Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 2009 message - Uriel Heals

January 2009 message

Welcome to the New Earth

We are here, at the crossroads between the human and spiritual worlds, with the doorway to the new earth before us. We have always known that we would eventually arrive here, it is the purpose of our journey as the family of humanity. We are spiritual beings having a human experiences, with a soul purpose of healing, growth and reconnection, of doing our work so we could return to our spiritual home. But this time is different, rather than return home to begin our journey again, we have changed the earth’s vibration of the earth to re-create ‘home’ here. This path is shared by all of humanity, each of us a spark of the Light, going out and returning, lifetime after time. At this special time we have opened the gates of Heaven to create heaven on earth and this new earth is now available to us.

The doorway opened without fanfare, a big announcement or tangible confirmation. We have anticipated that its arrival would be announced by the appearance of angels, ascended masters, or perhaps a visitation from extra terrestrials, confirming our ability to access other dimensions. But the need for this kind of confirmation is part of our old paradigm of doubting our abilities and connection. The new earth is not a gift from the spirit world, it is our gift to ourselves. We created this opening through our own efforts, as Archangel Uriel said, ‘it is we who have been moving closer to spirit.’ The new earth is not material, we experience it through our ‘extra’ senses, our inner knowing and our willingness to accept our spiritual mastery.

The new earth represents our spiritual graduation and we know it’s here, we can feel it and we see examples of it all around us, in the disintegration of the foundation of the third dimension. All of the old energies of fear, greed, manipulation, domination and polarity are, literally, coming to ‘light’ and while it may feel like the world is falling apart, with the opening of the new earth portal the energies that support our old paradigms have no power. Any lower vibration energy that supported them has now shifted. This will be a year of dissolution because as we have experienced in our own life, the old energies have to be uncovered and released so the new ones can be accepted.

The development of the new earth and the dissolution of the old realities will be felt as a series of expansions and contractions, as part of the old reality contracts and begins to fall away, the new earth energies will expand to fill the vacuum that is created. This will feel like a rather painful birth process to some, as the new to release old energies often experienced through the difficult realization that they do not serve our needs, or have been blocking our growth, or creating unhappiness and dissatisfaction. This creates room for the new energies and a higher vibration. And the cycle will repeat itself until our level of ascension and mastery is achieved.

Entry into the new earth is a choice and this choice will be available to everyone. It is a demanding choice for once we choose the new earth there is no turning back to the old realities. And why would we want to? In the new earth we have freedom, we are in the miracle vibration, we can manifest the life we want (as we do now) and create an effortless flow of abundant blessings. The new earth is experiential, we create it from the inside out. Our spiritual knowledge and understanding will be the tools that we use to create the new earth in our own lives.

The new earth has its challenges too, in the form of living in integrity, being in our Truth, acknowledging our dreams, following our passion and following our guidance. We have longed to go home but our task was to create that here and we have. Now we have to move into our new home and find our way around. There will still be lessons, as that is part of our earthly experience, but how difficult they are and how long we stay in them is our choice. We can learn to live by enlightened choice instead of through fear, through creation instead of destiny and radiate the peace, joy and unconditional love that we feel within to the world. The world will know us as Light workers and through our new dimension, Light beacons, by what we do, how we live and how we interact with others.

Welcome the new earth into your life. It is a new vibration for you and for the planet. It is a vibrational manifestation of your willingness to ascending into higher dimensions of being. You will feel its presence in your life as a sense of excitement, peace and joy, a knowing that you have arrived. This is a new beginning, where you go from here can be made one choice at a time, with each choice to follow your Truth opening limitless possibilities for you. Our work has been accomplished and we are now fully partnered with Source.

With the new earth comes the availability of new levels of enlightenment, of being in the miracle vibration where life can be an effortless flow, of spiritual mastery, where we can stop working at our spirituality and begin living it. As the old paradigms fall away, the new earth will be a place of refuge, a place of peace for those who are confused, disenchanted and disillusioned by the old realities. The light of the new earth will be very attractive to those who are looking for peace and they will find it. Our task is to take the ‘work’ out of Light work and to shine, happy to be home and ready to step into our power and co-create heaven on earth.

About the author

Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author and channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel. Jennifer’s intuitive abilities go beyond psychic and into the realm of soul level communication, accessing a client’s soul’s desire for peace, joy and unconditional love. She is able to view the soul’s lifetime purpose, identify the soul contract, describe blocks, karmic imprints, negative patterning, messages and images and facilitate the ascension into the miracle vibration, where life becomes an effortless flow of joy and fulfillment. Her ability to view the dynamics of the soul’s journey allows her clients insights into how to achieve their highest possible vibration, miracle mastery. Everything that stands in the way of this goal can be transformed with willingness to change one’s life story from victim consciousness to spiritual mastery.

In her readings, Jennifer works with the Archangel Uriel, angels, guides and departed loved ones to help her clients gain clarity about their life purpose. Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of www.urielheals.com, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel. Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email healing@urielheals.com for information.

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