Monday, March 2, 2009

Lucid Being

Lucid Being
by Owen Waters

Infinite Being is the ground state of consciousness behind all
things. It does not move. It does not change. It just is.

It is the awareness behind all things. When you become aware
that you are aware, that is the silent essence of Infinite
Being within you.

Your normal state of consciousness is in constant motion as
you experience life in all its ever-changing forms. However,
behind that consciousness-in-motion is the ground state of
unmoving, singular awareness.

Infinite Being is that which is beyond all things. It is
beyond all manifestation. It is the silent, unchanging
consciousness which is behind Creation. It always existed
and it always will exist. It is complete within itself. It
is infinitity in every sense of the word.

Infinite Being is the 'I Am' consciousness within you. It has
also been called the Absolute, the All That Is, the Godhead,
Brahman, the Isness, and the Tao.

Because of its unmoving, pure beingness, some people have been
tempted to call it a state of non-being. However, non-being is
one of those impossibilities of the universe. Everything is
conscious, even the tranquil, unruffled state of pure beingness
which exists behind all things.

Another impossibility is for you to ever cease to exist. You
are; you exist as a unique perspective of the all-present
Infinite Being. You will never cease to exist. In the physical
world, you come and go, choosing different incarnations in
order to experience the variety that human life has to offer.
In between those incarnations, you live in the spirit world
while you make sense of all you learned in the latest
incarnation. Then, at a soul level, you plan your next
adventure into physicality.

On your journey back home to the All That Is, you will always
be you. Your consciousness will grow continually along the way
until it eventually expands to fill all things and you will
once again be back home. You will be back where you started out
on your journey into experience.

Infinite Being is the original consciousness behind even the
One Creator of all life. Infinite Being formed an aspect of
itself which stirred from the silence into action, thereby
creating the Creator of all life. Infinite Being decided to
express a Creator aspect of itself so that the Creator could
decide how to explore all of itself and all possibilities of
itself in order to see itself from infinite viewpoints. The One
Creator then decided how to manifest the universe and all that
is within it.

The terminology used to describe this perfect awareness is
simply, 'Infinite Being.' It would be inaccurate to say, for
example, AN Infinite Being or even THE Infinite Being, as such
expressions would suggest that there may be something outside
of this one, all-present state of perfect, complete and eternal

When you become aware that you are aware, you contact the
ground state of consciousness within yourself. There is nothing
more balancing than to anchor your ever-moving thoughts and
feelings to the ultimate state of personal peace - the
unchanging, ever-aware, all-present state of Infinite Being.
Because it is ever-present in all things, you only have to
focus upon it in order to find that one anchor which never
moves in an ever-moving world.

On the Infinite Being website, there is a how-to article
called The Ultimate Meditation. It has this name because it
employs the most powerful affirmation possible in the English
language, namely "I Am Infinite Being." This affirmation of the
"I Am" awareness within you and your conscious alignment with
the ultimate state of Infinite Being takes on an even deeper
meaning when you appreciate the powerful silence of that ground
state of all consciousness.

When you practice the Ultimate Meditation, simply be aware
that you are aware and you will better connect with your
deepest essence. When you really become aware of that still,
silent awareness within you - that state of Lucid Being - you
will be in a place that few have found; but a place for which
most people yearn.

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