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TRANS-PORTALS 2: Travel Within the Multiverse - 2 of 3

TRANS-PORTALS 2: Travel Within the Multiverse

My Dear Friends:

Having introduced and briefly discussed the existence of Energy Gates
in space and time, it now seems fitting for us to provide some
additional insight into what it is like traveling within the
Multiverse. In Trans-Portals 1, we touched upon the idea that each of
you is already moving around inter-dimensionally everyday---though you
often do not realize it. The telltale signs of decomposition and
recomposition, which accompany transits from universe to universe, are
often cloaked to keep you from being distracted by the expansive
nature of who you are and what you have been doing! We are about to
change that. Now is the time to assume your rightful position as
Co-Pilot of the Multidimensional Ship. Now is your time of fond
rememberance---with fulfillment through infinite joy!

It has been popularly said that "The truth is out there." And so it
is. But how does a person get "out there" to get at it? Many of you
have been experimenting faithfully to find your own ways to do just
that. The conceptual model of creating an "Out of Body Experience"
(OBE) has often been a suitable vehicle for gaining understanding of
these areas. With those journeys, you allow yourselves to leap out of
the "box," while still maintaining your sense of separation from the
rest of All That is. But now, you have the opportunity to become
engaged in something much bigger, something more comprehensive than
ever before.


Even as the (still valid) model of reincarnation has been fulfilled
and expanded by your growing awareness of simultaneous parallel
existence (multiplicity)---so now can the concept of Astral Travel be
upgraded, if you wish, to an experience we call INTER-DIMENSIONAL

What is the shortest path from anywhere to anywhere else? As the crow
flies? Not really, although it may seem so. There is now an even
quicker, easier way for a person to move around the Multiverse. All he
needs to do is CHANGE HIS IDENTIFICATION OF "SELF" from one reality
context to another. The appropriate images and icons are already
there, in the alternative locale, so there would be no need to vacate
one existence in order to visit another. In fact, the leap is even
more compelling when you do not.

During this current upgrade, the experience of lifting out of a
physical body will often be replaced by a calm realization that it is
*all* your body. Decomposition and Recomposition may not even need to
apply. And this confidence will serve as a streamlined version of the
"silver cord" which once seemed so important during an OBE. Each of
you who travels is sustained by the knowledge that everything and
everyone is but an single aspect of you. Microphones and electric
guitars are now cordless, why can't you be?

It can certainly appear, for example, as though your many "lives" are
concurrent TV shows that are being filmed all in the same studio, but
in different parts of the building. Inside the Director's Booth, there
are many screens, visible only to the production staff. When the time
for a shift comes, the Director makes the call---and camera one
switches to camera two, though the Audience remains the same.
Understand, then, that each of you is your own Director, Actors,
Production Staff, and Audience---all gathered into one.

There are Trans-Portals that connect person to person, place to
place---monitorable through the Gateway of your Imagination. Anyone
can do this, but not everyone believes in the impressions that come.
The Imagination has been greatly discounted during this passing Age of
Reason. Whenever this important faculty is allowed to come back
online, some people get scared by it, and think they've lost their
mind. Actually, the opposite is true! A valid part of the mind, which
once was lost, is finally returning. And what a gift it brings!

Some people are primarily visual, others travel on waves of sound, and
still others take sentient journeys through space and time. A leap
through a Portal can happen over several minutes, or it can be
completed in the twinkling of an eye. Some people register "time
loss," while others edit out all memory of the trip. As we said
earlier, the vividness of the experience is not the issue. The fact is
that you went, you came back, and you probably have a story to tell.
Why don't you sit down with a piece of paper and let yourself tell it?
That is, in fact, the very method in which we have grown in our
connection with this physical channel.


When a viewpoint refocuses, from the players to that of the Expanded
Self, this is called a PHASE SHIFT. Micro becomes macro, and
consciousness gets activated up and down the energy spectrum. What we
are describing here need not exclude an OBE, or any other helpful
Astral Experience. Reconnection is about getting back what you once
were and recovering what you voluntarily laid aside to enter this
World of Form. The Ascension Process, currently being enacted on
Planet Earth, is a systematic series of Phase Shifts---back and
forth---until all levels of the Oneself Consciousness have learned to
"walk in each other's shoes."

