powerful gateway for the transformation of humanity, and the opening
of the Solar Self. Remembering the Sun is not masculine or feminine
but unified energy from Source, the Moon reflects the Solar Rays and
illuminates us at night, notice how Golden the Moon is now days, and
bright. In the Mayan and many Sun cultures the Sun is greeted at the
Equinox at sunrise as we open our hearts to our Solar Self, the Sun
within us, as we honour the Divine Creator, Infinite Spirit and the
interconnectedness of all. Where our peace within is merged through
the Earth in harmony for all Beings, as the Heavens are in balance
with us at this time.
The Councils of Light are meeting at this time to bring in higher
octaves to create another shift, if you are conscious of yourself at
that level of your Being then be open to working with them at this time.
At the time of the Equinox when all the energies are balanced amazing
shifts can take place and doorways from higher dimensions within the
Earth and Galaxy open. Try and connect at sunrise, noon, sunset and

On this March Equinox the higher dimensional Earth and you will anchor
into the fifth dimensional Earth and you, its getting closer to full
union; Heaven and Earth one, through you/us/we all one. Your bodies
will heal easier, as well as your mind and emotions, your souls pain
will ease and your heart open and experience joy more often as life is
lighter. We are all ready there, no time, no space, all is now, one.
So what energies do you want to send out from your thoughts and
emotions that create your world? Your intention creates the New Earth,
harmony, peace and divine love and Light.
We are already there, we are in the New Earth at the level of our
fifth dimensional bodies, and it’s anchoring into matter through our
bodies and union with all creation, total surrender and at peace in
the stillness. There is no time, its all in the now, so in this now
moment where do you choose to be, and how do you choose to feel and
think, do and be? Each moment is new and beautiful, you are already
there. I have seen myself in the higher dimensional Earth waving to
myself here and I am already there fifth dimensionally. As we are
getting lighter we are able to integrate the lighter Earth in no time
and space, we are in the now, the stillness and have moved through the
Crossover point of the Galactic Center.
On the March Equinox 2006 we opened up to the Sixth Dimensional Earth
and our connection to the Inner Earth Sun became awakened more fully
as we opened up to our Earthsun Body, all our energy bodies on with
the Earths energy bodies as the new light codes awakened more fully in
our cellular memory. Please see Light Code Activations book.
Allow yourself to be with the Light from Inner Earth Sun and meditate
upon the higher dimensional New Earth. Be open to the light codes
illuminating from the Inner Earth Sun, as the dimensions open for us
on the surface to the Fifth Dimension. This is a huge shift and very
subtle, wonderful for those who are open, loving and choose a world of
peace and harmony for all beings.
The dimensional shifts are happening in spiralling vortexes and light
that move form Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven. The Earth and all
on her are opening up to the 5th and 6th dimensions now and ascending,
as the higher dimensional New Earth is filtering down through the
dimensions from 6th to 5th now with the March Equinox. As the higher
dimensions awaken in us and ground and anchor through our bodies and
Earth. Just as the spiralling vortexes of serpent life force energy
spiral clockwise and anti-clockwise from the lower vibrations to the
higher and higher to lower. As we merge into one, becoming our multi
dimensional self, embodied in our physical body and living in a higher
vibrational Earth that resonates with our level of consciousness that
pulses from the Galactic Centre and gives movement in stillness and
unlimited possibilities.

Please see my HANDBOOK OF RA and extract with meditations working with
the New Earth. You may wish to do today
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 20th MARCH; 10 (manifestation, true essence self,
intention, motivation) YELLOW (South - ripens, allows) RABBIT - LAMAT
(doorway, harmony, beauty, expanded love) in the 5 (centre, core
purpose, acceptance) UINAL (20 days) of Empowerment ruled by the
Goddess of Love. TLAZOLTEOTL
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 21sth MARCH; 11 (change, letting go, freedom) RED
(East - electrifies, initiates) WATER- MULUC (awakening, remembrance,
flow, divine guidance) in the 5 (centre, core purpose, acceptance)
UINAL (20 days) of Empowerment ruled by the Goddess of Love. TLAZOLTEOTL

Today the Ancient Ones from the first cycle wish to show us the
effects of the water, and the warming and cooling of the oceans and
how it brings more ice. This happen in an extreme way once the Earth
moves through the Galactic Plane and the poles shift and the spin of
the Earth flows opposite, from anti-clockwise back to clockwise. The
angle of the Earth is now more side on to the Sun and the Moon may no
longer have such an influence, the Second Sun and Venus maybe more
The memory of the glacier flows and the worlds that exist in the ice
has been long forgotten. Once we shift dimensions just like Shamballa
we can live in the world but not of it, and so still live on Earth but
in a higher frequency as has been achieved by those experiencing
shifts in the past/future.
If you live near a Glacier then see if you can visit on this day. In
some places there are ancient Glaciers that no longer have ice, or go
on a soul travel to one you feel guided to somewhere on Earth now. Be
open to journeying into the inner planes of the Glacier and the Light
City there. You Inner Self will take you to a place familiar to you as
you become aware of your connection there and what form you are, and
how you expressed your energy. There is a gift and awareness of Light
that you are now ready to remember. Allow yourself to be with this
energy, and if you do not consciously become awre it is still
happening but the codes will illuminate through you when the timing is
right. Be open to receive the gifts and gadgets that are thee for the
genuine soul form the Ancient Ones. As you give thanks and gratitude.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 23rd MARCH; 13 (unseen, unexpected change,
transcend, presence) BLUE (West - energise, transforms) MONKEY - CHEUN
(transparency, cosmic joke, spontaneity, artistry) in the 5 (centre,
core purpose, acceptance) UINAL (20 days) of Empowerment ruled by the
Goddess of Love. TLAZOLTEOTL

NEW MOON IN ARIES 6.08 degrees
26th/27 th MARCH 5.05am NZ AUST EST 3.05am GMT 4.05pm 26th
The New Moon is always the time to go within, to the inner planes and
parts of us that are hidden. It is also the seed of the new beginning
and when the Sun and the Moon are One. In Aries with Sun in Aries we
have some new beginnings happening here that are fully supported by
the universe. So focus on what you are creating for yourself as you
step beyond your limitations and into the new you, alive, vibrant,
rejuvenated and alive. Together with the Solar Eclipse this Full Moon
is a great opportunity to open up to the New Earth. The Councils of
Light and Golden Beings through the Suns are illuminating higher
frequencies to the Earth Plane for the fuller anchoring of the New
Earth. See in my Handbook of RA Check out the Mayan calendar day and
pulse from the Galactic Centre.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 26th MARCH; 3(rhythm, creativity, integration,
sacred trinity) WHITE (North - refines, detached) JAGUAR - IX
(shaman/magician, timelessness, divine will, integrity) in the 5
(centre, core purpose, acceptance) UINAL (20 days) of Empowerment
ruled by the Goddess of Love. TLAZOLTEOTL
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 27th MARCH; 4 (foundation, definition, form) BLUE
(West - energise, transforms) EAGLE - MEN (vision, hope, compassionate
service, expanded consciousness) in the 5 (centre, core purpose,
acceptance) UINAL (20 days) of Empowerment ruled by the Goddess of