Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 .:. A Year Of Mirrors

2009 .:. A Year Of Mirrors
Master Hilarion through Chris Ten-Wold

Good day to you all.

2009 is going to be much the same of a challenging year for most.
However, 2009 is going to be the year of ‘mirrors'.

2009 being the year of mirrors, many Souls will see much of themselves
being reflected back throughout that year. That is to say that much of
what you feel deep within you will be reflected in your outer world,
both positively and negatively. More inner stuff will be brought to
the surface.

People will see themselves in ways that they have not seen themselves
for a long time or ever, perhaps. They will have to reflect inwardly
and see what lies there and what their ‘self' does.

People will see much of themselves in others, as they walk the earth
plane. For some this will be enlightenment and for others this will be
a dark window or mirror of self reflection.

In some ways people will be shown how they can perhaps rely upon
themselves or trust in themselves. It is unfortunately for the earth
plane going to be pretty much of a year of false prophecies, of many
corners to turn, and it will be pretty well a seesaw ride with lots of
ups and downs.

There will be one or two influential Souls in the redevelopment of how
the countries of the earth interact with each other. There will be
obviously a certain amount of unrest as you already know. It is
important to not buy into false promises. Each person must look into
their own affairs, their own circumstances and see it for what it is.
However it will be a year where one can make major gains because it is
of course a Master year, the year of 2009. There will be situations
and opportunities where one can have major gains. You see 2009 will be
either a year of major gain or a major loss for most. But there will
be much compassion laid and much love expressed as nations are taken
down or experience loss.

You see, the world is coming together like never before. Resources
have to be joined. Principals of countries have to talk to each other
that haven't spoken before or very rarely. Through your own
indiscretions, and through your own accidental way, you will be
starting to create harmony in certain areas. But through your past
greed you're having to pull together as a world forum, and this has to
also be good for mankind.

What keeps control is FEAR. And fear is being brought to the surface.
You will have your people on street corners, so to speak, blazing fear
into all those around them. This is why it will be more important for
each Soul to look into their own life through the mirror they see. To
not be looking outside of themselves. To be trusting in what
attributes they have.

There will be more water created in the planet which will effect one
or two nations. And that will create a new set of experiences for the

or those people that are single; the next 2009 forth coming year of
earth time will be very good for love and romance, even though it may
seem an impossibility because of the negativity that is around. But
all the negativity is coming to the surface because much LOVE is being
poured at this time into the earth plane.

And where there is love you cannot have imperfection. Because people
will be reflecting more of their inner self, their inner truth, their
inner soul reflection, if you like, and as they release fears and
anxieties, they will touch more on the love that is within them. When
you are facing humility or you are facing a massive change in your
life then you tend to look through your eyes at the world from within,
because the world seems so different to you.

Much can be created for Souls if they allow themselves to create.

Towards the later part of the year there will be much cause for
harmony. There will be a balancing of that energy.

There will also be a prominent female force throughout the world.

You see in general, in many ways people will be starting again and
this will take the earth into the new vibration and into the next
dimension. It is the start of the world seeing itself from a different

“The Tower will not fall”; as it might be expected.

There will be many situations where people can create in their life
through the turmoil and through the peace. Some will gain, some will
stay the same, and some will lose. But there is always an abundance of
life. There is always an abundance of Prana. There is always abundance
of Love to go around all those that inhibit the earth plane.

The world is coming together as one, and in fact perhaps many
countries will mirror for themselves the other. At times it will
create harmony, and at times it will create conflict. Conflict will
especially be created if two opposing countries refuse to see each
other's side.

It is merely just a rebalancing of the energies of the earth plane at
this time. And I feel for many it is not going to be as hard as your
media is predicting.

For you all personally ; the types of energies that will be
influencing your lives will be that there could be situations where
you will be facing trials or deceit from someone close to you. You may
experience interference from outside friendships, 3 rd parties or
forces which you will need to overcome. These 3 rd parties may act as
a mirror for you. If you do not like what you see then you will need
to go deep within and reflect upon your inner feelings to help change
the situation. Be careful not to oppose any inspirational ideas that
you may come up with. Look into the mirror and see all sides of the
concept or idea.

Like a diamond, 2009 year will come with many reflecting facets which
are both beautiful and perhaps confusing because like a diamond when
you closely look into it you can easily see any imperfections, but you
can also see its magnificent beauty. Also when you look at a Diamond
under a microscope you can see if it is a fake. When you look into
your mirror or diamond will you see the reflection of inner beauty?
This mirror that you see will occasionally also highlight many
conflicting desires. The challenge will be to find harmony in those

If you find yourself in a conflicting situation with another, then you
must remain true to your inner higher self and inner truths and remain
individual, but allow yourself to see what is being reflected to you
in the mirror so that you can accept the reflection, and find harmony
in the situation.

Personally for many it will be a very sensitive year but a year where
you will be able to allow yourself to dream a little.

If you have been planning a family then 2009 will be a good year to
consider trying to conceive. We are wanting to bring through from the
spiritual realms to the earth plane many new Souls of Light and
Balance so generally the earth plane in 2009 could see a dramatic
increase in births.

Because of the increased sensitivity people will be more able to tap
in to their intuitive or psychic nature.

Any deep fears you have will be mirrored for you and brought out in
the open for you throughout 2009, so you will need to face them and
let them truly and finally go. Do not allow yourself to get too
wrapped up (involved) in the affairs of others as it will be a year of
inner reflection.

Many of you may come up with spontaneous ideas, which could
consequently manifest and therefore fulfilling your dreams.

Take life one step at a time. Look to yourself - look to your inner
self and see life through your own eyes and not the eyes of others. Do
not be too quick to judge or condemn. Embrace the journey – feel the
light that exists in your life and follow your intuitive hearts.

At this time we give you the love, the light and the blessing of the

You will be assisted by the Ascended Realms. Be at peace and go with love.

I bid you all farewell for now.