Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Channeling from the Akashic Records of January 2009

A Channeling from the Akashic Records of January 2009

What energies and experiences can we expect during the month of
January 2009?

There is a complete shift in energy that occurs just toward the end of
December. Most of you will be able to feel this; it will be palpable.
The shift in energy can be though of in two ways. One is it is just
like the feeling of an airplane beginning to accelerate down the
runway as it prepares for a takeoff. You can think about the period
of time from August or September of 2008 through the end of December
2008 as a time when the airplane is taxiing toward the runway. It was
moving slowly, just navigating its way into the perfect position for

The energy of January is the moment when you begin to hear the engine
roar and everything starts to rumble and everyone gets pressed back in
their seats a little bit as you pick up acceleration. January is
likely to be a bumpy month with a sense of speed picking up. All of
you will be very grateful for the work you have done to get yourselves
in alignment over the course of the last year -- to bring yourselves
into alignment with your true selves with what you feel most deeply,
with where your sense of love resides and to let go of those belief
systems, those paradigms, those behaviors that are out of alignment
with pure love. Now that you are here in January, the time for
changing your course, at least for now, is done. January has a sense
of getting ready for a launch forward or upward. That is one way you
can think of the energy for January.

The second way you might experience the energy of January, it
literally has a big swell of divine wisdom. The years 2009 through
2012 are all part of the same period of time. In many ways, what you
expect in 2012 will be true in 2009. January has this energy of God
or the Divine sweeping into the room. All of you know at some level
that God is always with you, that you are always divine. The divine
wisdom from the angels and your higher selves and all the higher
dimensions are always available for you. Each of you feels this in
varied ways at different times in your life. One of the big shifts
that occur in January 2009 is that this sense of God being with you,
that sense of divine wisdom being inevitably available, becomes much
stronger than it has ever been on Planet Earth. It is like you all
have been doing so much work to prepare and now finally it will be
evident to you that the universe has been partnering with you all
along. This will become more evident throughout the course of the
year of 2009.

January is not necessarily smooth. It is bumpy. You can expect to
encounter some challenges and feel like you need to adjust yourselves
in some new ways. That is okay; just take each thing as it comes.
Know that you are on the right track -- otherwise you would not be
accelerating as you are right now. Just as an airplane does not start
to accelerate until it has perfectly aligned itself on the runway your
divine selves, your higher selves, have assured that you are lined up
correctly so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the takeoff even
though it is bumpy.

What can we do to best work with this energy?

It will not serve you to fall asleep. This is the kind of takeoff
that requires all of you to stay awake, alert, and to keep watching
for new information and to be willing to change your minds about
things. Flexibility has never been more important. Any paradigm you
think you believe in, any leaders you think you want to follow, be
willing to change your minds. Be willing to see things anew.
Everyone will be making mistakes in January. This is not an
invitation to sell each other out or write each other off. It is a
reminder that it is important to acknowledge what you see and always
check in with your hearts for what you feel is true regardless of what
you might see on the surface. It is just an important time to stay
awake and alert.

Another way you can work with the energy in January is to have a plan
laid out in advance to give yourselves a sense of what you want to
accomplish for yourselves during the month of January. Give
yourselves a daily or weekly structure in order to be sure that you
stay on course or on track. Any kind of structure or schedule will
serve most of you very well because some challenges will arise and if
you have a structure in place, you can better absorb and integrate
those challenges.

Are there any power days or days that it are important to know about
in the month of January 2009?

Yes there are. January 7 is a turning point and it gives you an
important opportunity to choose to turn toward the light. Whatever
happens for you on January 7, consider how you can respond in a way
that turns you toward the light -- whatever light looks like in your
life: happiness, joy, ease, love, just a reassurance of your goodness.
Any version of light will do as long as it feels right, what feels
lighter for you. On January 7, choose to respond to everything that
turns your face toward the sun, so to speak.

