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The Metatronic Keys of 2009

The Metatronic Keys of 2009

Tyberron (Earth Keeper)

The Metatronic Keys of 2009

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you one and all.

And so as one year ends and another unfolds, we ask you all to ponder
briefly the changes that have occurred within you on the micro and
macro for a few moments. For many of you on the Path, 2008 seems to
have flown by at a greater rate than previous years. This is
especially true for those of you born in the so-called Baby Boomer
years, the fifties and sixties, as you enter your 6th thru 9th seven
year biological cycle.

The Pathfinders

You are aware of those called the Indigos and Crystals, yet there has
not been a name for the Soul Guild of the millions of you born in 25
year period of post WWII. And so we will give a title to you, you are
the Children of Light, the 'Pathfinders'. You paved the way through
the 60's and 70's to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, and Dear Ones,
that event; the Harmonic Convergence changed the Path of your planet.
It allowed for the Ascension. The Ascension was a possibility that
became a certainty because of the paths you found and cleared.

You see, you of the Pathfinders sufficiently charged and transformed
the thought patterns of the status quo from the old repeating pattern
to allow for the new paradigm to emerge. But realize, you are only at
the cusp of the new energy, that of the Crystalline Vibration of the
Unified Field. Much remains to be done. That is a fact for which you
are accountable, but not responsible for. Do you see the subtle

When your human vibratory resonance of thought is unbiased by the
denser frequential patterns then and only then, can your frontal mind
collate with the supra-mind into the ordered crystalline pattern of
Divine Mind.

The Keys of 2009

2009 will bring many changes. The very energy of the Earth will
continue to increase, and this will be readily apparent. The energy
that has been pouring into the planet through various mechanisms will
continue to do so, yet will be somewhat more harmonically distributed,
more equally dispersed beginning with the March equinox of 2009.

2009 will be a year of completions, a year of great potential for
manifestation! Those of you, who have been planning to write a book
will find the energies most compatible for the completion of this and
other spiritual quests this year. Within this new year is a time-phase
harmonic uniquely compatible for the manifestation of projects that
many of you have had in mind, but have been unable to find the time or
energy to put into reality until now. The new year of 2009 will bring
the opportunity for release of obstacles and a cornucopia of new
energy will indeed make itself available to you Pathfinders in myriad

Among the more interesting changes will be a somewhat sudden awakening
of specific groups of humanity who have not as yet been involved in
the Ascension. Many 'new faces' will be drawn into and become more
aligned to that termed metaphysical and spiritual. As such there will
be an increase in the Light Quotient of Humanity from 10% to
approximately 12%, especially occuring in the last quarter of the
year, after the 9-9-9 event, and culminating in the December solstice.

Many more will be interested in spirit, in self healing, energy work,
and metaphysical wisdom. Many of you who have been on the path will
transform from student to teacher as part of this process. Many of you
Pathfinders will finally realize and accept that you are your own
Teacher, and you will BE the TEACHER for many.

Axialtonal Equalization

A key change will occur gradually in 2009 on the planet in which the
distribution of light energy will begin to flow more evenly across all
areas. This axialtonal equalization of light energy will be generated
from the new emerging vortex-portal complexes that many of you have
helped groom over the past several years. It will flow into areas that
have been conflicted and energetically dense across the planet. It
will flow into areas of 'lower' frequency to raise their vibratory
resonace , signaling the 'Return of the Dove'. As such the arc-swing
of the duality pendulum of dark and light will be less severe, and the
denser pockets will begin to lighten. Some of you who agreed to anchor
light in such areas will find your task has completed, and you will be
free relocate to others locales, if you so choose.

For those of you who have diligently served as light holders, we honor
you. We are aware that this has been for some quite a cumbersome role,
but one that has served the planet well. Know that sufficient light
has been grounded, the vortex-portals that many of you help anchor are
now more securely in place and new holders are drawn to the space. It
is now time for areas that needed help, to stand in their own
strength, all areas, and all peoples will now learn to anchor the
space of light within their own vibrations. As such, there will indeed
be an appropriate shifting and relocation for many in the first half
of 2009.

