Monday, January 19, 2009

Pleiadian Healing Circle - Frequencies Of Brilliance

Pleiadian Healing Circle - Frequencies Of Brilliance

Dear ones, whos hearts hear this call...

The first Australian Sacred Pleiadian healing circle will be anchored
here in May this year 2009.

This will be initiated by the Pleiadians through Efren Solanas in a
fourteen day intensive retreat called Frequencies Of Brilliance Level 1.

Efren is a level 10 Frequencies Of Brilliance Master under Christine
Day - The founder of this beautiful work.

Below is a link to a video interview with Christine Day. She has been
on board Pleiadian craft and is in telepathic communiction with the
Pleiadians who are giving her this work for the upliftment of our race.

Frequencies website -

The venue for the retreat is not yet set. We are currently in the
process of finding the perfect setting and are looking in Sydney,
Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

We have set the intention for our ancient star family to come and be
re-united with us.

This initiation has been placed in the Circle of Light and is under
divine protection.

All whos hearts hear the call are welcome to email me directly on

laneybro@... / dlane@...

light and love,