Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Understanding Parallel Realities

Understanding Parallel Realities
DL Zeta

There are two different ways your energy and consciousness interact
with "parallel" realities. It often happens within the past of the
present lifetime that there are unresolved emotional issues or other
situations left incomplete. At the core, these are situations created
for specific learning experiences. If an understanding being sought
through the creation of these experiences is incomplete, the situation
continues to reside within the energy field until it is revisited and
released either directly or indirectly. Once the understanding that
was being sought by creating the situtation is gained either through
directly revisiting the past situation or indirectly by creating a
new, similar situation, the energy is released and the consciousness
freed so the life force energy need no longer feed this parallel

Energetic Incompletions from Other Lifetimes

It may also be that attempts to gain needed understandings are also
carried forth from lifetime to lifetime, so the present life force
energy may be feeding "energetic incompletions" from other lifetimes.

When the understanding being sought by creating these past life
scenarios is completed, energy is released from the past life forward.
Whether you are energetically "feeding" incompletions from this life
or another, you will find the completion of a crucial understanding
creates releases at all levels and frees a great deal of energy that
can now be used to create desired future realities.

Parallel Realities in Future Tense

While we have placed emphasis on parallel realities created within the
scope of past lives or the past within this lifetime, parallel
realities also exist within the future of this lifetime or within
future lifetimes. Since all-time is one, the subconscious of the human
mind is free to travel to any point in time, past or future. It is in
this way through dream states, astral travel, and psychic skills of
future perception, remote viewing and other advanced skills that the
consciousness is able to "set up" and energize learning structures and
parallel realities that exist within the realm of future time -- the
future of this lifetime or the next. Such realities are created for
specific purposes.

The second way parts of your consciousness exist within parallel
realities is through creating fields of intention that can extend into
the future of your present lifetime and beyond.

'Chance' Precognitive Journeys into Future Time

Before we proceed further, we want to explain here that it is possible
for a person to travel into future realities without a conscious or
direct intention to do so. By whatever circumstances, it does
sometimes occur that a person travels to a future reality and through
that occurrence, begins to reside to an extent inside that reality.
Precognitive journeys are undertaken as part of the soul's design for
a given lifetime.

Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing
and Transformation by DL Zeta