Key areas of the new generator-function vortexes include Tasmania,
Arkansas, Mineas Gerais, Brasil, Galveston, Texas; Banff Canada,
Capetown, South Africa, Salar Uyuni, Bolivia; Lake Tahoe, Nevada;
Trinity Point, Virginia (and the Charlottesville vortex); Bisbee,
Arizona; the southern and northwestern regions of the Canadian Shield;
Western Australia, New Zealand; northern Argentina; Patagonia in
southern Chile; Bogotá, Colombia; Lake Baikal, Jackson Hole, Wyoming;
Crestone, Colorado; Asheville, North Carolina; the western Alps of
Switzerland; Montserrat, Spain ; Sri Lanka ; Tanzania ; Amsterdam,
Holland, Moscow , the Grand Canyon, Turkey, Java and western Ireland;
to name a few.

2009 - New Beginnings and New Partnerships

Many of you have been in relationships that ended over the past year
and indeed the past decade and thus have been on a solitary journey
without a kindred spirit life partner, or in a karmic completion
relationship that in fact has completed itself in 2008. This
transition into new partnership beginnings will manifest for many in
2009. In kind, this energy for those of you already with your life
partners, will find a shift, a deepening in those relations.

The harmonic of 2009 will offer the ability to manifest the life you
came to live with a partner who is a true seeking spirit, someone
whose guild and vibration will match your own, and someone to share
your life with in a sacred union. And so this new year of partnership,
will offer the succinct opportunity of joining with like-minded souls
who have done their transformation work and who are now quite ready to
leave solitude and form a vibrant new relationship in the sacred
dimension of true soul-family partnership. For many of you Pathfinders
who have walked the past years in sovereign solitude, you will in 2009
realize you have journeyed alone long enough, and you will have the
opportunity to expand your vision of being, to reconnect to Source, to
embody the highest expression of the unity principles into your life
in the form of balanced, loving and supportive relationships.

So this is your year of review and action. Do not view it as a time of
endings, but rather as a year of beginnings. But in this case it is
not a beginning that initiates at a calm starting point, but rather in
a mid point, a 'zero- point' within flashing chaos. Indeed many
aspects of your planet remain in chaos. Systems will continue to crash
and reform. Conflicts across the planet will deepen in chaotic rumble.

Chaos to Perfection : Birthing the Multiverse

Dear Ones, your very Multiverse began in chaos. The Multiverse did not
spring forth in the so-called 'beginning of time', but rather in a
centre point. It begin in a mid-stream in which chaos recognized
itself and understood that it could reorder & reorganize itself toward
a better calibre of balance. And so did the Multiverse birth itself
into greater order, not from a beginning point, but from a point in
which greater awareness made itself available to evolve from chaos. So
you see birth is not a beginning, rather it is an emergence from one
level to another in order to achieve balance. The transformation you
think of as birth does not take place from the void, from nothingness,
but rather occurs from what has already been, and concocts itself into
a new form from a great desire for perfection.

The Walk to Ascension

Masters, let us be clear, the walkway to Ascension does not imply that
either personal struggle or planetary chaos will be over when it
comes. The graduation of Earth will not be a refuge for those who have
labored through a difficult sojourn nor is it a celestial remuneration
for those who have fought the good fight.

The Ascension is complexly and simply the sequential evolutionary step
for those who understand that life must be proactively created rather
than reactively defended. The Ascension offers higher dimensional
access for creation.

It does not imply that you must ignore the conflicts of life nor
abandon dealing with them. Indeed they will not disappear, and they
still require your attention. It simply means you respond from a
higher perspective of wisdom.