The important thing to remember is to not get too attached with how
your evolution is supposed to look. The world is replete with books,
tapes, videos, and trainings of all kinds---designed to assist you in
the process of being mystical and magical. These various "tools,"
including our very Transmissions, are offered as "dress rehearsals,"
for the sacred time when you, yourself, will generate the exact
coordinates that will lead you home.

Speaking of transitional reality "tools," like OBEs........we tell you
now that the phenomenon known as Lucid Dreaming was and is a prototype
for Meta-Reality---which is the Astral Bridge that is used for walking
between the worlds. In days past, when an individual traversed the
Bridge, he would encounter a person who would declare: "This is just a
dream." In this way, he could keep his nervous system from being
completely blown by the experience. But now, there is no need to
insulate yourselves from what is happening. You are doing this, you
have been doing it for a long time, and you will be doing ever so much
more in days to come.

Therefore, expect to begin integrating "flashbacks" and
"flash-forwards" into your daily 3D life. Having entered the Photon
Belt sometime back, your planet is already wired for playing around in
time. You're no longer in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. Congruity in life
is now entirely optional, and it is frequently discarded in favor of
energetic activation or just plain fun! We are speaking here about an
upgraded version of what you have called "Deja Vu." The exact faces
and locales may vary, but the base energy will be duplicate other
times and places. The individual players, the themes being explored,
are Multidimensional. Your review of these "snapshots of experience"
is added simply as a tool for your education concerning this. Treat it
as such, and enjoy!


Another form of Trans-Port involves capturing the essence of someone
or something that is "there" and moving it to "here." In short, the
Prophet no longer needs to go to the mountain. Now he can call for the
mountain to come to him. This operation is a bit trickier, but ever so
much fun.

Ascension is not just about bunches of people going up. Humankind is
also in the process of bringing Heaven down to Earth as well. Many
universes there are, and many ways in which this intent is playing
itself out. It's just as easy to lower the ceiling as it is to raise
the floor. But why would you want to do this? Primarily, it is because
most of the best things are happening down here on the floor! The
celestial realms are limited, even though they are vast. A person can
be just as blinded by too much LIGHT as he can by too much DARK. This
is why physicality was invented, and why your collective evolution is
so important to so many
different life forms at this point in history.

The Physical Dimensions are becoming a primary meeting place for the
Celestial and the Internal Realms, also known as the Underworld. There
are "meeting rooms" here where Inter-Dimensional Delegates can share
their intrinsic worth with each other, without losing the purity of
who and what they are. The Archetypes who administrate the absolute
levels of those realms will never actually meet, except through each
of YOU. Your individual and mass consciousness is becoming a cauldron,
into which is being poured all the best and most dynamic elements of
Light and Dark, Form and Void, God and Goddess.

Going UP in vibration, you have access to Logic (Logos)---the Realm of
Pure Idea. Moving DOWN the scale will bring you into Realms of Pure
Emotion and Passion (Pathos). In Oneness, neither supercedes or
dominates the other. A Guardian Spirit guarantees this. At present,
your planet is moving rapidly towards what is called "The Edge of Here
and Now" which is neither up nor down, but a point between. From this
point, your various Delegations will have access to everything, and be
limited to nothing.

From the Realm of Infinite Possibility (R.I.P.), will come your
"mountains" to visit. They will most often be wearing modern garb, and
will seem to be deeply involved in today's business. Your challenge
will be in recognizing them. Some very dynamic individuals traverse
the Portals regularly, disguised as ordinary folk, while others prefer
to assume the form of inanimate objects or animals.

All your "witnesses" are watching, waiting for the time when your
perceptual skills sharpen, and your awareness begins to call them
forth---like genies from a bottle. All are here to help, during this
powerful time on the planet.

Each Energy Gate opens into a CLOSET, or passageway, which connects to
many realities. You, My Dear Friends, are the BRIDGE PEOPLE. You are
closets, with two doors. One door opens into your physical universe,
and the other opens into the Multiverse. Between them, there is a kind
of "buffer zone" which modulates and integrates the energies so that
they can move freely between the worlds. You might say that this
closet is HERMETICALLY SEALED..........which recalls the energy of
HERMES, who is the "Messenger God," famous for His ability to move
freely between Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld. He is the patron of
Alchemy, which is a key component of the process into which we
initiate you at this time.


