Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Pleiadian Light: Time and the Infinite Onion

The Pleiadian Light: Time and the Infinite Onion
through Hannah Beaconsfield

For several decades you have been feeling changes in time. It has seemed to you that time is "speeding up" or that there is not as much time in a day as there was before. The reverse also seems to be happening and the forward flow feels like a very slow crawl.

Time is not changing, you are. You are changing your perceptions on many levels, and your reality is beginning to wobble. The wobble is being felt as a speeding up or a slowing down of linear time. You are beginning to take on the experience of a more unified reality.

As your perceptions are expanding with the altering effects of ascension energy, the ways you sense and read time are changing, too. You are aware, metaphysically, that time is considered an illusion and that there is only the "eternal now." However, you live in the present, plan for the future, and view the past on a line of time. This has been the simplest way for you to handle the multidimensional nature of time, with your brain. Your brain is constrained by your level of development, based on the DNA patterns available to you.

Time has been an adjustment that allowed your limited hardware to process information in a way that could be read and understood at your current level of development. Like a ball of string, the only way you can really access the nature of all the string is by unraveling it and viewing it a length at a time.

There are other world cultures that have expanded to a partial use of linear time and a partial perception of unified time like the Pleiadian level of development from which we are contacting you. Our energy, as the Pleiadian Light, represents the integration of the totality of the Pleiadian cosmic experience. However, we are communicating through a frame of our culture that would be comparable to the next level of your development. This way we can address your particular problems and adjustments and give you guidance to ascend with ease and grace.

How will you read time on your next level of development as Earth humans? (Your animals are already closer than you are in ascended perceptions of time. Their linear time is bound to natural phenomena and was never given artificial forms of demarcation or linguistic definition for communal reference.) The level of expansion humans are approaching will have you sensing time as a many-layered energy ball that surrounds you.

We will use the symbol of the onion because of its design of neatly nestled layers. Even though the onion-of-time does not have the clear demarcations of the vegetable layers, it serves as a good symbol to help you picture unified time while you are still living a linear path from past to future.

When you are meditating and seeking information about past realities or future probabilities, we suggest that you hold the intent and visual imagery of expanding your consciousness to the desired level of the temporal energy that is around you. You may ask for visions and information from that dimension of time to come into your mind. The temporal energy around you also includes simultaneous and parallel realities that are expansions of or influences on the data you are seeking.

To help with the expansion and immersion into a more unified model of time, you could designate different colors or some other imaginative symbolism to represent past, present, future, simultaneous, and parallel, and then visualize them "onioned" around you. Instead of projecting ahead to tap the future, you expand to merge with the future that surrounds you.

This exercise is just one of many designed to assist you in accommodating the changes that are part of your ascension to a new level of cosmic consciousness. Your Earth human culture is a limb on our family tree, and as a loving family we wish to support your growth and ease your transitions. Be at peace. We are here.

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**Excerpted from: THE BEACONSFIELD REPORT (8-eReport-09) - An eLetter of Channeled Metaphysics Publisher: Hannah Beaconsfield * Editor: Laura Christensen

Hannah Beaconsfield has been channeling for many years, beginning with automatic writing, which she still uses most of the time. In 1989 she began voice channeling with the help of Lyssa Royal and her channeling course. Hannah is a metaphysician, Choreographer, and Artist.

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