January 9 is also an important day. It seems to bring some challenges
and is a portal for self love. It will not be entirely clear. It is
not like the kind of self love where you feel warm and fuzzy all day
long. It is more like the kind of self love where you see the
challenges, the things that keep you from loving yourselves more
distinctly. You have a universal gift of the energy of self love to
help you resolve those things inside of you -- to help you come to a
deeper level of self love than you have ever had before. Refuse to do
anything that denies your divinity on January 9. Refuse to give into
an idea that you know is not right for you. Refuse to succumb to
pressure to do something that does not feel good. Just take good care
of yourselves on this day and then you will best be using this kind of
portal of self love that is available.

January 15 is important. It is like a clearing. It may be a bit like
someone opens the windows and lets in the fresh air. January 15 is a
good time to take a breather to give yourselves a timeout from
whatever you do, whatever you are involved in. Give yourself a
timeout, take a little time to yourself, and give yourself a little
more rest than usual. Take a break on January 15. That includes
taking a break from worrying. The things you worry about will still
be there on the 16th, so for the span of the 15th, set it aside as
much as you can. Give yourselves a respite from everything you are
carrying; all of the challenges that are coming your way this month.

January 27 is the time when you might consider that you will have left
the ground. Using the runway metaphor, by January 7 you have taken
off and by January 27 you will be well on your way. You will still
encounter challenges; you will still need to monitor yourselves.
January 27 is a good time to stop, look out of the window and survey
the territory. Take a look at how far you have come. Take a look at
how well you have stepped out of the things that still hold you down,
how well you have been able to step beyond the pull of gravity so to

Is there anything else we need to know about January 2009?

The phrase they are giving is as much as you have prepared for this,
as much as you have passed the test and prepared yourselves for these
years around the year 2012, really the story has yet to be told. A
full understanding of it has yet to be embraced. Be willing to let
the story unfold this month. Be willing to assume that you do not
know how it is going to work out and that is okay. The whole point of
human life is the sense of adventure that comes when you do not know
everything. Find a way to be comfortable with not knowing. Now more
than ever that skill of being comfortable with ambiguity will lead you
to such greater happiness than you will have if you do not get
comfortable with ambiguity. Be willing to see the gray areas of life.
Be willing to acknowledge there are things that you just do not
understand and fill everything with grace and love. Forgive each
other for mistakes. Do not push each other to the breaking point.
Just assume that even if you do not understand that some day you will.
In the meantime, your only job is to be graceful.

Above is the Looking Ahead version of the Message, channeled over one
month in advance. Below is the Monthly Update, channeled several days
before the month begins.

Can you add a little more about what the bumpiness is going to be
about this month?

The word bumpy can be applied to almost every arena of life this
month. Bumpiness occurs because there is a distance between your
expectations and what will actually occur. We can give an example
with the political and social arena in which you see the global
economy is unraveling. Looking at political structures, governments,
social structures like your collective economy, you are all going
through a massive change and you have been going through this change
for years but you were able, collectively through the acts of
individuals, to stave off the appearance of the change. This change
has been occurring for about a decade. Now that you are seeing the
effects of that change, now that you are actually seeing it
manifesting itself in undeniable terms, the bumpiness is what happens
after you go through the shock of first realization.

People have been going through shock in the last several months in
regard to your collective economy and the changes in political and
social institutions that drive it. You have a model to describe the
stages of grief and how it starts with denial and then it goes into
anger. You could say collectively, you are moving out of denial in
January. There has been a sense of shock and most of your individual
reactions to this collective change have been somewhat based in the
denial of the permanence of this change. It is not that you will
permanently be in a state of crisis, but the things that have
unraveled in the foundation of your economic, social and political
structure will not be rebuilt in the same form they were in before.
You have to write a new template for the global economy. You have to
write a new template for how governments work and for the foundations
upon which they built themselves and the ways they engage ideas and

As the fundamental nature of this global change dawns on you
collectively across the world that global economic systems will not
work in the ways they used to, each of you will struggle with
releasing your previous expectations and hopes, turning instead to
what exists in your reality now. This adjustment will be turbulent,
hence our description of January as bumpy. Your approach to change
can no longer be to patch things up; instead it must be a matter of
really stepping forward into something new and that will be bumpy.
Many mistakes will be made; many mistakes have already been made. You
are moving forward. Using that metaphor of the airplane taking off,
you are moving forward and upward but it is a bumpy ride because there
is a profound difference between existing on the ground and existing
in the air and making that journey from one to the other is bumpy.