Though many conceptual frameworks have been developed to examine and
explain Energy Anatomy, we would like to encourage you to apply your
working knowledge of the computer, especially your knowledge of online
interactions, in order to visualize how human consciousness flows and
functions. You did not develop this cyber technology from nothing.
Actually, you remembered it by taking what you instinctively knew
about your own inner processes and distilling them within certain
machines---thereby separating your awesome creative power from
yourselves, while still retaining access to it.

Your computer monitor can be seen as a microcosm for your scope of
perceptual reality. In fact, if you sit in front of it long enough,
your brain actually begins to believe that you live within this box!
Your cursor is correspondent to your focus of attention. When you move
your focus around any physical reality, it creates energetic links
with what is seen there. You can right click or left click on what you
see---thereby making instant decisions about whether you want to open
to it, save it, or delete it from your awareness and your world.

Translation of self, objects, and physical situations will one day be
accomplished by highlighting, cutting, and pasting visible data that
will lay itself out like so many pieces of Cosmic Clip Art. Simple?
Yes, indeed. Easy? Not always. There are viruses that can get into
your programs and slow you down, or even cause your systems to crash.
For the most part, these consist of implanted doubts and hesitations
about whether or not you *really are* what your Inner Guidance seems
to be telling you is true.

Though dealing with these "implants" can be bothersome, you will not
be ultimately defeated. In fact, learning to navigate and filter those
pesky "pop-up screens" and "error messages" increases your skill, and
separates the "novices from the masters" in the world of Spirit Work.
Mostly, they simply exist to regulate the timing of your remembrance
and personal unfoldment.

There is an aspect of each one of you who functions just outside of
your perceptual "box," just as there is a person whose fingers now
dance upon the keyboard of the computer which is in front of you now.
Both are fully YOU--- the physical "hardware," as well as the operator
who is using it. They are just different levels of you.

The harmonization of the Sovereignty of God and the freewill of man is
now found in Reconnection. A glove cannot move without the hand which
fills it. But you and that hand are one and the same. Believe that,
and many of your fears and hesitations will melt away. Remember also
that all time is NOW. There is no such thing as pre-destination. All
creation, everywhere, takes place within the same NOW Moment. Each
level of the Oneself moves synchronous with all the others, even
though it may be veiled and limited in awareness.


You do not encounter these "bridge concepts" until it is time for you
to awaken. The proof that you are ready to begin traversing the
Portals consists entirely of the fact that you are here---that you
have received these transmissions, and that you have a desire to begin
journeying. You could not have found them if you were not ready.
However, you can easily forget this knowledge if that is what you
wish. Desire is the first, and most important activation key. Close
behind that is a willingness to be changed and expanded.

Waiting to be Ready" is the name of the Game being played out in your
dimension right now. Not everyone is ready to expand, and many who are
tend to form attachments with others who aren't. It's a curious
situation, because each "side" of those reflections in the cosmic
mirror seems intent upon controlling the other! To break free from
this conundrum, someone will need to own all sides as One. Own it all,
and cease trying to control the "outside world." It isn't "outside" at
all. It is all happening within.

We simply must say this again. Do not judge the integrity or extent of
your travel within the Multiverse by how many "exotic experiences" you
can remember. Just because you don't have memory of rising out of your
body doesn't mean that you don't Astrally Travel. In fact, those who
have the most definitive, tangible "experiences" are usually those who
need them in order to believe, or to help others believe. The rest of
you have already accepted that you are Astral-nauts, and simply don't
need more proof.

Realize again that each person, object, or physical situation in your
reality is an aspect of you. We refer to them as "frags," short for
"fragments." As your cursor moves around the screen, there will be
many processes that appear to be underway. You are all multi-tasking,
and very thorough in your exploration. If one of your "frags" comes up
to you and says: "Boy! Did I have a dream last night!".......listen
closely. That person is part of YOU, describing a real journey you
have taken. Take it in, and begin mixing and mingling that information
within your knowledge of who and what you are.

The same is true of movies, magazines, TV, and all other forms of
visual, auditory, and kinesthetic art and information. We refer to
these elements as " The Dreams of the Mass Mind," since their creation
is almost entirely predicated on what symbols and depictions will most
likely be embraced commercially by humanity. In this way, personal
greed or desire for ego advancement can be a purifying factor for your
dream. Madison Avenue, and other such agencies, absolutely NEED to
touch and affect you deeply. Therefore, their estimations of what
excites you will probably be dead on---though they are only one level
of the many tools you are now using to reconnect.


