Friday, January 9, 2009

Aligning New Years Resolutions with Your Spiritual Purpose

Aligning New Years Resolutions with Your Spiritual Purpose
by: DL Zeta

I've stopped making New Years resolutions. The reason is I've come to
believe that the present moment is always the best time to start
something new, whether it's July our January. I find if I put off
implementing new ideas until the first of the year, a lot of them fall
by the wayside. There are just too many to manage in the space of a
few weeks in January. In addition, every intention has its own divine
timing, and I've learned to honor that timing.

That said, I still support each person's choice of timing, including
the choice to go with the thoughtform of "new beginnings" at the
beginning of the year. To help cut down on the inevitable frustration
that accompanies efforts to create change, I'm offering some
techniques I've found helpful. These are:

One) make a list of the changes you would like to create this year.

Two) prioritize these changes and focus on one at a time.

Three) take each desired change and consider how this change is
aligned with your spiritual purpose. Don't get tangled up in this
step. If you don't yet have a clear and specific purpose, go with the
general intention of coming into greater alignment with your higher
self. Consider how each change brings you into closer alignment with
the infinite and divine nature of your being. Those reading this
likely have a sense of what this means to them.

Four) affirm that your ability to perceive this change is a clear
indication it is a next step in your effort to grow in your spiritual
understandings. You would not be receiving the vision to create a
change it were not already in your energy field.

Five) once you've gained clarity around the higher purpose of your
intentions and desires, affirm that you deserve the changes you see
for yourself.

Six) open to the divine timing of a change, regularly checking in for
any steps you need to take in your present moment to manifest it into
your physical reality.

Seven) express gratitude for the guidance, assistance and resources
that naturally flow when you take steps to create changes that bring
you into closer alignment with your spiritual purpose.

Eight) beyond this, consider how each moment that unfolds is a new
opportunity for self-realization and spiritual growth.

May this and every moment be your best ever.

Love and Blessings,

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