Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Power Of A 5th Dimensional Year

The Power of a 5th Dimensional Year

This time of year is always powerful. It is that way because of our
expectations. Don’t you expect something to change or happen just
because one year is ending and another one beginning? It really is
just another day but because of our collective thoughts, we make this
a very powerful time. Since we now have access to the 5th dimensional
energy, we have even more power to make the changes that we want happen.

What you are going to create for your new year? Do you want new
things in your life? New love relationship? Better love relationship
with your current partner? New friendships? New job / career /
service? More abundance flowing in than flowing out?
If you haven’t already started creating these things in your thoughts,
do it now. Things are not going to come automatically like they used
to because of karma before 2003. And they are not going to come to
you because of the blessings of the 4th dimension, like they did since
2003. With the 5th dimensional energy arriving, we are responsible
for our own journey’s now and we have to create what it is that we
want. What are your thoughts creating? Seriously, take a moment and
listen to yourself. What are you saying out loud and to yourself?
This is important because this is one of the easiest ways to create
your life. I know some people who say, “It doesn’t matter what I
speak because I am not praying.” Unfortunately, that is no longer
truth because of the 5th dimensional energy. We are holding more
light and are more responsible for all of our actions.

When you are thinking about how you want to start creating your life,
I would caution you not to limit yourself in what you feel you can
have. Don’t think that your past is reflective of your future. This
energy brings with it a power that is almost magical. At least that
is the best way I have to describe what I have seen happen. You can
have all that you believe you can. If all you can believe for is a 10
cent raise because of the economy that is all you are going to get.
If you can believe for a new job that pays you $10,000 more a year
with more time off, then you can have that. It’s up to you. What
will you believe for?

I know it is hard to think that your life can be different because
until 2003 and in every other lifetime you have lived; you always were
given according to what karma you had. In my life, I would say that
my karma was to have “just enough.” No matter what I did or how hard
I prayed, I was always taken care of but with only just enough. It
was good but very frustrating. Now, Spirit is asking you to have a
new way of thinking. Forget the past. Expand your thoughts. Think
magical. Think amazing. Think powerful. Think big. And you will
see the results. The more you believe, the quicker these things will
come to you.

Since this is a creating dimension, the more creative you are, the
easier things will come to you. How about singing your affirmations?
Okay, so you may not be blessed with a great singing voice but you
can sing when no one is around! How about dancing? What about
thinking and speaking things into your life while walking, jogging,
running, weight-lifting, etc. Move your body and join that with your
voice. We can be the great spiritual beings we came here to be and
fully embrace our bodies! Another way is because you are thinking
that you have a blank, clean page to create your life, why don’t you
draw, color or paint?

With all this newness that you want, do you have room for it in your
life? For the example, let’s talk about work. How clean is your work
space? Is it disorganized? The 5th dimension is very clean, clear
energy. If you want higher energy, get rid of any clutter. If you
are asking for more work, make sure you have time for it in your
schedule. I heard someone ask for “All the work I can handle.” This
person had no time to add anything else in his life. He was already
only sleeping 4-5 hours per night / 7 days a week. Guess what? No
extra work was coming. He needed to clear some of the clutter off of
schedule (and out of his office) or change what he was asking for.
You must trust that if you clear your schedule, work will come. And
watch your words to make sure that you are asking for what you really
want. He changed his statement to, “I now have 4 new clients per
month.” To him this would be huge and would book his every weekend
since this is for his dream job and not his full-time job. Perhaps
you would prefer to ask for a specific amount of money rather than a
certain number of clients. Or if you work for someone else, you could
be asking to make more money and work less hours or to work from home.
Whatever it is that you truly want, keep those thoughts and speak
them. This is the greatest opportunity you have ever had to change
and finally receive what you deserve. Take advantage of this new
energy. Take the easiest path and believe you can be blessed abundantly!

Many Blessings of Joy to you,