Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Future Creates the Past

The Future Creates the Past
DL Zeta

It's easy to see from a linear point of view how past events help
shape the present moment. Most people understand this cause-and-effect
relationship. It is widely accepted that the past exerts an energetic
field that casts a wide sphere of influence days, months, and years
into the future.

What is not is widely understood is how the future also shapes and
influences the present moment.

The future -- both distant and near -- exists in its own time and
space coordinate that has an energetic field as real as the present
moment. This energetic field influences and creates the present moment
in the same cause-and-effect manner that the past shapes the present

Since there is no time in the bigger picture of things, everything
that ever will happen already exists. This doesn't take away freedom
of choice or free will. A person's energetic field determines their
field of possibilities. Inside every moment, you choose which of your
possible futures you will experience. Unchosen possibilities don't
cease to exist just because you aren't currently focusing on them.
Your unchosen futures don't disappear anymore than a road not taken
dissolves from the face of the Earth. Instead, they continue to live
in your energetic field of possibilities. In a sense, they have their
own life and their own trajectory.

--From Shifting Time by DL Zeta