In practical terms, you will see more systems fail and more
corporations and organizations “go under.” The idea of a government
bail out will soon become untenable because it will be necessary in so
many places over time that it will not be possible. At some point,
the idea of a government stepping in and taking care of things will
have to give way to the fact that some companies will dissolve, but
know that new companies are rising to take their place. There is a
great deal of suffering in that transition and part of what will
become necessary is for all of you to find ways to support one another
as you play various roles in the suffering.

On an individual level, you are all going through some bumps as well.
In tangible terms, this means that many of you in January, February
and March will find yourselves in situations in which the structures
you rely on begin to change. Actually, they have already changed, so
what you will find now is that you become aware of how they have
changed. These are the things that feel as if they have always been a
part of your life -- you unconsciously rely on them all of the time.
These might include certain relationships with other people, the
physical structure of your home, the organization of your workplace,
or even your perception of time or the rules of your society. These
kinds of structures are often invisible because they are always there,
they often do not change fundamentally. In January these will rise to
your attention. This is not to say that everything will unravel, but
some of the fundamental structures of your lives will reveal how they
have dissolved or reorganized. You will be required to question them
and to find a new way to structure your life so that you are more
empowered to be the architect of your life structures rather than a
slave to them.

You will find that it will feel bumpy when the foundational structures
of your lives do not look stable anymore. There really is not any
kind of message here about a lot of you individually falling apart.
It is more that it will turn your attention to the places that have
worn thin or the elements of your lives that have fallen out of
alignment for one reason or another. Be prepared to see things that
feel uncomfortable to you in your personal lives. Be willing to
address what is no longer working. Imagine that the flood is pressing
up against your floodwall and now is the time to be occupied in making
adjustments before the flood gets stronger. This will appear
differently for each of you. Some of you will find it is all about
relationships, others will be all about work, or family, or emotions.
Really the fundamental calling is to be willing to look at what is
not working and deal with it now while it is smaller than it will be

More than anything, the bumpiness has to do with considering your
expectations and seeing them for what they are, which is your
expectations rather than reality. Be willing to let go of what you
expected in order to embrace what is. There are all kinds of
spiritual and religious practices that will support you in doing this.
Almost every religious or spiritual path gives you a template for how
to release your attachments and surrender to what the grace in the
path before you.

Is there anything else about the metaphor of the airplane taking off
that the Keepers can unpack for us, such as how that is going to play
out or what to expect?

Yes, it is the idea of going up. While there is no actual higher or
lower way of being, the sense of going higher is used intentionally to
reflect the fact that all of you have, collectively and individually,
called yourselves to a higher level of functioning. You could also
say you have been called to a higher level of accountability. A very
visible example of this is if you look at the rhetoric engaged by
President-elect Obama, based on the idea each person must take care of
themselves and their fellow humans. This is an opposing idea to the
one that in which a leader would take care of everyone by taking his
or her personal power away. Instead it is the idea that everyone must
take care of themselves and one another if you are all to get through
the revolution you have created. We use this as an example but not to
say that this particular leader is more or less spiritually in line
than anyone else. In January and February you will see that some of
your hopes and expectations will not be fulfilled as much as you hoped
they would be. While this rhetoric is perfectly in alignment with
what you are all being called to do, the actions taken by your leaders
will need to be questioned now more than ever, for the only path
toward an enlightened future for humanity requires that you are all
called to be accountable for your thoughts, your words, and your actions.

