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Serving the Sirian High Serving the Sirian High Council

Serving the Sirian High
This Comes From the Akashic
Received by Carolyn
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We have been asked for directions as to how to connect
with the beings of light from the Sirian High Council or the Galactic Federation
to offer service to the world.

Every individual who is truly a seeker of truth and the
spiritual gifts which comprise the spiritual way can have contact with these
two organizations. They both work for the elevation of humanity in every form
that this might take. Therefore there is an open pathway for those who genuinely
seek. While yes, it takes preparation, you can do this. We see that you are
indeed a genuine seeker of truth and the pathway to knowledge about your
Creator, All-There-Is in the center of the cosmos.

What this entails is that one must have a vibrational
level that supports this contact and must have the ability to commune
with those in the spiritual realm. So while an individual has a right to make
themselves known to these two groups they must work on their ability to perform
this connection. This is by the way no punishment or trial so to speak, but this
preparation is the way of spirit in the sense that there are certain rules that
pertain to your physical universe. So compliance with these rules are but
complying with the world that surrounds you.

So there is a process to this and in the beginning it
requires the willingness to meditate. Many have the wrong concept of
meditation. Some feel that one just waits for the mind to bring something back
to them, and this is a part of receiving. But in true meditation, there
is both a sending of thoughts and a receiving to become

So let us begin with our thoughts of meditating as they
are set down in the records. Humans speak to one another on your plane and there
is a giving forth of information and there is receiving of information. This
is true of meditation. One needs to be receptive, but one also needs
to be expansive in their communications with those on the higher
dimensions. Therefore it is a two way process. One must be able to receive
information and give information on the spiritual plain. This is the beginning
of communication with the angelic realm and above.

There is an angelic realm next to the Creator of all and
there is an angelic realm closer to Earth that acts as the transmitter of
messages between the higher realms and humanity. It is this that we consider the
lower angelic realm that you need to reach.

Even this lower rung of angels is difficult for humanity
to reach unless they are dedicated to the process. This is because of the fall
in Atlantis that humanity fell into such a dense layer of particles and gases.
Everything on your level is compacted into a very dense layer as compared to the
higher levels of existence. So in effect humanity must by the very nature of
physical form make a large leap vibrationally to reach this angelic

We will begin to share this information with you as to how
to connect with this angelic realm. It goes without saying that one needs to
meditate and connect with their higher mind. This is the gateway to your soul
monad. Then the next step is to see yourself moving upward from your soul
monad with the request that you wish to reach this angelic level of vibration.
You might need to go there several times to remember how the energies and
vibrations feel at this level. They would feel very light, soft and most

When you feel that you can reach this level without going
through the higher mind, then begin to meditate and WILL yourself to be at that
level of energies. Once there you put through the call to be in attendance for
either group and state you intention for being there.

It is the intention that will allow you to access
these groups or be denied. This is not a matter of idle curiosity, but rather
for serious planetary service that will give you the permission you want. One
must be dedicated to service to be allowed to work with this august

Received by Carolyn Evers

Carolyn Evers is a messenger for the spiritual
hierarchy. She has written six books and a course, "Journey To The Other Side."
Her work encompasses information that she has received from the Spiritual
Hierarchy. Carolyn believes that there is a connection between spirituality and
science, and she endeavors to incorporate scientific research along with what
she receives from spirit. Her work can be found at * www.CarolynEvers. com * and
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also works with the Cherubim Angels and reads from the Universal Akashic
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