Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 New Years Message From The Voice

3 January 2009

New Year’s Message

Dear Ones,

This is the year where inner listening is paramount. Calm your
spirits and listen to the guidance that you are receiving. All the
information you need is coming to you now. You will never again have
to wonder if you are doing the right thing, saying the right thing, or
thinking the right thing because you are being firmly and steadily
guided toward your pre-ordained mission.

If you have been wondering what to do, where to go, or what contacts
to make, know that you and everyone else is being perfectly guided.
You may ask, “How is this different than before?” There is no
difference except that as you listen, Divine guidance will become
stronger and clearer.

Let us say that before you were traveling down the road of life and
there were signs of which direction to take; however, very often these
indications were hidden behind bushes (distraction in the illusory
world) and now there are fewer bushes. The signs, which indicate the
way, are more frequent and more blatant. They cannot be missed and
if, by chance, you take a detour or you refuse to move forward, do not
be concerned. You will very quickly be placed back on your rightful
path or if it’s a question of not moving forward, you will soon find
yourself so uncomfortable that you must go forward.

During this period, it is wise to practice the idea that you know
nothing. Be as a little child out for an adventure called life. Do
not judge anyone or anything. All you have to do now to be led to
your rightful place is to be carefree. Enjoy the ride. Laugh.
Celebrate. For the majority of you, the “pot of gold” is just around
the next corner. You are almost there! Don’t give up and don’t push
that gold away with fear thoughts, with negative thoughts, or with
limiting thoughts. The path is wide open and so should you be!

2008 was a year of final cleansing, a year where you didn’t know what
to do or where to go. For many of you, it was as if you were flying
just above the earth – you had ideas, dreams, goals and objectives,
but you couldn’t manifest them. You couldn’t grab on to them – they
were ethereal. Most of you didn’t know what to do, and so you believe
you did nothing; but, oh, this is not so. You accomplished a lot
internally – you discovered where you were going wrong and you
changed. You left behind old “friendsD and “situations” which were no
longer working for you. You cleared your minds of useless thoughts
which were holding you back. Dear friends, you did much work and you
are better for it.

2009 is a year of concretization – a year of materialization. Some of
you are well on your way to take your new places in the world, while
others of you are just beginning, no matter. You can and will take
your rightful places in the Divine Plan starting this year. This is
the year to manifest, to take action, to be surprised!!

2009 carries with it one of the greatest opportunities of your
lifetime. You can become who you really are. Don’t be afraid of
yourself!! Grab every opportunity. Go through every door that opens.
Say “yes” to life! You do not have to worry about making mistakes
because you are being cons tantly guided on your life path. Don’t
ponder decisions. This is a year where you can do anything and you
will all be surprised at how much you are being called upon to do.

Take the magic wand of creation in your hand and wave it now. This is
the year where magic can happen so stand aside and let the good times

Thank you for listening.

(Inner listening by Phoebe Lauren)