Your confrontations and life 'set-ups' are not to be abandoned, it is
not time to retreat, but rather you will be given the opportunity to
strategically move into higher dimensional perspective, and in doing
so you will be able to cultivate a different mindset from a broader
frame of reference.

Therefore, understand that the unresolved confrontations and wars
presently on the Earth are your own reflective creation and are yet to
be resolved. You humans created the mess, and you have to clean it up!

The Ascension is not here to erase your issues, but rather to allow
you greater perspective to solve them. And so I ask you Pathfinders to
ponder this question individually and in mass: "How much ammunition do
you still maintain within your own personal armory as you implore
others to lay down their slings?"

I tell you this TRUTH, the chaos you draw into your experience, the
battles you fight, the struggles you encounter as Warriors of Light
within duality are truly with your self.

Metatronic Keys

Masters, in 2009 there are frequential keys available to help humanity
ascend to consciousness levels of greater clarity, to shift into
rarified awareness above the duality chaos of 3d even whilst the pace
of life continues to quicken.

The acceleration occurs because the spacial context of the fifth
dimension is naturally less dense and as such light travels faster
within it. And accordingly your sense of time will be very
accelerated, such that it is necessary for you to refine your health
in order to handle the stress of the increased pace. Additionally,
those of you who have not converted the auric field to the MerKaBa are
required to do so in order to optimally integrate as an essential
Metatronic Key of the Ascension. If this is not done, you may feel
overwhelmed and fatigued in the intensification of the Earths energy
as it increases.

If and when this occurs, we implore you to take time, to make time
each day and form the Pyramid of life, the octahedron around you and
fill it with the golden joy of life. Be enriched by the wonder that is
life and know that its eternal quality offers itself to you.

The Middle Road

And Dear Ones, in this time, remember to walk the middle path of
joyful, yet confident humility. Remain in impeccability, nurture it.
Avoid the trappings of spiritual ego, as you grow in strength. Review
and recalibrate regularly. Vigorously eschew the perilous throne of
self-aggrandizement and the pitfall of thinking your life is even
remotely more important than anothers. Honor, respect and nurture ALL
within the family of man.

Frequential keys will occur at several key dates in 2009. These dates
will offer unusual frequencial harmonics that will allow understanding
of what we will term the Metatronic keys. These keys are accessible
only through the MerKaBic Field and will offer the ability to
transform into the higher MerKiVic states beyond the star tetrahedron.
Within these Keys lie greater understandings of the geometric
underpinnings of what we term Unconditional Love through the
Metatronic sacred geometries of consciousness. The most potent of
these portals of 2009 are occurring on the March equinox, the June
solstice, the solar eclipse of July 22nd, the Lunar Eclipse of 6
September, the 9-9-9, the September Equinox, the 11 of November, and
the December Solstice.

These key vibrational portals are such that one individual may attune
to them better than another and thus will have advantageous access to
the wisdom frequentially afforded. Recognition of the energy doorway
itself will be more apparent to some than others according to each
individual's capacity of light or light quotient. The ability to
utilize and transform within the energy of the Metatronic Keys depends
upon the individually unique vibrational level of each person. Each
souls experience with the same energy will be different, but attention
to the subtle aspects requires focus and work. Putting greater focus,
greater attention into life is tantamount in the remaining four years
leading to 2012.

Focus in the NOW

In the coming four years it is imperative to learn to be fully in the
moment. Within the MerKaBic field you can learn to pull all of your
consciousness into the NOW and thereby access the fulcrum of power.
Only in the NOW can you maneuver all aspects of linear space-time into
Multiverse accessibility and proactively co-create. You see it is only
in the MerKaBic and MerKiVic states that you have the full reigns
required to enter the Unified Crystalline Field. Within the MerKaBic
and MerKiVic NOW you access Eternal Universal Truth in its full
expanded power.

This means release all worry, doubt and fear, as well as stream the
consciousness away from thoughts about the past or future in order to
be in the creative controls of LIFE as it occurs. The paradox is that
when you arte fully in the NOW, you have the ability to control all 3
aspects of 'linear' consciousness, the past, present and future, and
convert them into multidimensional format.