Step into a higher level of accountability for what is happening in
your lives and for what is yours to take care of. This is in regard
to your personal lives and also to what you see happening around you.
All of you are being called to pay attention to your neighbors, your
loved ones, and to strangers that cross your path. Take
accountability for the invitation that presents itself. Some of you
are being invited to provide financial support or help to one another.
For some of you, the real struggle is learning to be able to ask for
help from others. Giving and receiving among individuals will become
more and more necessary and it will become more and more evident to
all of you that your individual choices to both give and receive all
kinds of resources in your daily lives is the fundamental fabric that
holds society together.

It is not a government; it is not a particular leader that will move
you upward. This is a higher level of accountability for everyone.
We say higher because it requires a bigger part of you. It requires a
broader scope of attention, a stronger sense of self in that ability
to step away from blame or imagining that you do not have the power to
change your life. Instead it requires a stronger faith in yourselves
and a stronger faith in your fellow human beings. It is a step up
from where you have been. For a lot of you, you have already been
here on this step; even for those of you who feel like you have
already got this, there is a higher step for you as well. Literally
everyone on the planet is being called to step up in regard to
accountability and to take good care of what presents itself in your
individual lives. That is the other part they would unpack. That
idea of going up is a very important part of the metaphor.

January is often thought of as a time of change, a time of resolution.
Is there a way to use this shifting, takeoff energy to create changes
individually that we all want in our personal lives?

The answer begins with what looks like a contradiction to some of what
has come through, but it is not. (It looks like a contradiction to
Jen but the Keepers are pointing out that Jen’s perspective is
limited!) They are saying that the best way to engage resolutions or
renewal at this time is to look back. In other words, the only way to
set for yourself individually, what to hold onto, what to change and
what to move toward is to look back at what you have done so far.

Particularly since May of last year, every single one of has gone
through a fundamental change. All of you have had challenges that are
unique but are shared in a cycle that so many people have shared, but
it is so distinct that all of you had particular changes in the last
seven to eight months and all of you have come out of that period
fundamentally different from what you were last April. The most
important thing you can do in regard to creating resolution for
yourselves is to not base your resolutions or your commitments for the
coming year on any kind of generalized or habitual sense of what is
good or not good. Everyone wants to quit eating so much or quit
drinking caffeine or all those kinds of things that are generally
stated to be good or bad. Do not rely on those every day assumptions
about what you should be leaning toward.

Instead, look at your personal life and ask yourself, “What was my
greatest challenge between May and November of last year?” “What did
I learn?” “What is a new perspectiv I have now that I did not have
back then?” “How can I make a commitment that will help me embrace
this or challenges this further or utilizes my new perspective as a
tool to move forward?” Let it be so personal, maybe so personal you
cannot even fully articulate it but you feel it inside. The best way
to make resolutions at this point is to make it as true to your own
challenge as possible because this shared cycle is happening for a
reason. All of you have entered a collective time of change together
for a reason. It is because each of you will do your part that the
collective will be taken care of. While this is always true -- at
some level everyone kind of knows that -- but it has never been more
evident and it has never been more executable where literally, if you
take care of what is happening for you, of what your true challenge
is, everything else will be taken care of. The best way to set your
resolutions this year is to look back on your own personal life and
set them based on your personal challenges and growth so far.

A lot of us are really excited about the inauguration of a new
president in the U.S. Is there anything significant the Keepers have
to say regarding this event?

There is a lot to say about this. In fact, there is so much to say
that there will be a Live Channeling the day before. (For more
information and to register for this event, please visit

At this time we can say that it will not be what you expect. It will
be both bigger and better than you expect, and smaller and more
disappointing than you expect at the same time. This will be true of
the next seven years in U.S. politics and government. We are talking
to each of you, recognizing that each of you have different
expectations. Some of you are very unhappy about the outcome of the
election and some of you are overjoyed about the outcome of the
election. It does not matter. Whatever your expectations and
opinions are, this is both going to surpass them and fail them
altogether. There are potentials for particular things to occur.
Protests, even assassination attempts, are being plotted. Right now,
at the beginning of January, the potential is not that any kind of
radical event will occur in the course of the inauguration, but those
potentials do exist and a lot of you are tapping into the sense and
feeling of those potentials. There are assassination plots being
pulled together at this very moment, but that is true across the world
for many leaders all of the time. Very rarely do they come to pass,
but the possibility is there.

