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The Masters of Light: New Years Predictions

The Masters of Light: New Years Predictions
As received by Ruth Ryden

Masters, all of our readers are waiting for New Years Predictions from every source they can find on the internet. Will you jump in and give us all you can, or are willing to give at this time, so we can at least know what to expect and how to deal with what is coming in the next 12 months?

MASTERS: Take a good look at the world today, and what do you see? Humanity in the throws of anguish, uncertainty, hate, sorrow, and extreme greed for power by political factions as well as the religious extremists. It is not a pretty picture and there are too many who are simply giving up and relying upon others to get them out of the depths of their own situations. The old saying of having to fall into the lowest depths before one is forced to look up has now come to be. This is the time to look up.

There are forces unseen that are working with millions, yes millions, of people who are working hard to change situations into opportunities in all nations and communities. The new government in the U.S. will take great strides toward these changes but it is the responsibility of each person to see, understand, and be a part of that change to make it really happen. Put aside the selfish instincts that lurk in all humans and think outwardly; find ways to make life easier for someone else. Rid yourselves of unnecessary "things" that add nothing to your lives but the thrill of having something your neighbors or friends do not. Hold someone's hand who is in pain or sorrow. Find a way to make a bad law come to the attention of those who can change it. All these things and many others will lead the way to changing this tired world into a bright and loving place in which to live. Sound too simple? The Life Force is a study in simplicity; scientists are realizing that all things are part of each other - yes, it is simple.

As to the year ahead, the planet will still be adjusting its shape by moving the crustal plates into new positions, which of course means more earthquakes and weird instances of climate instability and unusual storms. This past year has seen a great deal of this all over the world and it is not over yet. The concern that has been constantly centered on the west coast of the North American Continent is well placed, for there are movements in the Pacific that can still cause some hard quakes from San Francisco up through Canada. Smaller quakes will continue to be felt for some time all along these shores. Yes, the Higher Intelligence is using some influence to keep these earth changes from disrupting life on your planet, especially in areas of large populations and where there is enlightenment of the minds.

The tribal wars in the Middle East are paying the price for refusal to look at life in a meaningful way, causing negative vibrations that are connecting with the earth itself; this will be reflected in numerous quakes all over that continental plain. The current conflict between Israel and Palestine has the probability of erupting into a full scale war as these people refuse to give an inch either way. There is the danger of the U.S. being drawn into this conflict; that we will not allow. Over the centuries there has been the universal law of non- interference with the affairs of the life forms on the planets, leaving them on their own to work out their problems. The time has come, however, when there will be intervention when humankind will not listen to the advice from their Maker and continue to rule in selfishness and greed. What you will be seeing in this coming year will be unusual outcomes of activities and governmental mandates that are surprising and helpful to populations at large. Leaders are even now arising all over the world who will stand their ground and refuse to bend to unlawful and power-hungry individuals who try to take over the ruling factions.

This is a year of changes, indeed, but changes in the thinking and actions of humanity that will bring a sense of harmony and hope. It is to be a year of challenges for each individual as each stone in the road is kicked aside or crushed in order for the path to be made clear and straight again.

As to atmospheric situations during the year, heavy winter storms that have been playing havoc in the northern countries of the world will be calming down about the middle of January, when temperatures will rise to highs not seen in many decades at this time of year. It is already realized that the snow melt will cause intense flooding in many areas and those who would be affected are already preparing for this. The rest of the year will see unusual temperatures, heavy rains declining into droughts, strange attitudes by animals as they try to adjust to the new climates that are being created. Summer in the tropics will be almost unbearable, then changing into lower temperatures that will harm tropical vegetation and create new varieties.

The northern parts of the world will continue to become warmer and the ice melting will expose "new" land appearing for the nations to fight over. Sea currents are changing which will add to the atmospheric anomalies and bring about new varieties of sea life with them. You will not need to worry about not having fish to eat; there will be sudden appearances of schools of fish that will feed a world where farming is becoming difficult.

As you find your place in the world and society, make time to examine who and what you really are; how do you feel about things and people? What do you really want to do or enjoy doing? Your personality has evolved over the years in many ways, but deep inside is the world of eternal being. Feel the blessings that are raining down upon you - accept them and find ways to pass them on to others. This is an important new year - make the best of it!"

Ruth Ryden

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