Always be aware that life is eternal, and that life will go on in
every phase, whether one pays attention to the passing of time or not.
2009 is the time to get down to the business of LIFE! Life is waiting,
life is in the experience, and in the discovery of SELF. Life requires
attention and focus, life is in the realization of each moment!

Attention and focus are essential. Life will continue to unfold
whether or not one continues to pay attention to each moment within
the lens of NOW. If your focus is scattered, you cannot maintain the
fine balance necessary. Life can be focused into the lens of co
creativity only through concentrating its Beingness into the light of NOW.

Sacred Beingness

Masters, you are required to learn how to be fully balanced within the
expansive sacred BEINGNESS that is LIFE.

The purpose of Life is Life itself, and its very nature is growth
through expansion, the two cannot be separated. The purpose of the
Earth and the celestial bodies that affect and surround you is to
UNFOLD LIFE. As life unfolds it is essential to uphold its sacredness.

Life must be maintained as sacred so that it continues to reveal
itself in the micro and macro. So you must know that when life does
not feel robust and sacred it is because of an imbalance within your
own perception, and it is a red-light signal for you to restore that
balance. 2009 is the time for this balance to be partnered, to be
restored, and this requires effort on your part. It requires your full
participation. Do not allow this "opportunity bus" called 2009 to pass
you by. 2009 is a time to partner your focus in order to recommit, to
rededicate, reform and to rebalance.

Metatronic Keys

So there are practical steps to allow for the greatest benefit of the
transitional energies of the New Year, of 2009. It is time in the
birth of 2009 to rededicate the Earth, to rededicate your awareness,
to redirect your attention and focus, and Birth from this centre
stance your New Life! It is time to rekindle the fires of Life, of
passion, to fully awaken the heart and mind and rebuild your LIFE. In
order for the Earth to maintain itself, it must be able to sustain
itself. Likewise it is for you Dear ones. In order for you to move
forward you must take the responsibility of sustaining yourself. To be
healthy you must sustain your health, in order for you to sense the
bliss of Life, you must nurture joy and well being. It is a necessary
compliment to your Path and the key to the gateway of the Crystalline
Field. It is an aspect of what we term the Platinum Ray

Recognize the Beingness that is the Nature of Life
Appreciate the sacredness of Life and of each moment of Life
Understand that this recognition of Life is a Metatronic Key
Understand that without this Key Understanding life unfolds more densely
Understand that the Key of Well-Being Comes with Understanding the
Sacredness of Life
Be in a sense of Gratitude within the Platinum Ray
Do not allow passion to be emitted within dense occurrence
Slow down and listen to inner voice
Awaken the dreamer

Dear Ones, your very cycle within humanity is the path of Divinity. It
is through this chosen path that your Divine Nature expresses itself.
Humans are a species with amnesia, and often you forget who you are.
2009 is the time of remembering (loving memory), and remembering
focally. Your humanity is in fact a part of your divinity and your
knowledge obtained in the duality of Earth is the vessel that your
divinity expresses itself.

I tell you a deep TRUTH, and that is that you Pathfinders, you few
humans that recognize you are playing out a dream are only able to be
truly awake in that dream because of that vital recognition. You are
in fact dreaming the version of you that believes you are awake. And
even though this is a confusing issue for most of you, and the
terminology somewhat meaningless to the masses, the world you believe
yourself to be adhered to is a projection of your co-creative Divine
mind. None of what seems to occur is written in stone, to use your
vernacular. You form your past and future and you shift them
infinitely . You fashion each tomorrow out of your creative flow of
desire, as you form your present and your past within the moment of
power, the infinite and eternal NOW. Is it a dream? Yes, but Dear Ones
dreams are real, purposed and are the "Rubik's Cube" of soul growth.
The dream of your life is a set up, a puzzle that you fashioned for
yourself. Life is a riddle that has rules, and that rule is LOVE. Not
the emotion you think of as love, but the complex science of light
called LOVE. It is the highest order of ALL THAT IS.