The event itself will be, in one way or another, a demonstration of
your collective power. This will come just through the overwhelming
attendance and the symbolic act of many people standing together. It
may also come through an action that all of you take based on what
might happen. There will be more information as we get closer,
because of course, what is kind of vague potential right now becomes
more clearly probable or improbable as we get closer to the time.

The best way to work with the event on a personal and spiritual level
is to spend some time personally reflecting on what you hope for in
the new cycle of the U.S. government. This is true for anyone across
the world not just U.S. citizens. Consider what you hope for, what
you are afraid of and what role you hope to play on a personal level
in the world as it moves forward. Essentially, the strongest line of
energy emerging from the new presidential regime in the U.S. is the
line through which, just as you ask your leaders what will they do for
the world, you then must ask yourself what you will do for the world
in response.

Without requiring of yourself what you require of your leaders, you
disable the true power of democracy. Energetically a government
cannot lead people who are not leading their lives. It is more
necessary than ever that each of you acknowledge what you hope for and
expect of that event and the new presidency. Then before the
inauguration happens, be sure to ask yourself what you expect of
yourself. What role you wish to play in the world. The phrase from
Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” is a perfect
phrase with which to guide your self-reflection through the month of
January in regard to world events. Make a commitment, just as you are
asking your leaders to make a commitment to the world and to you, make
a commitment to the world and to yourself about the role you will be

Fragmentation is no longer the order of the day. You can no longer
only exist or imagine that you only affect a single section of life.
All of you are connected globally; you are global citizens in
absolutely every way. It is going to be more evident than ever; you
are going to feel this in your everyday lives more than ever. If you
will act accordingly, you will see all of humanity continue to emerge
from suffering.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to say about the month of
January before we close?

First, “Stay the course.” More accurately, it would be, “Keep your
eye on the ball.” If you are playing a sport like basketball or
soccer, often people will say, “Keep your eye on the ball” because
that is where the action is that matters. It can be easy to get
distracted by other players, something in the audience, or something
in the weather or whatever else might be happening on the field. If
you do not keep your eye on the ball, you lose your ability to stay in
the game and create the effects you want. It is like taking your
hands off of the steering wheel. The reason the Keepers are giving
you this advice, and you felt like asking about setting resolutions
and setting your course, is that it would be easy to get distracted by
drama or certain little challenges that come up in your life.

Consider the metaphor of the airplane taking off and how a pilot
cannot be distracted by turbulence. The pilot must remember the core
of what is happening, is flying the plane and only that which affects
the safety of the plane should draw the pilot’s attention. For you,
stay the course or keep your eye on what matters most to you. Avoid
being distracted by drama. Because it will be bumpy, because you will
have things that come along that do not you’re your expectation, you
feel like things are falling apart but they really are not. You will
find later this year in May, after you have reached your altitude and
you are settling in for your snack, that everything really was fine.
Do not panic here. Keep your eye on the ball; keep your eye on your
priorities, your own personal commitments and what matters most to
you. You are going to find that you will ride through those bumps
safely. After what you have been through in the last year, the
challenges that come up now are completely manageable if you will
avoid overdramatizing or panicking. They are all things that you will
be able to meet collectively and individually.

There is something worth mentioning. There is a strong potential for
there to be further violence in the world executed by humans, such as
terror attacks. This gets stronger in February, but in January you
may see this increasing. Again, be sure to stay the course. Be sure
to remember that you are headed in the right direction as a global
community and for every horrifying, disheartening event that occurs
there are a thousand really heartening and forward thinking events
that are collectively available for you to see that show you that you
are moving forward together, that you are improving together. Be sure
to keep your eye on the ball. The ball is actually moving forward and
upward and you are all doing beautifully despite the challenges. It
seems important to mention the potential for those things so that if
and when they arise you can see them with some of this perspective
that we are offering now. You will help ground everyone else and
prevent people from panicking more than they might without you there.
Actively choose this month to “be the change you wish to see in the

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