Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Hannah Transmissions - Segment 3 - Housing Awareness

The Hannah Transmissions - Segment 3 - Housing Awareness
aRA Miles

The Hannah Transmissions

Segment 3
Housing Awareness


Two questions were posed. The first, regarding an unusual stone which
opens portals (this is a story in itself) and the second regarding
"the blue lady" who is a being of pure energy and travels with Hannah
in her dreams.

The Voices of SourceSelf
Through aRA Miles

We speak here of the rocks, and of the Blue Lady.

We say to you, you are opening places in awareness that rational
western mind says do not exist. How can a rock be conscious? Are you a
loony or what? Yet you know deep inside of yourself this is so. We say
to you that those who are listening deeply also know that the hydrogen
atom is conscious. At this time the consciousness of the hydrogen atom
is changing everything upon the planet, for it is interwoven with all
life and all form. When you call yourself 'Antimorphic' you are
speaking of this knowing that resides throughout all of your being, at
the core of every cell. We want to stress to you that the awareness
that you are exists at the core of every cell. This is what has
allowed you to release the control programs of your mind so easily.
Self created yourself so that your cells would work effectively as all
body awareness.

Now you are in the final stages of releasing the control grid of the
mind. We say to you that it would do you good to go with your mind
into imagery that it will give you of how there is actually a grid - a
crown of thorns on your head - that is linked and hooked into the
collective mind, that is also sending and firing down linear
frequencies into the body. Now once you get to feel and see this in
yourself, you will see that it is so much more so in the majority of
human bodies. They walk around controlled from the top of their heads.
Shut off and diminished in self so that their living signature is just
enough to keep them alive basically. What is going on in you is that
you have released this grid enough that your cells are firing in all
directions, your chakras are opening spherically and when you walk
around, you are a living transmitter device.

We give to you an exercise, and indeed we come on bended knee and say
'please do this.' Go to some public place like a square in the city or
someplace where people walk through in a park and sit on a bench or a
stone or whatever is available and just be. Don't do anything. Watch.
Go where your eyes draw you. See what your body sees, and you will see
that the energy that emanates from your being changes other beings as
they go by you. They may indicate this to you by conversation; they
may simply shift, and you'll see the shift. You are a living
transmitter and you will continue to grow in the ability to be this.
You have from within you the ability to move at the basic vibrational
frequencies of creation, so you have the ability to share awareness
with creation - with all that is. You have the ability consciously to
align with those connection frequencies that run core to core through
bodies and beings and states of materialization. There is
consciousness - there is union at the Source here.

We will speak to you of the rocks. They have come into your life
having passed through many dimensional shifts and also through
connections with many bodies. They have come into your life as a way
of opening gateways to consciousness that exists in matter itself.
This seems from the human mind, where it has been programmed into the
separation of the skin, this seems to be impossible. How to think like
a rock, like a mountain, that is not possible, for they do not think…
see, that's the program. It says that thinking is something that
humans do, but monkeys don't think, and cats don't think, and wolves
don’t think, and certainly mountains and rocks don't think. Well, that
is true in a way - for thinking as humans think is a programmed
containment field of frequencies of perception. There is more to what
the conscious mind can do than thinking. The conscious mind can and is
able (especially in beings like you) to align with the consciousness
that runs through matter. That is to also be able to hear/feel/see the
earthSelf as a being. The rocks that have come into your life are a
gateway to earthSelf, to a being that is linked at the poles to all
celestial bodies in this galaxy and to Hunab Ku, a being that is
intelligent beyond anything that humans can think.

Awareness is not necessarily bounded by what you can think. Neither is
speech. For example, as we speak through the channel right now, she
has no idea of what we are going to say until it is said. And as it is
being spoken she sees/feels and knows it. It runs as a knowing that
moves into becoming. You have the capacity for this, you are this.
When you let your fingers tap on the keyboard you open the flow of
creation into sharing itSelf with your human species. We could say of
your future self that you are old woman of the woods who talks to
millions. You can come into a peaceful (and you will come into a
peaceful) rendition of yourSelf where what you are here for flows out
of you easily.

Now these rocks. They are all three with you, though one is not
present in your bodied location. They are, as we have said, gateways.
You can dial in the connection that they open as frequency vibrations
just like you can turn the channel on your television. The intent is
simply to dial in. You know the sensation awareness of the connection
with these consciousnesses - so you simply dial in and you spend time,
allowing the mind to have space to record, to perceive, to bring out
what it actually can align with and put it into something you can
think and express. You will find that sometimes when you are doing
this, the best way to do it is to have a tape recorder or recording
device or to be sitting at the keyboard to allow what is moving
through you to come instantly into word, letting yourself release into
the channeling process, in other words. Oh you little shy violet, you
think you are not a channel: Yes you are. Every cell in your body is a
channel. You are a gateway being: She Who creates Peace: A coming
together of many, many, many tendrils of being so intended by your own

Now we will speak of the Blue Lady.