Well-Being & Worthiness in the Platinum Ray

The Platinum Ray offers itsself to all. It is an energy of nurturing
and well being. It is an energy that compliments your path. It is an
energy of feminine caring and masculine self confidence in humble
balance. Bring it into your field in meditation and gratitude.

Dear Ones, many of you are still held back by feelings of
unworthiness. So many of you on the path still measure and self judge
your progress ,overall worthiness and merit by the tallied sum of
'acts of virtue' you have accomplished in your collective sojourns.

But we tell you another TRUTH, and that is that access into the
Crystalline Vibration is neither gained nor denied by any judgmental
paradigm or imposed Law of Authority other than your own.

And again what may seem paradoxical (but in truth is not) is that
without a harmonic guiding vibration the portal access would seem
frequencially inaccessible to you, and you would not be able to rise
into the Crystalline Field.

That is one of the reasons why humans in the biological cycle work so
earnestly to justify their collective and individual selves from a
pattern of behavioral history that in fact is misconstrued and does
not accurately describe your past, present or future. If you cannot
even understand your true origin, how can you judge yourself
accurately in the present that is also misunderstood? The answer is
you cannot. The past, present and future only exist in the NOW that
you dream, you see.

Everything in your vision-dream then is perspectively and
dimensionally regulated by belief, and as long as you believe you are
flawed, you will be. It is the Law of Attraction, the Law of Creative
Manifestation. The chains that bind you are the chains of doubt.

The acts that you commit that you deem impure are to a great extinct
the reason so many of you feel unworthy at times. It is in fact a
vibrational pattern that holds you back. As long as you attempt to
swim in the dense energy of lower vibration, it will be quite
impossible for you to avoid sinking further within it. Is that not
interesting? Take a moment to consider what we have just shared.

So the fact is that the beliefs by which humanity has lived has kept
it in virtual chains to the limited belief system of its true past and
even now, especially NOW, somewhat mires humanity from crossing the
threshold into the greater lightness of Crystalline Consciousness.
There is however a link, vibrational portals that will uniquely
facilitate each of you in individuality in the coming year to meld
into the energy, to enter the doorway of the higher field.

You see the Crystalline Filed is your own Impeccability, and while you
feel impeccability to be only action, walking your talk, the truth is
that it can occur in a flashing moment of realization because
Impeccability is simply and complexly, a vibration.

You Are GOD

In both collective and individual thought, each of you and all of you
can break the barriers of self imposed judgment within time and space
in order to finally see yourself and make the Quantum leap of
recognizing that YOU are your God. You are a spark of the Divinity of
Creator God! The Impeccable God within you is accessed and defined by
a quantum vibrational frequency of consciousness.

And so within your illusion of linear time, may we ask you by what
measurable degree are you closer to God than you were a year ago?
Consider this carefully, because the answer is neither in millimeters
or light years.

The truth is you have never been apart, never been separate from GOD.
Only fear and senses of unworthiness clouds the vision from the tiny
corners of darkness in duality filters that you allow inside your
heart to manifest and doubt the perfection and majesty YOU being a
part of Creator God and All That Is.

We assure each of you that deep within your core is the awareness of a
Divine SELF, a GOD that is you. And that God Self is in blissful joy.
There is a God deep in your core that is laughing in love, so know
that all is well. Know that everything eventually merges into ecstasy,
and rejoice in that Truth. Feel the lightness that is coming to you,
that is available to you in the frequential patterns of 2009. Find
Well- Being, it compliments you on your path.

Live each moment in gratitude to be ready for long awaited changes as
you move even closer to bringing heaven on earth and proactively
creating the new reality. Seize the Day!

I am Metatron and I share with you these TRUTHS.

And so it is.

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