We have spoken earlier about your diminishing need for tangible
"proof," concerning the extent of your Astral Travels, and to provide
validation for your transit through the Portals. Many of you are now
ready to accept that these things are happening, and that you are
Spiritual Masters in every sense of the word.

Let us speak now about your generation's diminishing need for physical
detail. The 3D world is currently built upon a conceptual template
that is founded upon the words "I AM." To have an identity here, you
must ascribe to yourself certain characteristics and attributes which
form an identity, a Signature of sorts, that can exist within the
parameters of an established reality base. The energy signature for
the Multiverse is lighter and more porous than that. It is built upon
the words "Suppose I were..........," and deals more with
potentialities than actuality. It is the INDEX PAGE for All That Is,
while each discrete universe embodies a "chapter" in the Grand Book of

The more you concentrate upon where you have been, what you now are,
or what you earnestly desire to be, the more you are operating within
the spiritual frequency of "I AM." The more details you ascribe to
yourself, and require---the denser your conception of yourself will
be. There is no problem in this, if self actualization is what you
have left on your itinerary of evolution. However, if freely
traversing the Portals is now the object of your desire, some ballast
has to be dropped from your boat, so that you can attain the speed
required to make the journey.

To abbreviate a word, a person removes as many unnecessary letters as
he can while still retaining a sense of what that word is. Abbreviance
is the conscious ability to look ahead and "fill in the blanks,"
rather than to rely upon explicit detailed descriptions of what is
happening. Do you currently finish other people's sentences before
they complete their communications with you? Do you have a growing
impatience with waiting inlines, stopping in traffic, and speaking in
explicit ways and formats? If your answer is yes, you are now in the
process of installing the Abbreviance Software onto your inner computer.

Throughout your current physical universe---people are learning how to
arrive faster, turn on a dime, and depart without leaving a trace.
Some of this is simply due to planetary infiltration by denizens of
the Dark Realms, who are trying to play in your reality without
getting caught in the system. Those of them who do get hooked have
been "milked" for information about what it means to move around, as
it were, "between the lines." Some of those insights we are sharing
with you now.

Even as your physical world is virtually awash with the availability
of physical details, people are overlooking them more and more.
Jumping to conclusions is becoming a worldwide sport! Have you noticed
how your computer software will actually finish familiar words for
you, once you begin to type them? Your own minds are also doing that.
Little by little, the planet is developing a UNIVERSAL TONAL
VOCABULARY---consisting of physical symbols, sounds, colors, words,
and phrases that immediately invoke virtually the same inner
experiences, whenever they appear.

Indeed, there will be a time when your "updated version" of physical
reality will be compacted to include only icons and folders that
indicate possible manifestations that are available for personal
exploration. The worlds that function just beyond this current
vibration appear very different than what you are accustomed to seeing
now. Having let go of your need for continuity, exact definition, and
intricate detail, your perceptual field will somewhat resemble a
desktop on Windows 2000. In place of mountains and flowers, trees and
oceans, there will be geometric symbols and (thumbnails) that will
need to be selected and "clicked upon" before the details begin coming
up on the screen of your conscious mind. However, once chosen and
expanded, each "file" contains a vast selection of alternative
versions of that selected subject---all neatly catalogued for instant

All of this lies just beyond the Veil. Many of you are seeing it now,
in bits and pieces, and have not been able to make the connection
between your computer systems and this focused array of physical
possibility. After all, they are not exactly the same---merely similar
in design and function. Soon you will have monitors and teachers, who
will assist you in operating your new equipment. Remember, nothing
will be lost in this process---except the impression that you are held
prisoner within a defined space. Trans-Portals will change all you will soon discover.


In order to traverse the Trans-Portals consciously, a person simply
needs to examine where he is, and commit his conception of self from
there to the R.I.P. (Realm of Infinite Possibility). Some of your
spiritual belief systems have likened this experience to dying. And,
indeed, within what you have called "other incarnations," you waited
until that experience called "death" to allow us to de-program you
from the Limitation Focus.

