Thursday, January 1, 2009

Polarity consciousness - 7th & 8th dimensions

Polarity consciousness - 7th & 8th dimensions
Magenta Pixie through Taliessa Pink

I am already polarised positive – but I find the idea of growing into
oneself as polarised negative fascinating. You say that there is help
for those beings in service solely to self, but how is that if the
helpers are also polarised service – to self?
Also I see that self serving beings can grow only to the seventh
dimension before switching or neutralising polarity – does that mean
that polarity is neutralised at the eighth dimension?

Each individual calls to themselves a matching frequency to the call
they give out with their consciousness, calling to themselves “others”
be they human on Earth – extra-terrestrial – archetypes – angels –
geometric masters or higher dimensional guidance.

Therefore a service-to-self individual will call forward a service to
self geometric energy of higher guidance.

The completely polarised service to self individual incarnate in human
form – walks a path of discipline – connecting only with their higher
guidance in any meaningful way as for him “others” simply do not exist.

The guidance is ultimately the same entity that we are – with access
to the same knowledge – but with an opposing agenda. It would depend
on how you view the word “help” here as no judgement is given
regarding the individual's choice of polarisation – but “help” in the
form of higher guidance is still there. That “help” responds to a call
– that “help” does their job – that “help” is an electrical polarity
following a law that simply is.

If an individual is not polarised service-to-self enough to Ascend
along the negative polarity path then the “help” responding in the
form of higher guidance will be service-to-self AND service-to-others
guidance, working with the individual until they choose their

In what you perceive as the seventh dimension polarity no longer
exists. All is one at this level and the individualised soul that has
moved into this dimensional frequency embraces the collective as the
Polarisation becomes a frequency of love – any service to self or
service to others polarised entities become flooded with the love
frequency at this point as each individual consciousness becomes
individualised and a collective simultaneously.

There is no longer any “self” to serve, there are no longer “others”
to serve – “self” and “others” at this point are one and the same.

This seventh dimensional understanding can be and is embraced by some
existing within your reality. The laws of your dimension make this
understanding difficult to sustain – as fifth dimensional
understanding was difficult to sustain and is now much less difficult
and quite easy for some – speaking from your perspective of time – so
too will seventh density understanding be embraced with ease when that
consciousness is anchored upon your planet Earth.

In the seventh density this understanding is easily sustained –
experienced and lived and the energies within guide and teach the
consciousness structures in the dimensions below.

In actuality all dimensions exist in the same place and service to
self & service to others are the same frequency. They are perceived
experienced and lived as opposing frequencies in the dualistic third
density Earth.

The eighth dimension is infinite and polarity consciousness no longer
exists – creation is the energy experienced here – pure thought – pure
creation – in one moment.

There is no longer what we would perceive as any kind of collective or
individual as pure thought and pure creation is infinite.

Yet from your perspective every thought – every creation in eight
density is in pure service. Therefore it is appropriate to say that
the eighth density is purely a service-to-others dimension, yet this
description – whilst correct from your perspective, gives an
impression of “others” and also of “polarity” and neither of these
exist in eighth density and are incorrect concepts from the higher
perspective – although “correct” and “incorrect” do not exist here either!

All dimensions and densities exist in the same place & are governed by
the same laws – yet each hold unique perspectives to that density and
this may seem contradictory to many – one can see how perplexing
reality is to those firmly entrenched in third density – yet when one
understands the eighth density perspective of pure thought – pure
creation, one understands why this law also flows through your third
density existence – within BOTH polarities of service-to-self AND