There is also a fourth Self we'd like to speak of today, this is Self
manifesting in other planetary wombs. So we have spoken of Self in all
dimensions, Self that is amalgamating as a soul consolidation, we
spoke of Self in many bodies, and now we speak of Self in other
planetary wombs… which means (in the vernacular) an incarnation of
Self on another planet. The Blue Lady is a consolidation from another
world that is happening in your soul. In her world, a drawing into
oneness of Self from many places in reality was being manifested in
the skin like a photosynthesis process. In other words, this humanoid
form had much of the plant kingdom as part of it's makeup of the DNA
so that sunlight on skin for example can feed the body. Also, what was
happening in this world meant that there was amalgamation with plant
beings. That which in this world needs to be ingested as food was
ingested and is ingested as energy. By simply sitting with a plant, by
being with a plant, the amalgamation of the energetics was transferred
into the humanoid body. This is something that in this planetary Self
of Earth being is just starting to come into possibility. Just
beginning to show up here and there as part of what is called the
ascension process; the ability to ingest energy directly through the
cells in the body, to be one with the original essence that fires and
triggers the change in the cells that creates life. The Blue Lady who
comes to you in your meditations and your dreaming is a being who is
bringing into your body possibilities at the DNA level. You are going
to find that the more that you amalgamate with this being, the more
that you are able to energize yourself by simply being, especially in

Now we would recommend to you another book and it is called "Spiritual
Properties of Herbs" and it is channeled by Hillarion. We will send a
link through the channel. It speaks of the times in Lemuria, for
example, where humanoid beings were one with the plant world, where
they would sit with plants and merge their essence, and the plants
would design themselves at the DNA level to be assistance to the human
experience. For example, as this book tells the story, it was known to
the seers of that time that there would come a time in human
experience where there was much distortion, much separation from Self
and so they worked with the plant beings long ago to create in those
plants properties that assist the human species to wake up, to
remember, to re-energize from the core. We want you to read this book.
You don't have to read it cover to cover. Open it like an oracle.
Throw it like a Tarot deck. See what comes up for you here and there
when you need to know something. Come in yourSelf to being inspired to
be with plants - to simply be with their living essence. You will find
that it changes the way you cook. As you prepare food, you will become
a merging with that which you are preparing. You will absorb the
innate essence into your body, and so called be fed before you eat.
This will change your eating habits and will bring more health and
vitality to your body.

Now we want you also to know this: Plant species are what humans call
a collective awareness. In other words, all cedar trees are cedarSelf,
all mushrooms are mushroomSelf. There is a shared awareness, not a
singularity of awareness, yet there is individuality of form, an
individuality of experience. Not many humans can come anywhere close
to being able to amalgamate with this kind of awareness, for it brings
up fear of losing self, of losing who one thinks one is, but you see,
dear one, you have already gone through these corridors, passed
through the boundaries. Self created yourself to be able to move
through these gateways and move on to what really is. You are
amalgamating at the soul level with beings who were not able to make
this transition, so in the second and third soul amalgamation for
example, there are personality residuals that have to do with not
being able to do it - being able to feel it but not being able to do
it. This has brought into your energy a weariness and a doubt that is
not part of your innate essence. Cleanse yourself now. Use the rocks
to amalgamate with earthSelf, to become that vast being of awareness
that balances all things so that there might be life. Use the gateway
of the Blue Lady that you might allow yourself to be regenerated from
within your own cells by simply being part of creation; and more so,
even though it is winter, get into nature.

Go to the store when you buy food and buy food that touches your
cells, that sparks your essence. Spend time with food like a silly
child loving a carrot; bringing home fresh dill and gently caressing
your face with its feathers and many other things that will occur to
you as you begin to merge with the plant kingdom. Now in later
transmissions, we are going to talk about other kingdoms you are
merging with. We have only BEGUN to talk about the stones and what you
are connecting with in terms of the form of earthSelf. You can begin,
however, by simply recognizing these stones are a gateway and the
gateway leads to data banks that are part of the original blueprint of
your being. You can trust these data banks, they are real and they
will come into your mind as something you can think.

Well, that is enough for today. We are delighted to work with you in
this way, and we thank you for being alive.