Do you think that you are something? Then you are attached to what you
think you are. Do you think that you are nothing? Then you are
attached to what you think you aren't. It is only when you realize
that you are *everything* that you can finally let go. This holding on
has been your safety harness, while living within these physical
dimensions. But it can become a prison for those who find they cannot
let go. Do you doubt that the Earth is a prison? Why, then, do you
think it is that the basic elements of construction here are called

But you are only as imprisoned as you have decided you will be. You
are the only accuser, judge, and jailer that ever counted within your
life's program. There is none else. You can turn the key and escape
anytime you wish, but all change invokes consequences. To turn your
activation key, you must become willing to CHANNEL YOUR LIFE, in the
same way you have seen Trance Mediums channel their "spirits" for
financial gain.

What does it mean to channel your life? It means letting energies out
of your "closet" which you have held back because you wondered how
others would receive them. What you have previously referred to as a
"Trance Channel" is a person who holds within himself sufficient trust
in his "Source" that he will simply move over and allow that energy to
drive his physical vehicle. In essence, he sort of "sits in the back
seat" during the channeling session. A Conscious Channel does that as
well, but in a whole new way.

Instead of "moving out," a Conscious Channel will stay around and
serve as a DOORMAN for the entities and inner universes he decides to
sponsor into his universe. He will be like "Ed Sullivan," introducing
each performer as they all move to center stage. Indeed, it will be
his apparent comfort with these energies that will encourage others to
trust them too. As he sees their trust and transformation, due to
their collaborative "work," he will love himself more deeply than ever
before. Though not all of you will choose to make Channeling your
profession, you must all learn to do it, in a rudimentary way, if you
are to traverse the Portals.

What does it mean to Channel? It means to allow your body, your mouth,
and your awareness move in those ways that you most want to
move---regardless of what the "outside" world seems willing to accept.
In this way, you will be offloading a major portion of the Limitation
Programming that you accepted when you were young, being supremely
dependent upon those in whose homes you were raised. You will "become
as little children" again, and you will begin to enter the Kingdom of
the Expanded Self.


As we shared in Trans-Portals 1, all disease is the result of being
stuck in various Energy Gates as you are seeking to travel from one
state of being to another. Realize, therefore, that there is a vast
difference between "seeking to travel" and traveling. Do you know what
we mean here? If you want something, you WILL go and get it. If you
don't want it, you will not. End of story. True healing comes when you
learn to cease giving yourself conflicting messages.

It has been written that........ "you will know the truth, and the
truth will make you free." We heartily endorse this principle. And, if
this message resonates with you as well, then it would naturally
follow that he who is not free does not yet know the truth......even
though he thinks he does. Instead, he has built his world upon a fake
premise, and continues on in chains until someone comes to release him.

We are here to assist you, as you step out of whatever "holding cells"
you have created for yourself. The time is now. Do you agree? If so,
then realize that TRUE DESIRE will become your inquisitor and the
purifier for all intentions and opportunities that seek to enter your
space. As they present themselves to you, and seek admittance, ask
yourself......."Do I really, really want this?" Moreover, does opening
this "attachment" resonate with what you recognize as your signature
vibration? If not, it is a virus. Delete it. Let it go.

You might ask: "How do I know if I really want something?" You have it
backwards. FIRST, you know. THEN, you know how you know. Thinking was
never meant to be part of your process of universal design. It is
great for reminiscence, but has no place in moving forward in the
daily journey. If you can still consciously deliberate, and believe
you understand everything that is happening to you now, you are
vibrating too slowly! The very purpose of Energy Activation in this
current universe is to help you to STOP THINKING SO MUCH, and START
LIVING. Channel your life! Let it come through! It will be allright.
There are "levels" of you that have been planning this unfoldment
since the foundations of time. Trust that.

It is moving from "knowing," rather than "believing" or "thinking,"
that makes it possible for you to traverse these Portals. Humans have
the innate ability to reason themselves, logically and neatly, right
into virtual prison. However, if you catch them off guard, and force
them to COUGH UP what it is they really want, right there and
then---they often will reach for their magic ring, and change forever.

Now. Now is the timing to your Journeys of Discovery. The tides are
rising as we speak. Hop aboard the next wave, and off you go! Believe
where it is you "seem" to travel, and believe what it is that "seems"
to help you return. In truth, each "piece" of your journey joins with
all others to create the very fabric of your existence. And, it is
these very "seems" that bind the fabric together to form your symbolic
Coat of Many Colors. Sew its seams, and so shall it ever be!


Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 2001, by Daniel Jacob. All Rights Reserved. May be copied
and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long
as the above URL and this copyright are included. All reproduction for
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