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The Angels of Atlantis

The Angels of Atlantis
No. 3. The Archangel Hierophansis January 2009
Channelled by Edwin Courtenay

The Archangel Hierophansis – The Angel of the Triple Crown.

Hierophansis appears to me as a tall, straight, mature man in his
early 60s dressed in long robes of deep purple, he has long white
straight hair and a long white beard. He wears a long priest’s mantle
(scarf) of black edged with silver and on his head a triple crown,
first gold, then silver, then gold again. He carries a staff of gold
and silver and his wings are pale gold flecked with silver.

I am the Archangel Hierophansis, Angel of the Triple Crown and
spiritual communion and communication. I am he who once watched over
all of those in Atlantis who endeavoured to be, in one way or another,
at one with the Divine. Whether they strove to achieve this through
meditation or conversation, through spiritual service or trance it was
always me who was present to guide and direct, the individual
themselves or those energies that they conjured and worked with in
this pursuit.

The Atlanteans you see were well aware that bliss was in truth
something which could only be fully accomplished when one was at one
with their Source. They remembered this and hungry for the full
experience of that memory sought it in all forms of alignment and
connection with the Divine, in all its many shapes, forms and nature,
whether it was Angel or Master, shining Deva or elemental beast, the
Atlanteans knowing that to connect with any creature higher than
themselves, on a vibrational level, was to achieve some form of
attunement to a greater expression of the Source of All!

As the Archangel of Spiritual Connection and communion it was my duty
to instruct all of those who sought contact as to how it could best be
made, instructions which of course varied depending upon the nature of
the presence that each individual was seeking contact with and to a
certain extent dependent upon the unique nature of the individual
themselves also. However in all cases there was one rule, one piece of
guidance and advice that was the same, one rule and method that could
be applied across the board for all to use in making their connection
to the Divine. The secret of the Triple Crown!

And it is this secret that I have come to offer you again, now, at the
time when you need it most, for not only does mankind now more than
ever before need the respective wisdom of the various spiritual
intelligences that exist, to help them with their life, their
evolution and the salvation of their world but also mankind now, more
than ever before, needs the communion that spiritual contact brings.
For many of you have forgotten what it feels like to be God, to be the
Goddess, to be the Divine. Many of you have forgotten the ecstasy and
bliss of being at one, even for a little while, with a source closer
to the Divine Source than yourselves. A source that will enable you to
feel something of your true and original self, your infinite and
eternal nature which exists, as it has always existed, free and
eternal, limitless and powerful, kept safe within the embrace of the
Divine. Now more than ever before mankind needs the knowledge and
wisdom of the Divine, the knowledge and wisdom that will help set them
free, regarding their evolution and the evolution of the planet and
how this can be set in motion within matter and within the
consciousness of humanity and their own. And so I come, I return and
carry with me once again the secret of my art and craft for you.

My secret is simple, as most powerful spiritual wisdoms are and it is
this. Dependent upon which aspect of the Divine you seek to connect
with you must always initially find for yourself a willing
intermediary who will help with your alignment and connection with
this power! This has always been the way and shall always be the way
in order to ensure that not only will you find your connection
securely and absolutely but also safely without endangering yourself
by exposing yourself to energy and consciousness that you are unable
to process and digest. This is why your modern day mediums are
encouraged always to make a strong connection first with their guides
before aligning to those other spirits that exist, for their spirit
guide will help them, will protect them and ensure that the link which
they are endeavouring to achieve is secure and strong, has integrity
and is safe and that they are protected from all other forces,
existing within the band width that they are seeking contact in, which
might otherwise do them harm or mislead them from the light and truth.
This then is the symbolism in my triple crown, the first being you,
mankind, the earthly physical link, the second being your guide be
they Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide, Master or Elemental healer and the
third the higher presence you are seeking contact with.

Many then might ask how this initial contact is to be made and how we
might find or choose the right “guide” to help us achieve contact with
that desired higher force. This is relatively easy. When seeking an
overlighting Devic presence seek out a friendly elemental, when
seeking an Archangel your Guardian Angel or a general Angelic guide,
when seeking a Master look to make contact with their Chela, their
spiritual apprentice and when seeking a Cosmic Ascended Master seek
out their corresponding Ascended Master presence. So how then might
you make this first contact and align yourself to that presence who
will become the first rung in the ladder to making contact with these
higher forms and powers? Well this is where I, Hierophansis, come into
play. For it is through me that the right intermediary will be found
and this initial contact made. Here then below is the recommended
procedure for most forms of spiritual contact that you might seek to
make. Bear in mind of course that simply because you desire to make
contact with this force does not necessarily mean that this force will
want to make contact with you!

Firstly decide clearly who or what type of being it is that you desire
to make connection with and the corresponding intermediary presence
that you will need to link with, then call upon my grace and power by
petitioning me for three consecutive nights thus. Light a purple, gold
or silver candle and call to me using this prayer, filling in those
gaps appropriately.

“Archangel Hierophansis, Archangel of the Triple Crown, Archangel of
Spiritual Communion and Communication, hear my prayer. Draw close to
me and weave a bridge, a thread of gold and silver light to connect
and align to that force that may serve as messenger and guide in my
ultimate quest to be aligned to that representation of the Divine that
I desire audience and knowledge of. Synchronize my vibration and
energy, let us become one, align my life force and consciousness that
they may steer and guide me to the ultimate one that I seek. In
perfect love and perfect trust then I ask this of you great spirit and
I surrender my self and form that I may be brought into communion with
that which I seek.”

Sit for a while in front of the candle and close your eyes, be open
and invite my energy and being into your presence, allow me full
access to your nature and vibration, to your being that I might begin
to do that work which needs to be done in bringing you into alignment
with the force that you seek. I will find for you the perfect guide,
who will be able to work with your consciousness and energy, ensuring
your protection and your gradual attunement and introduction to that
force that you seek. I will align you and in time you will become
aware of this guiding light, this guiding force that steers and guides
you to your goal. Each night then, for three nights in all, light the
candle and speak these words and sit before the flame after which the
cord will have been woven and strong. After this sit each night in
simple meditation, open and trusting, reaching out to your new guide
who now will come and work their wonder and their skill to ultimately
guide you to the presence of that which you seek.

I am aware that many of you may feel that this technique is too
laborious and slow and you may wonder why you cannot just simply
contact directly that force that you seek audience and connection to.
I warn you that this is a mistake that many have made, their attempts
to reach initially, without any practice or use of intermediary
resulting in a misalignment and subsequent connection with a power
which is far from that which it claims in truth to be! Or, in certain
cases worse still, contacting that force they aim for but without any
filter or protecting force and therefore being burnt from the sheer
light and brilliance of that being that they are in truth not yet
ready to be aligned directly with! No, the art of connection, true and
sure connection, is a delicate one and must be embraced delicately for
fear of what may result when connection is not made in a holy,
disciplined and respectful way!

Follow then these simple steps and be patient and you will find that
there is much to be gained by working with my presence and these
rules. For now then, for this time my wisdom is done and so I depart
and leave with you my love. I look forward to you calling me and
promise when you do that I will respond accordingly and play my part,
as is my part and way, in helping you find and align to that aspect of
the Divine that you seek. Bliss awaits you and remembrance of who and
what you are, empowerment and truth returning to those who seek glory
in the light.

Be at peace then beloved children of the Divine and blessed be.

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