Thursday, January 8, 2009

Changing Life Codes: World Puja



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Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well as we continue to hurdle through this
Universe evolving. As we dip our toes into the waters of 2009 I have
become aware that life, as I have known it is over, again! Actually
life for many that I know is over, again, or perhaps I should say
former ways of life for many are over as we continue to detach from
earthbound limitations.

It seems we have all been entrenched in countless endings in the past
few years. My awareness is that there is something more resolved about
this phase of ending. Questioning, I had a few conversations with
close ones, and then knew I needed to go into stillness and ask more
deeply what I needed to know, about the seemingly deeper die-off of
former ways of life as we continue our evolution. Here is what I
received in part. (There was so much however I didn't want to
overwhelm this communication.)

What is occurring is a natural energetic cyclical event propagated in
part by our greater I Am Presence coming to advance the foundation of
our lives. The other part is due to the timeline of the Emissaries of
Light that are responsible for reconfiguring worlds of existence into
greater expressions of the Human-Divine partnership by changing life
codes when the time is at hand, which it is.

Many of us, I was told, are in the beginning stages of the next
highest expression of our I Am Presence that has heretofore been
unable to merge with our current I Am Presence (not to be confused
with typical ascension steps up the ladder) for a number of reasons.
The reasons include a lack of resonance with Self-realization (not
lower self-realization), an unwillingness to sincerely engage a
Human-Divine Partnership, self-imposed resistance to letting our
mental structure fall apart, fear prevailing over love about anything,
and lower mind prevailing over Greater Truth regarding experience.
Each or any has caused an extended cycle of lower consciousness to
play out in spite of the experienced "waves of ascension."

The ascension process (which has numerous components and waves) that
many speak of has rarely included perhaps the most important aspect of
ascension. This over-looked aspect of ascension is the descension of
our higher I Am Presence into our present form.

The descension of our higher I Am Presence (and there are more than a
few) brings with it higher Codes of Light (wisdom and Truth) that
breaks down earthbound consciousness, ancient imprints of entrapment
and enslavement programs. Each came about as a result of hundreds of
incarnations during which humans registered, through consciousness,
actions and feelings degrading conditions, to which humans have become
heir to.

This was never meant to become a permanent way of life for anyone.
Once the systems, imprints and programs are eradicated through
Self-less devotion to changing internal binding constructs, and once
we commit to divorcing from separation, ones higher I Am Presence is
able to merge into the next 'personal' conscious time cycle creating a
completely different experience to life.

The higher Codes of Light made manifest through our higher I Am
Presence ends the seemingly orderly manner of our former and current
ways of life, including ways of thinking, ways of communicating, ways
of attachment, ways of personal perception, and ways of manifesting.
With the intake of these higher Codes of Light and the merging of our
higher I Am Presence we will literally be unable to conform to
prevailing earthbound wisdom and the incessant demands of the lower
mind. That is when our lives appear to be falling apart, but they are not.

The inability to conform to prevailing earthbound wisdom tends to
cause great discomfort, though the intent is to cause great relief.
Each time an entity of Light takes on a human form they are doing so
as a result of a great desire to become free from the degrading
conditions they have formerly inherited. They are then given all of
the conditions and experiences to do so. These conditions and
experiences are meant to create an UPRISING of human consciousness, of
human life.

Each time any of humankind believes or feels that their former ways of
life are over they are actually at a powerful tipping point of it
actually being so or not. What tips the scales to not, are the former
pulls of self-concept that have become so familiar (though erroneous)
that one feels they may actually disappear without it or worse yet,
loose their identity altogether. That beloveds, would be the best
thing that could happen to any human; to loose their identity that has
been recklessly composed of imprints and programs, inaccurate self
concepts, inept deciphering of experiences and systems of belief; each
a betrayal of Truth.

If the ways of your life are falling away, again, you are being
blessed and being asked by your higher I Am Presence to make a clean
break this time from constant recycling into a fallen matrix that
replays life and life circumstances over and again with different
themes calibrated within ancient memory patterns of a diminished

Be warned that if you are sincere about closing down a cycle of your
life your higher I Am presence will send your lower I Am presence to a
trial of renunciation, one in which you will literally be asked to
abandon the future and past created by your lower minds diminished
consciousness. It is here that you will be asked to walk to the edge
of everything that formerly made sense to your unnatural mind and leap
into the vastness of the void taking nothing and wanting nothing but
an Absolute natural relationship to Life.

It is at this trial of renunciation that a cycle will be ended or
continued. It is at this trial that higher Codes of Light brought to
you and through you by your higher I Am presence will be embedded
within you or not. And it is here that you have the option to become
far less self-concerned about your outcomes or the opinions of another
allowing you to explore brand new scenarios of your human Creation
with the companionship of your higher I Am Presence, the Emissaries of
Light and your Mother/Father God. It is up to you. It is up to you to
give everything you've got to end a long cycle of suffering and change
your Life Code. It takes courage, it takes intention, it takes
unrelenting union with Spirit and it takes Love. It is up to you.

We will talk about all of the above in much greater detail at our live
event "Creating A Great Reality: The Gathering" March 27-29. All
joining us will absolutely experience Higher Codes of Light coming
into their being. With that experience you can choose the Life and the
life cycle you prefer. All details are at

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