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SaLuSa 12-January-2008

SaLuSa 12-January-2008

We have to say that you are doing well to keep your focus upon the
future of Mankind. The promise of release from your “Prison Earth” is
approaching, and the turmoil you are now in will gradually quieten
down and a new period in your lives will commence. There is literally
a crying need for a way out of the present conditions, that leave many
feeling despondent and downhearted. Fortunately, those of you who
aware that changes are in the offing are a means of helping keep
others steady. Your energy is uplifting and it is also carried by your
words, and will bring a calmness that is greatly needed. You give hope
to others around you, at a time when it would be easy for them to lose

No matter how far you have dropped into the dark energies, those who
oversee your evolution have ensured a constant link with the Light.
This is why at various times in your history higher souls have joined
you on Earth. Spiritual leaders have emerged when the need has arisen,
and today is no exception. Many spiritually orientated Beings are
beginning to influence you, and you have yet to see the fullness of
the one who is the President Elect of the U.S. The Law of Attraction
works on all levels, and as a civilization your pleas have been
answered for a way out of the morass you are in now.

If you are confused by the various predictions leading up to the end
times, always rely on your own perception and intuitive feelings. It
does of course help if you have a basic belief in an All Loving God,
and know that you are always linked to the Source of All That Is. You
will then discern that fear and all other negative energies are from
Man alone. You will also become aware that not all so called words of
God are from that source, but come from the lips of Man. If something
does not resonate with the energies of Love you may conclude that it
is not of God’s making. God speaks through many people and in many
ways, and it is up to you to decide which are truly genuine.

Ascension is a cyclic event that allows you the opportunity to jump
your time line and ascend. You earnt it this time round, because
sufficient of you moved into a higher level of consciousness towards
the end of the last century. You guaranteed yourselves a golden
opportunity to move into even higher vibrations, and enjoy the help of
those who will accompany you the rest of the way. At any time in your
life your Guides can change dependent on your progress. Do you not
have a saying, that when the pupil is ready the Master appears? It may
seem that you create your path alone, but the truth is that you always
have spiritual Beings with you. Whether you take heed of their
promptings is another matter. You all came to Earth with a plan to put
opportunities your way so as to evolve, so keep listening to your
inner self and you will find it.

Realize that the bigger the challenge you overcome, the more you can
make headway in achieving your goals. You set the level of them, and
as you are in the end times your progress can be truly stunning. Many,
many souls pressed for the chance to come to Earth at this time for
those very reasons. You see, once you return to the astral levels you
are usually more able to understand the purpose of your life. You know
what your plan was and review your achievements, or sometimes the lack
of them. It is for many of you a welcome break from the toils of being
on Earth. You meet those again who were your family or friends, and
even ones who may have crossed swords with. There is a necessary
appraisal of how you led your life and your affect on others. Truly
you are responsible for all of your thoughts and deeds, and it is you
and no one else who decides how best to overcome your failings.
Punishment is not an option although some are so shocked at what they
have done, they feel that they should suffer for it as a means of

Remember that the purpose of your evolution is to travel the highway
that leads you back to the Source. It is a long way off from your
present position; so do not worry if it seems beyond your reach. There
is no pressure to make it within a specific time as you have all
infinity to do it in. You have touched base with the lowest point, and
from now on it is ever upwards and onwards into the dimensions of
Light. Duality is peculiar to your Universe and this is why it is all
moving into an upward spiral. As individuals you may stay in a 3rd
dimensional level, but Mother Earth is part of the Ascension process
by choice. This is why many of you will join her and ascend together.

Whatever you have experienced so far, be assured it is every bit
worthwhile if it proves to be the means of achieving your freedom from
duality. If you could but have a glimpse of what is in store for you,
the sheer beauty of the higher realms would take your breath away, and
the energies enfold you and hold you in a peace beyond words. You
become a free soul to go anywhere by choice for the next phase in your
journey, and have the freedom you have not experienced for eons of
time. Set your sights high and live your best vision of what it all
means to you. You may then find it gives you the strength to go
through your present time on Earth, without difficulty.

In time you will have much to celebrate, as it will become clear that
you have at last moved on from the plans made by the Illuminati. Their
power will have been removed, thus allowing you every opportunity to
regain your freedom, and pursue the plan for the restoration of Earth.
With that will soon come our chance to meet you more openly, when the
threats against us will have been removed. Indeed, by bringing an end
to wars world peace will be established, and people will live for the
first time without fear as their companion.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as a member of the Galactic Federation we
have been appointed to be at the front of these initial contacts,
because of our special link with you. We are one of a few
civilizations that have a history of contact with you stretching back
thousands of years. In a manner of speaking you can be called our
family, and it is more of a Brother and Sister relationship. All will
be revealed after we have the freedom to come and go from your planet
in absolute safety. Meantime feel our loving energies that are
constantly being sent to you. We carefully watch events on Earth, and
are your protectors and assurance of going into the period of Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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